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   Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Breezy Point

Cardiovascular exercise helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy. Plus, it will help you from tiring so quickly during your round of golf.

Fairways & Greens
Minnesota | Wisconsin
Wild Marsh Golf Club - Buffalo Wild Swings
Graham Marsh left his mark in Buffalo, Minnesota, just as he did in Agar, South Dakota and in fifty other cities, in sixteen countries, around the world.
Soaring With The White Eagle
There is a game changer on the eastern horizon. The infamous St. Croix Crossing Project is finally coming to fruition and will open speedy access to the area just east of the St. Croix River, which thankfully includes the White Eagle Golf Club.
The Wilds Golf Club - Minnesota's Crown Jewel For Tournament Golf
Pick a day in the spring, summer, or fall, and it's 50-50 there's a tournament going on at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, MN.
Southern Hills Golf Course - A Statement In Super
There are courses you love that you could play every day. Southern Hills is that kind of course for many metro golfers (north, south, east and west).
The 18 hole Championship Golf Course at the Royal Golf Club will not be open until the spring of 2018.
Ramsey County Golf - Diversity Of Greatness
Ramsey County, with just over half a MILLION residents, is the second most populated county in Minnesota. We're going to assume that most of those people feel lucky to live there (the Twin Cities IS one of America's most desirable metros).
Riverwood National - Who New?
What is the newest golf course in the Twin Cities metro? (Not including renovations.) Any clue? I didn't know.
Purple Hawk Country Club - North Soar
I've never seen a purple hawk I didn't like. It's an odd thing to think, and an odd thing to say, but when I first heard of Purple Hawk Country Club I had so many questions.
Pebble Creek Golf Club - Something For Everyone
We've all got our wish lists when it comes to courses we'd like to play. I've been lucky enough to play some great courses, but there are many others where I haven't had the chance to tee it up yet.
Fox Hollow - Plenty To Crow About
I was on the bus with a complete stranger (about thirty of them in fact) heading to the Warriors/Wolves NBA game, when the guy nodded at me and asked. "You ever played Fox Hollow up here?"
Elk River Golf Club - Top Of The World
Have you ever been to the top of the world? And no, I don't mean the Arctic. I mean Elk River, Minnesota.
Chomonix Golf Course - Better Than Ever
About six weeks ago I hit one of those milestone birthdays. All birthdays that end with a "0" are major markers in a person's life, but this one, the big 5-0, hit me pretty hard.
Cedar Creek - "Up A Creek"
"Up a creek" usually means trouble. Look up this Creek though (Cedar Creek) and you'll find a whole lot of good things. (Okay...and maybe a little trouble.)
Play At Majestic Oaks Golf Club Year-Round
It's easy to get drawn into the allure of Majestic Oaks Golf Club. Maybe it's how each employee greets you and asks how you can be helped.
A Wee Bit Of Scotland At The Links At NorthFork
This golf course is the rare combination of a quality-minded set of course conditions with an attitude that is more akin to casual play. Think about it.
Having It Both Ways At Territory Golf Club
Somewhere between the rolling berm meadows of an Irish countryside and the deep northern woods of upstate New York lies the Territory Golf Club. You will know the exact moment when the switch gets thrown between the two.
A Players Course - StoneRidge Golf Club
There are those rounds we play where it feels like your sitting down to a blah, franchise type meal at a mall near you. I won't name names.
Mississippi Dunes Golf Links - Redemption
The question in Minnesota golf throughout last summer was, "What in the heck is going on at Mississippi Dunes?" A gallery of avid golfers moaned in that, "Doc has a bulldozer and end loader out there and has no idea what he's even doing."
Heritage Links Golf Club Turns 20
Wow! We've had a great stretch of weather recently. While some may wish to spend this time of year seeking out the water, I find myself doing the opposite.
Willingers Golf Club - Modern Nature
I consider Willingers the course "Closest to the City That Feels Furthest From the City" and/or the "Most Northern Feeling Golf Course in Southern Minnesota."
Timber Creek Golf Course - Fall In Love This Summer
If you haven't been to Timber Creek in the past three years, you've been missing out on a LOT of NEW. If you've never been there, let me tell you why NOW is the time to go check out one of the better values in the west metro.
The Oak Marsh Mojo
As you walk into the Pro Shop at Oak Marsh you are likely to be greeted by name. You'll want to double check your wallet for your membership card, but alas, there are no members here.
Legends Club - Fully Loaded
What are your three favorite courses in the Twin Cities? Top five? As a national golf writer (and course rater) I'm regularly asked to list the 3 or 5 best courses in our biggest metro, so I figured you might as well consider the same.
A Reverence For The Game At Deer Run Golf Club
Any course that can combine a purist, historical reverence for the game alongside the epic, artistry of Led Zeppelin deserves kudo's from all corners of the room.
90 Years Young At Cannon Golf Club
The sheer number of courses that Twin City golfers have at their fingertips is enough to rattle the brain. If you want to clear your head and breath the fresh air among a stand of 100 year-old oaks while listening to a pristine river roll by, I suggest high-tailing it south to the Cannon Golf Club.
Crystal Lake Golf Club - "A-Maizing" Golf Lessons In Lakeville
Crystal Lake Golf Club Professional Sheryl Maize arrived to work in style on a blustery 50-degree Friday morning in May.Maize was decked out in a Blue Lagoon hat and Zo-On jacket that she earned after generating sold-out golf school classes during her four years of teaching in Iceland.
The Royal Golf Club - A Toast To The King And Queen!
Chances are you have not yet heard of The Royal Golf Club in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. This new golf course, opening (at least 9-holes) in late summer of 2017, has not received the pre-open hype of Sand Valley or Bandon Dunes. It was not created as a "Golf Buddies Weekend" type of golf course.
The SentryWorld Experience
For more than three decades, SentryWorld has been heralded as one of the most unique and best golf courses in the Midwest.
Big Fish Golf Club - Hook, Line And Sink It
Most who fish have a story of "the one that got away" - the trophy catch that should be displayed on the mantle or wall. Most who golf have a similar story about their closest call to a hole-in-one.
The Jewel Golf Club - Make Your Day
There's a golf course that I consider to be in the Top 5 Courses in the Twin Cities, in the Top 3 Courses in La Crosse, Wisconsin and the #1 Course in Rochester, Minnesota and it's not (technically) in any one of those metro areas.
The Bridges of Winona - Come On Over
By definition, bridges are built to make life easier - to facilitate and encourage travel from Point A to Point B. Many of those bridges become iconic, regionally, nationally and/or internationally.
The Bluffs At Coffee Mill - Wake Up Call
If coffee isn't enough to wake you up, add a little golf. It works in Wabasha, Minnesota - the nexus on picturesque Highway 61 between the Twin Cities and La Crosse, Wisconsin (an hour drive each way).
StoneRidge Golf Club - The Complete "Resort" Experience
A Golf Resort, by definition, offers the luxurious combination of lodging, dining, amenities and golfing at the same place. StoneRidge Golf Club in Stillwater doesn't offer on-site lodging, but through journalistic creativity I've managed to regard it as a build-your-own-golf resort experience just the same.
The Right Stuff At Stillwater Oaks Golf Course
Stillwater Oaks Golf Course continues its focus towards a better and more "fun" golfing experience. The course has been around for decades, but had a rebirth in 2014 when the management and the name was changed.
St. Croix National - Scenic And Steep
This is one interesting golf course. At times you will feel like your deep in the northern Minnesota woods, other times it feels like you're braving the windswept fairways of western Minnesota.
Red Wing Golf Club - Heart Of The River Valley Golf Trail
Barely over a half-hour drive from the Twin Cities, Red Wing Golf Club is nestled in the quiet, sandy bluffs along the Mississippi River in the beautiful Hiawatha River Valley.
Mount Frontenac Golf Course - Absolutely Breathtaking
I have the distinct benefit of living every day with the beauty of the Mississippi River Valley. Out my back window are views of the Mississippi River and the bluffs that follow the 'Big Muddy.'
Mississippi National Golf Links - Excuse Me While I Touch The Sky
Living in the land of lakes, it is easy and understandable to overlook the body of water that is most vital to Minnesota's geography and economy - the Mississippi River.
Killin' It At Kilkarney Hills
Some courses ease you into a round with a nice blend of easy holes to start things off. Then they show their fangs as the round unwinds. Kilkarney Hills is that type of course.
Gopher Hills - The Hills Are Alive
There are more than a hundred 27-hole golf courses in America. Slightly more than a dozen of them were designed by more than one architect. Only two of those feature an executive nine as one of their nines.
Golf Academy
3 Cardio Tips For Golfers
Cardiovascular exercise helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy. Plus, it will help you from tiring so quickly during your round of golf.
Short Pitch Shots Don't Hesitate, Accelerate!
Do you hit over the green, leave it short, chunk, top, blade, shank, block, or pull your short pitch shots?
Two Check Points For An On Plane Swing
A commonality among a large percentage of great ball strikers is that they have the club on relatively the same angle.
Engaging Juniors With Uneven Lies
My purpose in the golf industry is to help grow the game. For me, there's no better way to do that than through working with kids.
Club Champion - Every Golfer Wants To Play Better!
I have been playing golf for 64 years. I changed clubs every few years buying the latest in technology. My brand loyalty shifted several times, but I've stayed with mostly traditional equipment.
Are You A Scooper/Flipper On Short Pitch Shots?
Have you ever been next to the green and proceeded to skull/top your next shot over the green? You are probably a scooper/flipper.
Knowing Your Wedge Distances
Anytime we have a wedge in our hands, it is a scoring opportunity. The closer our average proximity to the hole, the more pars and birdies we make.
Stop Trying To Be Perfect
According to dictionary.com, the 4th meaning of the word perfect is "entirely without flaws, defects or shortcomings." As an instructor, I know that to achieve that in the golf swing is impossible but something we all should strive for.
Heel Up!
How to navigate those nasty greenside lies in the rough.
3 Drills In 15 Minutes To Putt Better
There are 4 keys to great putting- green reading, proper aim, starting the ball online and speed control. Each key or skill needs to be practiced.
From The Fringe
Chip or Putt?
While some golfers prefer to putt from the fringe, my preference is to chip.
Out Of The Rough
When faced with a shot out of the rough, there are a few factors that we need to consider to properly execute the shot.
The Magic of Television
Advancements in technology in the last 100 years almost seem miraculous. Automobiles, airplanes, bullet trains, the Internet, cell phones (heck phones at all) and yes golf equipment have all either changed dramatically or been invented in the last century.
13 Seconds
13 seconds. Doesn't seem like a lot of time does it? But, that's exactly how long it takes me to hit a golf ball. Do you know how long it takes you? If you don't, read on!
Eating Healthy On The Course
Improving your golf game is not just about fitness it also involves healthy eating. Today's article will give you some tips for how to eat healthy while on the course.
Basics Of Chipping
Chipping used to be referred to as shots that are close to the green, like the fringe. But the longer I'm around this game the longer a chip has become.
Iron Basics
The biggest factor in scoring is the number of greens a player hits in regulation; hitting a par 3 green in 1, par 4 green in two, and a par 5 green in 3.
Slight of Hand
The first major of the year occurred in April at the LPGA ANA/Inspirational and if that major was any indication, this year's major season will have a major impact on golf.
How To Find Your Rhythm
Rhythm is very important to all shots; putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, driving and everything in between can be helped with better rhythm. How do you find it?
Know Your Chip Shot Roll Out And Save Strokes with Solid Chipping
First and foremost, the chip shot does not take physical prowess! The keys to executing consistent chip shots are solid technique, repetition of that technique in both block and random practice, and knowing your "roll out" distances.
Golf Course Warm-ups
Now, it's the time to talk about warm-ups you can do at home or on the golf course to make sure your body is ready for your golf game.
I just read a quote that stated, "85% of golfers don't know how a strong or weak grip affects ball flight." I was saddened, but not surprised by that statement.
Don't Make These Putting Set-up Mistakes
Over the years of giving putting lessons, I've noticed three common errors in set-up that can affect distance and direction. Avoid these errors and you will putt better.
The Full Swing Set Up
How we address the ball has a major influence on what happens at impact and what we do in the golf swing. Our swing is built around our set-up and when we are not in an efficient set-up position, the rest of the swing tends to be a series of compensations.
The Great Debate
In 1858, then U.S. Senatorial Candidates from the State of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas faced off in a series of seven debates that have become known as The Great Debates.
How Is Your Grip?
Repetition: "A training exercise that is repeated, or in music, the repeating of a passage or note". I have an interesting side career as a PGA Teaching Professional; I'm also the drummer for Tim Mahoney, a major local recording artist who has competed on the TV show The Voice.
Get Your Body Ready For Golf Season - At Home
Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means-golf season. Golf is a strenuous activity on your body even if it does not seem like it.
Putter Fitting
Here are four questions that you need to ask (or have been asked if you were fitted) when going through a putter fitting and the reasons behind them:
Driver Fitting
With the advancement and availability of launch monitor technology, and the convenience of adjustable driver heads and shafts, there is no reason a golfer should not be fit when buying a new driver.
Having A Ball
If you ask Jack Nicklaus or Gary Player, the number one thing that is hurting today's game is...the ball.
Getting The Most Out Of Your Winter Practice
There are a few misconceptions about indoor practice and playing golf in a simulator:
1. You can't practice short game because it is on mats.
Can Cardiovascular Exercise Improve Your Golf Game?
The golf season may be over but that does not mean you should stop your fitness routine. This month we are talking about cardiovascular exercise.
3 Tips For Exercise Beginners
If you are thinking about starting up a workout routine as a beginner, there are some common tips I would like to share with you to help you know what to expect in your workout and pointers to guide you to success.
Practice Like Arnold Did
With the passing of Arnold Palmer, I wanted to share a story that my friend Brad Brewer told with me regarding how Mr. Palmer practiced.
It's All Downhill From Here!
For the final 2016 "That's Golf" scenario we've come across a somewhat scary shot that with a little practice can become fairly easy. That would be a downhill, next to the green shot.
It's All About Layers
Who could ever forget the iconic scene in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie's little brother Randy was dressed up in so many layers by his mother, the kid could hardly move.
Practice Stations
If you are lucky enough to attend the Ryder Cup at the end of this month, something that you will likely see if you observe players on the practice range or putting green is that they have a "practice station" set up or using different tools to make their practice more efficient.
How To Go Low On The Course
You just pulled your second shot on the par five and its heading towards a group of trees.
Game Improvement vs Improve Your Game
Recently I had one of the most interesting conversations with a student I've had in many, many years. I'd even say it was one of the most confounding conversations in my career.
Can Hiring A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game?
Most golfers decide at one point or another they need a little bit of help with their golf game. If that is you would you turn to a personal trainer?
The 19th Hole
19th Hole | Lifestyles
Hot Dogs And Wine? Oh My!
Bring on the mustard, the pickles, the ketchup and all the fixins' because I've got all the answers you need for pairing to hot dogs and sausages on the grill this month!
Eastern European Wines On The Rise
If you've spent any time in the recent year watching the current wine trends, you've probably noticed the overwhelming popularity of the Eastern European categories, spread thick across most trending restaurant wine lists in the U.S.
You Like Wine And You Can Not Lie
The feeling of summer is finally upon us! As we gear up for sunny summer weekends chocked full of relaxation, friends, outdoor picnics and family gatherings-it's important to have all the right beverages on hand for pairing to all your summer favorites.
Running Aces Casino And Racetrack - The Best Bet In Town
From 1953 to 1995, the Washington Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters over 13,000 times and won only 6 games.
Pairing Wine And Meat - An Art Form
It should come as no surprise that the instinctive wine choice for a mouthwatering pan seared or perfectly grill marked steak hot off the grill is red, but have you ever truly analyzed the exact choice of red grape when pairing to a cut of beef?
Wine Trends And Predictions - What's To Come!
From distribution, to restaurateurs, educators and more - the wine community is already rewriting their lists and planning their curriculum for what looks to be another exciting year in wine.
Going Green
Everywhere you turn these days, producers from every label are touting 'organic'. From cereal to mac n cheese, wine, and into the world of liquor. But have we really ever stopped to think about what all of this labeling really means?
Perfectly Pairing Your 'Reds'
It should come as no surprise that the instinctive wine choice for a mouthwatering pan seared or perfectly grill marked steak hot off the grill is red, but have you ever truly analyzed the exact choice of red grape when pairing to your favorite cuts of meat?
Golfers And Wine - A Perfect Blend
The U.S. Ryder Cup team is captained by golf professional, Davis Love III. A gentleman that not only shares great passion for the game of golf, but of another subject that happens to be quite near and dear to my own profession and passions, wine.
Loudmouth Golf Stars & Stripes
The late sixties were a turbulent period in American history, but some great fashion came out of it, including the use of the American flag in apparel.
A Perfect Golfers Snack
"You are what you eat," the old adage goes. That holds true for golfers, too.
O'Brien's Public House - A Unique Irish Experience
I don't know if you've all heard yet or not, but there's a big golf tournament coming to Minnesota at the end of September.
Charlie's On Prior Restaurant 5 Reasons To Enjoy Prior Lakes' Next Big Thing
Have you ever noticed that dining with a fabulous view makes your food and drink taste better? That idea must have been Roger Burks' inspiration when he and his group built Charlie's on Prior Restaurant in 2015.
Perfect Pairings For The 'Dog Days Of Summer'
Sure beer is pretty easy to match up with most things that come off the grill. But wine, on the other hand, always seems a bit more complicated for some folks to match up with those summer cookouts.
Running Aces - The Something For Everyone Place To Go
In the early 1960s, movie theaters went from featuring one to multiple screens so more people and different types of movie fans could gather. That same idea is thriving at Running Aces where so many are finding this to be a hidden jewel of a destination!
Red, White & Sparkling!
Looking to add a sizzle to your summer gatherings? Then get ready to pop the bubbly! From the regions of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the U.S. and beyond, the world never tires of the dazzling styles of sparkling wines made worldwide.
A Sommelier's Tips for Wine Buying
We live in an era that allows us to purchase almost any wine we want, from wherever we want and from almost any grape varietal in the world.
The Greatest Mother Of All, Mother Earth
As another Mother's Day approaches and we take another full year's turn around the sun, I am reminded of all things that keep us grounded as individuals.
Practice 'Tasting' Makes Perfect
Coming off of one of the mildest winters to date, Midwesterners are anxious to hit the greens! With the opening of many of our favorite clubs and courses, we stretch to find ourselves readying for another season.
Sole Essentials - The Sole Solution
"Every golfer is looking for that competitive edge. For many golfers the solution is not new clubs or lessons. The edge is proper body alignment; and that starts with your feet."
Shanghai Bistro In Hudson - Best Of Both Worlds
You love sushi, Chinese food, and anything spicy. Your friend prefers traditional Asian dishes with no surprises. How can you satisfy everyone?
Revitalize Your Palate
Springtime. A season that in many forms, evokes the senses, revitalizes the spirit and ushers forth a feeling of rejuvenation.
Wisdom For Weddings: Tips for Couples Out There
There are only truly a handful of days in one's life that can be considered an unforgettable milestone; the birth of a child, an ultimate career achievement, the purchase of a home or dream car, and of course, getting married.
Nine More Must Read Golf Books
I started the year off with a Tee Time column of nine must read golf books. Well, that was the front nine. Here's the back nine - of nine must read golf books:
Wine Country Travel & Etiquette
One of the most frequently asked questions I get from wine enthusiasts almost daily is 'So...we're planning a trip to "wine country", where should I go?'
Dad's Day Bevis
As we head into the month of June, and our weather finally turns true to its season, we know we can prepare to gear up for a few things - more time for grilling outside and more libations for pairing!
Since Craft Beer Has Disrupted The Industry, What's Next?
Craft Spirits Are Following The Same Trajectory As Craft Beer. America has fully embraced craft beer.
The #DadGolf Playbook: Lessons Learned From An Amateur Golfer And Professional Dad
DadGolf is an approach - a philosophy if you will - that I've been developing for years. DadGolf can be many things to different golfers, but it all comes back to chasing a dimpled ball rather than noticing you're going bald.
Demystifying the World of Minnesota Wine
When most people think of enjoying a glass of wine, they generally tend to lean towards grapes that come from a species of grapevine called, Vitis Vinifera. You know, the grapes in your glass like: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet.
Sizzling Sips: Tips For Keeping Your Wine Cool!
The sound of fireworks, humidity so thick you can cut it and the smell of barbeque means one thing in Minnesota - summer! And with the Fourth of July right at our door means we're about to take on some of the hottest temps of the summer.
Bury Your Troubles - For One Day At Least!
Corporate team building, vigorous competition, problem solving and good old socializing - it all gets down and dirty at Extreme Sandbox.
Give Your Backyard Event A Punch
With Mother's Day fast approaching and the smell of spring in the air, I thought it only appropriate this month to share a few new libation goodies to use for your Sunday brunch table or your afternoon picnic al fresco. So, let's talk Sangria!
Chip & Sip...A Perfect 'Pairing'
"Whatever life brings, enter the perfect wine." - Sommelier Leslee D. Miller

Hi there!
I'm Leslee Miller, a new monthly contributor for Tee Times Magazine. I'm a certified sommelier and owner of a wine-consulting firm called, Amusée located in the Twin Cities.
"Liquid Assets" - A Perfect Cellar For Your Palate
If you've found yourself with a number of wine bottles 'stashed' in a corner of your basement in some sort of make shift fashion you've created for your growing obsession of grape juice, you spend parts of your day surfing online wine stores or auctions for rare wine gems, or you're starting to sneak in 'small' wine shipments past your spouse to add to your pile...chances are, you're a wino.
Girvan Grille - The Proof Is In The Pudding
For me, there's nothing worse than getting hungry on the golf course during the round. Even if the course you're playing has a halfway house or snack shack after the 9th hole, you might be stuck scarfing down something that's either: A) not that good for you or B) just not that good.
Girvan Grille - The Proof Is In The Pudding
For me, there's nothing worse than getting hungry on the golf course during the round. Even if the course you're playing has a halfway house or snack shack after the 9th hole, you might be stuck scarfing down something that's either: A) not that good for you or B) just not that good.
Girvan Grille - Let The Word Of Mouth Begin
When the opportunity to write a story about Girvan Grille at Edinburgh USA popped up, I jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug. Constantly traveling in the golf community as I do, one quickly learns that "word of mouth" is, by far, the best marketing tool.
Danny's Bar & Grill - Exceeding Expectations
Danny's Story
StoneRidge Golf Club was opened in 2000 by Dave Kloeber and Mike McGrath. It has become a premier course in the Twin Cities but never had a venue worthy of showcasing executive Chef Ron Bohnert's award winning cuisine. After our extensive remodel, a member volunteered the name Danny's in honor of Mike and Jeanne's youngest son. For twenty-three years Danny McGrath was an amazing boy that left an impression on everyone he came into contact with. Born with special needs but a warm soul, Danny epitomizes everything that we strive to deliver as a restaurant by using vigor and passion to continually exceed expectations.
Prom Catering
Even two weeks later, Prom Catering's Bill Given was still trying to catch his breath after his company broke the all-time concessions record for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club this past June. Given shared a glimpse of how a catering company not only survives, but thrives when food and beverage sales for golf's grandest event doubled what was originally anticipated.
Local Golf
Minnesota | Wisconsin | Characters & Critters
Westy and His "Buddy" Chuck Foreman
Westy, through eyes blurred by his favorite beverage, Beefeaters' Gimlets, had nearly holed a long green-side bunker shot on the tough 18th at Olympic Hills Country Club.
Throughout history the vast majority of women who have become Queen have achieved that distinction by birthright or marriage. Being
All Things Being Equal: A Case For A Men vs. Women Pro Tournament
Jordan Spieth was starting his back nine charge at Birkdale last month, and I was riveted. Miraculous recoveries. Monster putts. Championship golf playing out at its finest, yet again.
On a crisp Saturday morning in late October 1981, "Big John" Smiley, pro shop manager of Mille Lacs Golf Resort and father of course owner and writer of this story, stood over his second shot on the 487-yard par-5 ninth at Mille Lacs Country Club.
Blend Of Old And New Faces Headline The 2017 3M Championship
The 2017 3M Championship Presented by Post-it Products will feature most of the familiar faces spectators are used to seeing, but a few newcomers also hope to crash the party and take home the trophy out at TPC Twin Cities the first week of August.
Better Fit. Better Clubs. Better Game.
How a golf club fitting dramatically improved my game.
The 3M Championship Turns 25
The 3M Championship presented by Post-it Products turns 25 this year. The event has come a long way from its inception as the Burnett Senior Classic in 1993.
Harold worked his whole life in a warehouse in St. Paul. In his late 30's a friend asked him to join him and a few friends in a Tuesday night league at a Twin Cities muni.
Dress For Success
Recently the LPGA made news by amending their dress code for players to reduce the amount of "inappropriate" apparel choices being made by some.
The Corner Office With Jim Leary of the Royal Golf Club
This month we sat down with Jim Leary, Director of Golf at the Royal Golf Club in Lake Elmo, MN. Jim is currently overseeing the redesign of the course, a complete clubhouse expansion and remodel.
Natalie Gulbis For Congress
The Psychic loves women athletes, especially women golfers. He read with interest that one of his favorites, Natalie Gulbis, is strongly considering a run for Congress.
The first column I wrote for the VICTORIA GAZETTE back in the '90's was about Scottish shepherds. I wanted to make the point that golf was not a game of rich snob.
Minnesota Golf License Plate
The Minnesota Golf License plate is made possible by a partnership between the Minnesota PGA and Minnesota Golf Association.
A Chat With Team Europe Captain Annika Sorenstam
"Annika Sorenstam is among the all time best golfers to ever play the game - man or woman!" states Juli Inkster, Team USA Captain.
Juli Inkster, the personable Captain of Team USA in the 2017 Solheim Cup, was eager to answer all questions during a recent interview with Tee Times.
Lessons Learned From A Trip To Germany
Des Moines CVB CEO, Greg Edwards, discusses the economic impact of the Solheim Cup to Des Moines and Iowa.
Catch Des Moines
The 2017 Solheim Cup will bring thousands of people from Minnesota to Greater Des Moines this August. When you aren't spending your time on the golf course, there's no shortage of things to do and delicious places to eat.
Fuel Yourself Before Hitting The Course
It is prime golf season here in the Midwest. I hope you are enjoying the game and getting out to different golf courses in the area.
Bumble Bee Gets GoPro Look
In these days of skintight slacks, most readers of Tee Times will not remember those loose fitting double pleated slacks from yesteryear.
He is a Minnesota golf icon! Ed Manderville single handily shattered the color barrier in Minnesota golf. On Memorial Day 2017, "Fast Eddie," made his eleventh Ace, at age 85.
Rubbing Elbows With The Greats At The 3M Championship
Imagine a job that involves rubbing elbows and sharing stories with the greatest names in golf. Since 1996, Jennifer Hines has done exactly that as part of her duties serving as the Tournament Director of the 3M Championship.
As the Solheim Cup approaches, young girls on both sides of the Atlantic focus on the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) points list.
Every golf fan understands that a successful Solheim Cup is made up of two elements: players and spectators. During that magical week in August, the city of Des Moines will host 24 of the best women golfers in the world.
From The Village To The Hills
I've officially had the best Spring EVER on a golf course without hitting a shot. Let's start with The Memorial.
Make Golf Fun Again - A Golf Insider Looks To Grow The Game
We've all heard it said, "Golf is too hard, too expensive and takes too much time." We've also heard it said that kids are the future of our game.
The Corner Office With Dave Tentis (Troy Burne Golf Club)
This month we sat down with Troy Burne PGA Head Professional, Dave Tentis (who, by the way, has played in 3 of the 4 majors).
Hazeltine National Golf Club Named Site of the 2019 KPMG Women's PGA Championship
Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota, has been selected as the site of the 2019 KPMG Women's PGA Championship.
Athletic Or Mechanical
One of my speeches when giving golf lessons is that I want their swing to be more athletic than mechanical. Does that mean I don't want them to understand the mechanics of the golf swing? No.
Golf Course Water Use And Pollution
As his focus is drawn deeper into the magic sphere the Psychic sees the Mississippi River as it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Every river, every creek and every stream that drains over 50% of the American landmass into the mighty river come to life.
Minnesota Open To Compete At StoneRidge Golf Course
In the Twin Cities, the rolling landscape of Stillwater's StoneRidge Golf Course is as close as one gets to playing golf in Europe without ever leaving home.
Meet Your Local PGA Professional
Danny Rainbow, Director of Golf at SentryWorld - Stevens Point, WI
20th PGA Junior Cup Matches
Minnesota won its second straight PGA Junior Cup Matches on June 30th in Hudson, WI at Troy Burne Golf Club 19.5-16.5 over Wisconsin.
The WPGA, along with the Junior Foundation, will be hosting 6 local qualifiers and one sub-regional for juniors to advance to the National Drive, Chip and Putt Championship.
Josh Carroll, PGA
Director of Golf, The Golf Courses of Lawsonia in Green Lake, WI
5 Tips For Staying Hydrated This Summer
We all know the importance of drinking water-it helps flush out the extra sodium/toxins in your body, it helps with the bloated feeling, it fuels your body with the hydration it needs.
Canadian Geese have flourished over the past 25 years across the northern half of North America. The wedge shaped white bib just below their eyes on their black heads makes these huge grey/brown birds easily recognizable.
Rick Tegtmeier
The Solheim Cup golf course is in good hands. From the first moment I met Rick Tegtmeier, I knew that he was the consummate professional.
Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic
Welcome to Thornberry Creek at Oneida, official home of the Green Bay Packers and prestigious host of the LPGA's newest Tour showcase.
Have you ever wondered who selects the hole location and tees that will be used (commonly known as course setup) for big golf tournaments or Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup?
Suku Radia
The saying goes, "If you want a job done well, give it to a busy person." That is exactly what the Board at Des Moines Golf and Country Club did when they selected Suku Radia, CEO of Bankers Trust.
Travel Club
Alabama | Arizona | California
Prairie Links Golf & Event Center - Based On A True Story
Believe it or not, I played my very first golf ever in Waverly, Iowa - home of Prairie Links Golf Club. (True story.)
Fox Ridge Golf Course - Home On The Range
Ben Biersner was born and raised in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. In fact, he worked at Fox Ridge in High School. Now, some 10+ years later he's back.
Brown Deer Golf Course - Diverse City
If Brown Deer Golf Course isn't the best city-operated course in Iowa, I don't know what is. That's no disrespect to any of Iowa's other great munis.
Few golf road trips are more practical, reasonable, budget-friendly and/or rewarding for the Minnesota or Wisconsin golfer than a loop around Lake Michigan.
On Top Of The World At Mount Frontenac Golf Course And Treasure Island Casino
For many, golfing is a combination of leisure, sunshine, a little competitive fun and soaking in the natural scenery. Mount Frontenac Golf Course has that scenery in spades.
Grand Falls Casino - Falls Park
The biggest metro areas in the Midwest have plenty of golf options, but all of us want to know what the very best ones are. What spots outside of the Twin Cities are the hottest?
Bucket List Trips - Illinois
What's the first thing you think of when someone says Illinois? The World Champion Chicago Cubs? The Willis Tower and it's ridiculously priced Skydeck experience? Lake Michigan? Abraham Lincoln? Michael Jordan? Tiger Woods?
Spooner Golf Club - Here You Go
I have often wondered what a golf architect's first impressions were on various properties. I picture Pete Dye standing on the cliffs overlooking Lake Michigan at Whistling Straits.
Hayward, WI - Multiple Courses, Multiple Opportunities
If a great golf experience is what you are looking for, the Hayward and Cable area has it! With nine golf courses within a 30-mile drive of Hayward, this Northwood's vacationland is the "Golf Capital of Wisconsin."
Branson, Missouri is the "Las Vegas of the Midwest." With all its theaters, shows and outdoor attractions it is that popular of a tourism destination.
PREMISE: We all have a list of things we want to do before we "kick the bucket." We, golfers, set our sights on experiencing the best golf courses and destinations: Pebble Beach, Bandon, Scotland and Ireland, etc.
"Globally there is no other golf trail or designated collection of public courses that can match the quality, diversity, affordability, accessibility, and ease of travel of Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail." - James Achenbach (GolfWeek)
Blue Top Ridge At Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Dealing Drama Inside And Out
As the Course Ratings Director for a national golf network, I believe that Iowa has 12 golf courses every Tee Times reader should play, and Blue Top Ridge (38 miles south of Cedar Rapids) is in the upper half of that dozen.
Tournament Club of Iowa - More Than Words
There's no question Arnold Palmer was a better man than he was a golfer, and a better golfer than he was an architect, but playing his courses gives you plenty of glimpses into his general and overall greatness.
The Preserve At Honey Creek Resort - Southern (Iowa) Charm
There are FIVE critical components to a truly great golf resort: 1. A first-class course, 2. Diverse, quality, lodging options, 3. Great food, 4. Multiple entertainment options and/or amenities, and, 5. A first-class golf course.
Otter Creek - 2016 IGA Course Of The Year
There are golf courses that get in our heads. They "tease" us, in revealing only a single attractive hole (or two) as we drive by, and we get intrigued - hooked.
Brooks Golf Club - One Sweet Round
There's a bright yellow hangar building southwest of the Twin Cities (just off Highway 169, in Jordan) that hosts Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. It opens Memorial Day Weekend and is packed with customers every single day through Halloween.
Briggs Woods Golf Course - Merry Go Round
I first heard about Briggs Woods Golf Course five years ago, at the Minnesota Golf Show. I met the General Manager, Russ Appel, Jr., and asked him a few questions about the course.
Amana Colonies Golf Club - Truth Be Told
It is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that this is one of the five best golf properties in Iowa (arguably even Top 3). It is also no exaggeration to say that Amana Colonies Golf Club has never been in better hands.
GR8 American Buddy Trips - Grab Your Buddies And Go
While I'm certain there are infinite other superb itineraries to be experienced in this richest of golf countries, these would be the 8 "GR8-est" American Golf Trips I have taken (personally).
GR8 American (NEW) Golf Projects
Say what you will about the state of golf economics, and all the course closings anticipated by the end of 2016 (over 200). As I see it, 2017 is already projecting to be a better-than-GR8 year for the golf traveler (particularly in the Midwest).
Le Ryder Cup 2018
Preparations are well underway for Le Ryder Cup 2018 to be held at Le Golf National golf course in the Paris suburb of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.
Los Lagos Golf Club - Let's Go
I'm going to be honest about something... something I confess with as much personal disappointment as journalistic integrity. I've never been to Los Lagos Golf Club. You'll get a much better sense of why that bothers me when you finish reading this article.
Sand Valley - America's Next Great Golf Destination
It was 2013 when the duo of Josh Lesnik and Craig Haltom toured the site of what is destined to become the world's next great golf destination: Sand Valley.
Breezy Point Resort - A Legendary Combination
Arnold Palmer turned 87 this month. That's a lifetime for a lot of people. Heck of a lifetime for him. Golf's King, and my favorite golfer of all time, has won 76 events in his Hall of Fame career.
GR8 AMERICAN STAY & PLAYS - Eight of the United States' Best Golf Getaways
In all fairness to those who love Las Vegas, can easily afford Pebble Beach, and/or have been to Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina, these are my nominations for America's greatest Stay & Plays, with the diversity in value and preposterous peaks of pleasure they provide in a visit.
Golf And The Olympic Games At A Glance
The following is a collection of various briefs that are too small to go into any one particular article, but make a great medley of "fun facts" in preparation for the game we love making its return to the most wide-reaching stage in sport...
Olympic Golf: The Competition Is Finally Here
After a 112-year absence from the Olympics, golf is back! We have two competitions loaded with passionate competitors who weren't scared off by the usual pre-Olympic security or health concerns, or a mosquito, or a travel schedule, or a manager/agent that talked said player into it being a bad idea...
Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort - The Grand Canvas
In 2016, Iowa is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of their newest casino resort and the 1-year anniversary of their newest golf resort. The interesting thing is, they share the same property - both resorts are one and the same.
Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Course - A Course For The Ages
You've likely seen the aerial views. You've probably watched Gil Hanse detail the layout on the Golf Channel. The issues with preparations - for both the course and the Games - have been well documented in the press for years.
GR8 American Underrated Courses - The 8 Most UNDERRATED Golf Courses in America
I only write of what I know. I'm 1083% certain there are other highly underrated and/or grossly overlooked golf courses out there (The Territory and Deacon's Lodge come to mind in Minnesota), but I believe these 8 American courses are so criminally underrated that Wisconsin is forcing me to waive the "one candidate per state" clause for this issue.
GR8 AMERICAN IRREGULARS - Public Access NON-Championship Courses
There are rankings galore for the best championship courses in the world. Championship (18 hole, par 70-72) courses get ALL the respect. It's time for some love for the "little guys" - the non-championship PUBLIC rounds well worth your travel, time and money.
NOTE: Qualifying resorts combine a specific hotel with no more than two 18-hole courses - both of which must be guest accessible. Limit one resort per state.
Big Fish Golf Club: Pure Golf, Classic Design
Big Fish Golf Club in Hayward, Wisconsin continues to collect praise from golf circles, and it should.
Minnesota National Golf Course - Still The Best Kept Secret In Minnesota
Have you still not played Minnesota National Golf Course? As the golf season rapidly approaches, this summer is the time that you discover what famed Minnesota golf architect, Joel Goldstrand calls one of his best.
Golden Eagle - A Natural Beauty
Every year about this time I have the privilege of writing about many of my favorite golf courses in Minnesota. We, Minnesota golfers, are blessed to have many wonderful venues where we can live our passion - chasing that little white ball.
Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge - Treating Guests Like Family Since 1898!
If your family owned a golf course, you would not offer this rate - $89 for unlimited golf with cart, range balls, lodging, dinner and breakfast!
Madden's On Gull Lake - Dawn of a New Day
Truth be told, there's no sight as sublime as a sunset on the ocean. But Minnesota's most hypnogogic moment comes at the flip side of the solar cycle, as the brilliant fireball slowly peels back the foggy blankets and rolls lazily out of our 10,000 lakes.
Jackpot Junction And Dacotah Ridge - Expect the Unexpected
There's a good chance you've never heard of Morton. No...not Dr. Seuss's elephant that hears the "Who." (That's Horton.) Morton is a hub of little houses on the prairie - the pulse of the Minnesota River Valley.
GIANTS RIDGE - A Character Study
There's a picture of a golf hole that haunts me - invades my dreams in high-definition. Day and night. You see this tiered tee box surrounded by flowers, the lake sprawled out in front of you.
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