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   Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fortune Bay 2/1/10

When you call Golden Eagle Golf Club to make your tee time reservation, chances are you will talk to Bruce. When you enter the pro shop to pay your green fee, chances are you will pay Bruce for the privilege of playing his wonderful golf course. When the winner buys those rounds of beer, chances are Kathy McIntosh, Bruce's wife, who manages the grill, will...

Fairways & Greens
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Dahlgreen Golf Club - A Family Farm Morphed Into A Beautiful Golf Experience
Brothers Dave and Steve Tessman manage Dahlgreen Golf Club. The property was converted from their family's dairy farm to a golf course and opened in 1969. Their dad who was head of x-ray at Methodist Hospital, across the street from Meadowbrook, opened
The Wilds Golf Club - Customer Service Becomes King
When the developers of The Wilds Golf Club retained Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish to design a very upscale public golf course on a beautiful piece of property southwest of the Twin Cities, they knew they would get an excellent golf course that would enhance the value of the upscale housing that would be discretely located around the golf course.
Tartan Park - The Gift That Keeps Giving
It's almost impossible to overstate the significance of 3M to Minnesota. Not only does the mega-company employ infinite locals, but it gives and gives back to the community beyond what can possibly be measured. You can take the 3M Championship for example, celebrated again this year in Blaine.
Heritage Links Golf Club - A Links Legacy In Lakeville
Harry Vardon contributed many lasting legacies to golf that still exist today: he taught us the grip with interlocking fingers ("Vardon grip"), showed us that more comfortable golf clothing results in better play, and also provided the sport with a superstar - winning seven majors - in the years between the duo of Old Tom and Young Tom Morris and the legendary Bobby Jones.
Deer Run Golf Club - The Buck Stretches Here
The southwest metro area of the Twin Cities is a hotbed of Minnesota golf. You could even call it the Brainerd of the Twin Cities. There are lakes, links, legends, and even an alternate kind of loon (the human kind). You don't know how great the golf is going to be, but you do know that it's going to be great. Just look at this incredible land - how could it not be?
Mississippi Dunes Golf Links - Minnesota's Pinehurst #2
Watching back-to-back U.S. Opens at Pinehurst #2, an American links style course to this writers experienced eye, Mississippi Dunes resembles Pinehurst #2 more than any golf course that I have ever played. If you would love to play Pinehurst #2, then you must experience Mississippi Dunes.
Mississippi National Golf Links - Reborn
Minnesota is known best as the state of hockey. It is also quite often referred to as the state of purple and gold, and, lest we forget, Goldy Gopher or the Minnesota Twins?
Legacy Golf Course in Faribault - The Story Behind The Name
Have you ever glanced at the name on the side of a boat and wondered how it came to be? The same thought holds true with golf courses. Legacy Golf Course in Faribault has a name and a history that directly ties to the lush land the course sits on. Upon digging into Legacy's 1998 opening and what's transpired since, you come to realize how well this name fits.
Cannon Golf Club - Having A (Cannon) Ball
Great golf arcs around the southern Twin Cities like scattered rays of sunshine. Southwest to Dacotah Ridge, straight south to Wedgwood Cove, southeast to the Jewel, you know about all of those... but what about what's in between? Cannon Golf Club is closer than the aforementioned three, just north of Cannon Falls (and West of 52) and well worth its own drive. Commuters to and from Rochester pass it every day, and likely press their longing faces against their windows while doing so. (Can't be just me.) It looks like a great place to play, and those fortunate (and/or wise) enough to exit and give it a shot (give or take 90) realize its genuine greatness.
The Bluffs At Coffee Mill - Taking Your Game To A Higher Level
New owners of any enterprise typically have plenty of new ideas. A grand scheme. Ways to make everything better. But everyone knows that (no matter how small, or how necessary) CHANGE is most often resisted, and taking over a golf course isn't like taking over a home. Even when it's "yours" you don't get to make all the decisions yourself; not when you have (and greatly value) hundreds of other opinions. No move is a private move in public golf course ownership.
Mount Frontenac - Breathtaking Golf
Like any golfer who cares about where they play golf, I always check out the website to see what I'm in for. Whether intentionally clever or not, Mount Frontenac's home page gives away little, and leaves you wanting to see more. And just a little south of Red Wing, (less than an hour from St. Paul) towering above (and directly adjacent to) gorgeous Lake Pepin and the Hiawatha Valley, I got a whole lot more. (Especially in their locally renowned views.) The closing of Mississippi National has been a boon to Mount Frontenac, as hundreds to thousands of golfers looking to replace the cliff-top views there, were able to find them here.
Troy Burne - A Fall Golf Treat
Aeration!! Aerification!! Punching the greens!!
Question: Why do golf course superintendents punch holes into their beautiful greens every fall, making them nearly unplayable for the balance of the season?
Answer: Aeration is a necessary evil.

No Fall Aeration At Troy Burne!
Any day of the year is a good day to play the great golf course at Troy Burne Golf Club, but area golfers seeking a quality golf experience (In the Fall) flock to Troy Burne because the greens are PERFECT!
The Bridges Golf Club - Bridging The Gap
I've been saying it for years, and finally had the chance to write about it to thousands of you last year. "The Bridges is THE biggest golf surprise in the "gap" between the Twin Cities and La Crosse." At the La Crosse Golf Show, early this year, I found that (like Christopher Columbus and America) I wasn't nearly the first person to make that great discovery.
Wild Marsh - A Graham Marsh Original
If you're like me, you've noticed some courses have names that really don't make much sense. Either there's some obscure, long since forgotten reference that led to the course's name, or someone just pulled it out of a hat. Wild Marsh Golf Club in Buffalo, is not one of those courses.
Bunker Hills Golf Club - Making A New Memory
From the outside, Bunker Hills appears to still be a beauty. I was impressed by the log cabin and stone exterior gracing the club's event center, their Harvest Grill restaurant, and the Pro Shop. This golf course, which opened in 1968, seemed to have taken excellent care of herself. From the outside, I was seeing attributes that I had somehow missed before.
Golf Academy
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The Geometry Of Golf - Optimizing Distance With The Driver
The geometry of golf is a series of articles that appears in each issue of this summer's Tee Times Magazine. The articles deal with the science of the game of golf. In this series we will address some of the myths and misconceptions regarding the golf swing and why the golf ball does what it does.
The Golf Swing Is A "Ly"
This title is another attempt to create an image to help create an understanding of a correct golf swing using a "play on words". At address, please become aware of the image of an uppercase "Y" formed by both arms and the club shaft... got it?
Taking Your Golf Game From The Range To The Golf Course
Everyone that has played golf and practiced has always made the statement, "Why does my swing work at the range and not when I play golf!" Well the answer is simple, you aren't practicing correctly. "WHAT!?" You say! That's right you need to change how you practice.
Improving Your Reading Skills On The Green
Great putting is a synthesis of three key elements: good technique, good mental focus and the ability to read greens (calculating the break). If one of these elements falters, you will not have a spectacular day on the golf course. If you have all three working well, you could win a championship.
Practice Makes Perfect...Right? That Depends On Your Practice
So, you want to improve your game. You've committed to spend more time working on your short game and practicing on the range. You may even have taken a lesson or two by now. You're starting to hit it better when you practice, BUT now you can't seem to make your game travel from the practice range to the golf course! Sound familiar?
Local Golf
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Keller Got It Right
Saturday, July 19th, 2014 Keller Golf Course embarked on a new era in golf. The $12.5 million make over of the golf course and clubhouse put a magnifying glass on history and continues Keller's strong golf tradition.
New Golf Professional At Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge
Chris Ruttger, President of Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge, is pleased to announce that Dave Sadlowsky has joined the Ruttger's team as the PGA Head Golf Professional.
Girvan Grille - Let The Word Of Mouth Begin
When the opportunity to write a story about Girvan Grille at Edinburgh USA popped up, I jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug. Constantly traveling in the golf community as I do, one quickly learns that "word of mouth" is, by far, the best marketing tool.
Dave Tentis' Thoughts On The 2014 PGA Championship
Dave Tentis, Woodbury resident and Minnesota native, has qualified to play in the PGA Championship, August 7-10, at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, KY.
The Participation In Golf
Once upon a time it was the great tennis boom. The game was immensely popular and growing. Manufacturers were researching ways to make the game more applicable, some ideas like the spaghetti stringing design produced unusual over spin, were deemed not good for the game and made illegal. Other ideas like the big-headed racquet were utilized and both the professional and average player made them a standard.
A Pool Hall Owner's Lessons Are The Building Blocks For The RTJ Golf Trail
This segment of Minnesota Golf History will look at the son of a small town Minnesota pool hall owner who has become one of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of golf course development and ownership.
Danny's Bar & Grill - Exceeding Expectations
Danny's Story
StoneRidge Golf Club was opened in 2000 by Dave Kloeber and Mike McGrath. It has become a premier course in the Twin Cities but never had a venue worthy of showcasing executive Chef Ron Bohnert's award winning cuisine. After our extensive remodel, a member volunteered the name Danny's in honor of Mike and Jeanne's youngest son. For twenty-three years Danny McGrath was an amazing boy that left an impression on everyone he came into contact with. Born with special needs but a warm soul, Danny epitomizes everything that we strive to deliver as a restaurant by using vigor and passion to continually exceed expectations.
Prom Catering
Even two weeks later, Prom Catering's Bill Given was still trying to catch his breath after his company broke the all-time concessions record for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club this past June. Given shared a glimpse of how a catering company not only survives, but thrives when food and beverage sales for golf's grandest event doubled what was originally anticipated.
CRITTERS ON THE COURSE "Par For The Course" At Fox Hollow
When Joel Goldstrand was asked to design a golf course on a beautiful piece of property along the Crow River he was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a "natural". The experienced Goldstrand had no idea the extent that Mother Nature would play in many rounds played at Fox Hollow.
Playing The Game - Partnership Of Mind And Body
Unlike the typical golf coach, the coaching I do is not just about improving mechanics, but rather working with golfers on the mental game. It is also important to recognize what comes first.
Why Don't More Women Play Golf? - Two Women Golfers Have Some Answers
The June 2013 issue of Golf Digest got us steamed! In Bob Carney's article, "Why Golf Needs to Change," he states: "Women still don't seem that interested, despite years of trying to recruit them." This statement seems to suggest women are a hopeless case when it comes to getting them interested in playing golf; but as we see it, the real problem is with the approach to getting women interested in golf and how they are treated once they start to play. We love golf, and neither one of us ever remembers any attempt at being "recruited," so recruitment efforts must not be too intense.
Bud Chapman - One Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words!!
You probably know Bud Chapman as the artist who created the Infamous 18, those wonderful paintings of "fantasy" golf holes.

When asked about Bud's paintings, Pete Dye, the world-famous architect said: "Bud's innovative thinking certainly influenced many designers to make the contours a little steeper and the bunkers a little deeper and generally to think outside the box with new designs, and, in that way Bud made a great contribution to the game."
Tom Abts, Thinking And Living Outside The Box
One of the many responsibilities of a PGA Professional is to impact every golfer's life, inspiring their passion for the game of golf. Whether through directing in the workplace, providing guidance, teaching, or advising on personal issues, the late and great Henry Picard, PGA, did each with nothing less than perfection in mind.
Travel Club
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Golden Eagle Golf Club - Golden Eagle Is Bruce McIntosh's Baby!
When you call Golden Eagle Golf Club to make your tee time reservation, chances are you will talk to Bruce. When you enter the pro shop to pay your green fee, chances are you will pay Bruce for the privilege of playing his wonderful golf course. When the winner buys those rounds of beer, chances are Kathy McIntosh, Bruce's wife, who manages the grill, will serve you.
Grand View Lodge - Nearly 100 Years Of World-Class Service
In 2016 Grand View Lodge will celebrate 100 years of providing a quality resort experience. "Why should golfers care?" you ask? Because Grand View Lodge, owned and operated by the Cote Family since its origin, has been in a continuous state of metamorphosis since the early 1900's.
Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge - Where You're One Of The Family
In the 1890's, a German immigrant named Joe Ruttger homesteaded in the central Minnesota wilderness on a beautiful lake filled with bays and islands, the lake was appropriately called Bay Lake. People would travel, by horseback or wagon, to Joe Ruttger's farm. The fishing was so good and it was so beautiful on this clear water gem, that people actually rented Joe's rowboat so they could harvest some of Mothers Nature's finned bounty.
Brooks Golf Club - Pitch & Chips
The Iowa Great Lakes are a top tier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and certainly the northwestern corner of the state's greatest draw. Boating, fishing, camping, Arnold's Park and golf are just a few of the most popular hooks - arranged any which way to your own preference.
Voyager Village - Bon Voyager
Anywhere north of the Twin Cities is beautiful. Even in the winter sometimes. (I apologize for using the "W" word before the scars have healed.) Head northeast towards Hayward, WI and it's arguably even beauty-fuller. Even if it means crossing into Wisconsin. (Minnesota joke. Ha ha. Uff da.)
Big Fish Golf Club - Experience The Evolution
All of the golf courses in the Hayward, Wisconsin area present their own unique features to provide a challenge for visiting golfers. However, in terms of layout, topography, angles, and general difficulty, one replicates the PGA TOUR better than any other: Big Fish Golf Club.
The Villas at Giants Ridge - Fresh Start
I don't have what it takes to live in northern Minnesota. I don't care how beautiful it is year round, even with all the infinite lakes and rugged ridges and forests of the Iron Range. I love how it looks, sure - it's cool. But that coolness inversely scares me away during the winter. The crazy thing is, you take away the freezing temps and I almost couldn't imagine wanting to live anywhere else in the world more. If we had an ocean I might never leave. Period. That's all we're missing.
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Fortune Bay 2/1/10

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