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   Friday, June 24, 2016

Breezy Point

In this article you will learn about The Minnesota Ten (MN10), a team of volunteers, who are preparing for the 26th edition of their annual pilgrimage to the U.S. Open.

Fairways & Greens
Featured Courses | Golf Course Opening Dates | Matt's Top 10
The Bluffs At Coffee Mill - Wabasha Wishes
There's truth to the statement that "idyllic wedding sites make for great golf courses." And vice versa, of course. People like to have the most significant days of their lives stamped by the greatness of beautiful surroundings.
Wild Marsh Golf Club - High Praise, High Value
Minnesota is a fantastic hotbed for golf courses that balance value with challenging, yet enjoyable play, and many feature spectacular beauty to accompany the rest of the course's inherent qualities.
Pebble Creek: Three Nines, Many Ways To Enjoy
There are many inherent qualities that provide charm to Pebble Creek Golf Club, located Northwest of the Metro area in Becker, Minnesota.
Oak Marsh - Where The Blue Heron Stands Tall
Simply put... Steve Willock is a pro's PRO. As Director of Golf and GM at Oak Marsh, he has worked tirelessly over the last 20 years refining the course playing conditions and continuously improving operations, always with a keen eye on the customer experience.
Deer Run Golf Club has an ever expanding base of loyal customers who "Have fun at the Run." Staff treats each golfer like they were their grandmother.
Cannon Golf Club - Golf Nirvana
What do the rock group Nirvana, Zebulon Pike, and 18 of Minnesota's most exquisite putting greens have in common? Over the past 200 years, all three are linked to the river town city of Cannon Falls.
The Jewel Golf Club - Minnesota Awesome
Highway 61 runs north and south along the Mississippi River. For all intents and purposes, for 140 beautiful miles between La Crosse and St. Paul, it is the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line.
Perham Lakeside Golf Club - One Of My Favorite Northern Minnesota Courses
Great golf courses in the LAKE COUNTRY? No! Not the Brainerd Lakes Country; the Northwest Minnesota Lake Country.
The Bridges Golf Club - Golf Architecture
Think about the most memorable bridges in the world: Brooklyn, Golden Gate and Jeff. Now think about the most iconic bridges in golf: Swilcan and... wait... Are there any others?
Wild Ridge - Victory Lap
I hear it all the time: "I want to play somewhere NEW, somewhere close, no more than an hour or so away, somewhere GREAT." An ideal day trip.
Voyager Village - Bon Voyage
I can't get away from this title (I've admittedly used a variation of it before). It's just too perfect to pass on.
St. Croix National - Valley Flair
It's almost like you took a ride in a time machine to get here. One minute you were getting in your DeLorean, or car (whatever), you drove a few miles across the state line (from Stillwater) and BAM... you were there.
River Falls Golf Club - Mother Nature's Handy Work
A quote from Doug Hanson, General Manager, "We are getting more and more golfers from across the river. Those Twin Cities golfers really appreciate our excellent conditions and fair pricing."
Lake Wissota Golf & Events - Just A Chippewa Putt Away
There is a unique golf course 90 minutes east of St. Paul, in Chippewa Falls, with EIGHTEEN island greens. I'll give you a minute to clean up the coffee you just spit across the room.
Top 3 Reasons To Play Bristol Ridge In Somerset, WI The Second One May Surprise You
The temperature is heating up, and that means it's time to visit the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. Every summer, tourists and golfers head to Somerset, WI.
Golf Academy
Instruction | Training Aids | Ask The Expert
Why You Need To Stretch AFTER Your Round
The golf season is in full swing (sorry no pun intended). Last month we talked about dynamic stretches you can do before the game to get your body ready to play a round of golf. This month we will go over static stretches you can do once your game is over.
The "9 Shot" Test
A great self-assessment tool to see where you are at with your ball striking is to see how many of the "9 shots" you can hit.
Deep, Deep Rough
You are on your back nine of the day and playing decent golf. Your driver has been working pretty well for you today and that's a good thing because your two buddies who teed off ahead of you both blasted what seemed like 300 yard drives.
But Wait...There's More!
We've all heard that line. Whether it's a new knife set, the latest cleaning product or even golf training aids, advertisers always claim their product is not only the best...BUT THERE'S MORE!
Preparing To Hit The Course
The golf season is here. That means it's time to start talking about what warm-ups you can do before you head out on the course.
Distance Control
One of the challenges in the spring of the year is regaining a feel for distance on the greens. Distance control is the most important element of putting.
That's Golf
You just hit the most amazing approach shot of your life; a proverbial frozen rope right at the pin.
Location, as most business people can attest, is everything. Knowing a good place to put your company really does make business better. Same thing holds true for your golf game.
Off Season Conditioning Work Helps Your Golf Game Total Body Workout - Part 2
Last month we went over a total body workout that focused on balance and core work. As we learned, increasing your balance will help with your golf swing.
How The Ball Flies
Since most of us haven't had much time to practice yet at this point in the season, this month we are going to talk more about performance.
Ball Stuck In The Face Of The Bunker?
You've just hit a great drive down the middle of the fairway which leaves you with a middle iron to the green.
Everything in Moderation
"Gentlemen...there is nothing wrong with a glass of beer now and then...as long as it is in ...MODERATION!"
Get Your Body Ready for the Golf Season
Even though it may look like winter outside the golf season is just around the corner. Let's not wait until spring to get your body ready for the golf season.
Give Your Game A Grade
If you have read this column over the past two years, you will remember that we have focused on ways to practice your golf game to optimize performance on the golf course.
That's Golf
Here is the first article of a monthly series I will be writing this year. The original title of was going to be "Trouble Shots".
A Sommelier's Tips for Wine Buying
We live in an era that allows us to purchase almost any wine we want, from wherever we want and from almost any grape varietal in the world.
The Greatest Mother Of All, Mother Earth
As another Mother's Day approaches and we take another full year's turn around the sun, I am reminded of all things that keep us grounded as individuals.
Practice 'Tasting' Makes Perfect
Coming off of one of the mildest winters to date, Midwesterners are anxious to hit the greens! With the opening of many of our favorite clubs and courses, we stretch to find ourselves readying for another season.
Sole Essentials - The Sole Solution
"Every golfer is looking for that competitive edge. For many golfers the solution is not new clubs or lessons. The edge is proper body alignment; and that starts with your feet."
Shanghai Bistro In Hudson - Best Of Both Worlds
You love sushi, Chinese food, and anything spicy. Your friend prefers traditional Asian dishes with no surprises. How can you satisfy everyone?
Revitalize Your Palate
Springtime. A season that in many forms, evokes the senses, revitalizes the spirit and ushers forth a feeling of rejuvenation.
Wisdom For Weddings: Tips for Couples Out There
There are only truly a handful of days in one's life that can be considered an unforgettable milestone; the birth of a child, an ultimate career achievement, the purchase of a home or dream car, and of course, getting married.
Nine More Must Read Golf Books
I started the year off with a Tee Time column of nine must read golf books. Well, that was the front nine. Here's the back nine - of nine must read golf books:
Wine Country Travel & Etiquette
One of the most frequently asked questions I get from wine enthusiasts almost daily is 'So...we're planning a trip to "wine country", where should I go?'
Dad's Day Bevis
As we head into the month of June, and our weather finally turns true to its season, we know we can prepare to gear up for a few things - more time for grilling outside and more libations for pairing!
Since Craft Beer Has Disrupted The Industry, What's Next?
Craft Spirits Are Following The Same Trajectory As Craft Beer. America has fully embraced craft beer.
The #DadGolf Playbook: Lessons Learned From An Amateur Golfer And Professional Dad
DadGolf is an approach - a philosophy if you will - that I've been developing for years. DadGolf can be many things to different golfers, but it all comes back to chasing a dimpled ball rather than noticing you're going bald.
Demystifying the World of Minnesota Wine
When most people think of enjoying a glass of wine, they generally tend to lean towards grapes that come from a species of grapevine called, Vitis Vinifera. You know, the grapes in your glass like: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet.
Girvan Grille - The Proof Is In The Pudding
For me, there's nothing worse than getting hungry on the golf course during the round. Even if the course you're playing has a halfway house or snack shack after the 9th hole, you might be stuck scarfing down something that's either: A) not that good for you or B) just not that good.
Local Golf
Profiles | Outings & Charity Events | Senior Golf
Nutmeg was the most beautiful girl in her class! Proof: She was an AKC Champion. She was the smartest girl in her school! Proof: Her instructor in obedience school told me so.
How did a physics major and a NASA scientist become a world leader in short game golf instruction?
The Psychic has spent the last month staring into the crystal ball seeking answers to the question, "What external causes will increase the number of junior golfers and influence them to play more rounds."
The Dad Golf Workout
Tour pros have a well defined pre-round routine. You've probably seen the videos with a ticker counting down the minutes as they prepare for their round on the range, with a specific series of chips, putts, bunker shots, irons and drivers.
Minnesota 10 - U.S. Open Volunteers
In this article you will learn about The Minnesota Ten (MN10), a team of volunteers, who are preparing for the 26th edition of their annual pilgrimage to the U.S. Open.
This is a pretty good topic for a golf column. It would be a good topic for any column. Arrogance is probably the most shocking quality that I encounter.
Keller Golf Course After School Program Is Taking Off
"If you build it, they will come." This is a saying that Keller Golf Course's afterschool program has embraced since coming into fruition this winter.
THE 2016 RYDER CUP DIRECTOR - Meet Jeff Hintz. Learn What He Does.
"I am thrilled and honored to have been chosen to lead our day-to-day efforts with the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club," said Jeff Hintz.
You're Invited To Play Like The Pros - Well, At Least With The Same Gear!
PGA TOUR Superstore Opens in Minnetonka
When the pros go on TOUR, following them to every tournament is a fleet of trucks loaded with all the latest and greatest golf equipment from the sponsoring brands.
Mojo joined our golf team during my junior year of college. He was a great shot maker who could put together, and keep together, a good round.
The Physic spends all day gazing into the crystal ball. After the collapse at the Masters, the Psychic eyes grew tired squinting at the thick fog inside the crystal ball. The Psychic is looking for the next "game changer" for the game of golf.
Botany Tips For The Golf-Obsessed Dad
You haven't lived until you've played 18 and still found the reserves to mow the lawn. You might know the routine.
Thoughts On The Golf Swing
I just finished reading Brandel Chamblee's new book "The Anatomy of Greatness" - the subtitle is "Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History."
Heritage Links Junior Program Explodes - A Look At One Of Minnesota's Hottest Junior Programs
In 2009, Heritage Links Golf Course in Lakeville played host to about 33 youngsters in their summer junior program.
SAMMY SCHMITZ - A Dream Come True!
April 7, 11:16 AM, Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA
"Now driving from the United States, Sammy Schmitz!"
Travel Club
One Tank Trips | Midwest Golf Resorts | Destinations
GR8 AMERICAN IRREGULARS - Public Access NON-Championship Courses
There are rankings galore for the best championship courses in the world. Championship (18 hole, par 70-72) courses get ALL the respect. It's time for some love for the "little guys" - the non-championship PUBLIC rounds well worth your travel, time and money.
NOTE: Qualifying resorts combine a specific hotel with no more than two 18-hole courses - both of which must be guest accessible. Limit one resort per state.
Spooner Golf Club - Full Spoon
Imagine Mary Poppins singing, "Just a Spooner full of sugar," and you'll never forget the course's name. Actually visit Spooner Golf Club and you'll never forget the course, either: So GO already.
Big Fish Golf Club: Pure Golf, Classic Design
Big Fish Golf Club in Hayward, Wisconsin continues to collect praise from golf circles, and it should.
The Hayward Area Chamber Of Commerce Presents The Golf Capital Of Wisconsin
Allow me to clarify one thing from the very beginning: While it might not read like it, this is a GOLF article. Type wigolfcapital.com into your search engine and the web will whisk you away to Hayward, Wisconsin.
Minnesota National Golf Course - Still The Best Kept Secret In Minnesota
Have you still not played Minnesota National Golf Course? As the golf season rapidly approaches, this summer is the time that you discover what famed Minnesota golf architect, Joel Goldstrand calls one of his best.
Golden Eagle - A Natural Beauty
Every year about this time I have the privilege of writing about many of my favorite golf courses in Minnesota. We, Minnesota golfers, are blessed to have many wonderful venues where we can live our passion - chasing that little white ball.
Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge - Treating Guests Like Family Since 1898!
If your family owned a golf course, you would not offer this rate - $89 for unlimited golf with cart, range balls, lodging, dinner and breakfast!
Madden's On Gull Lake - Dawn of a New Day
Truth be told, there's no sight as sublime as a sunset on the ocean. But Minnesota's most hypnogogic moment comes at the flip side of the solar cycle, as the brilliant fireball slowly peels back the foggy blankets and rolls lazily out of our 10,000 lakes.
Jackpot Junction And Dacotah Ridge - Expect the Unexpected
There's a good chance you've never heard of Morton. No...not Dr. Seuss's elephant that hears the "Who." (That's Horton.) Morton is a hub of little houses on the prairie - the pulse of the Minnesota River Valley.
GIANTS RIDGE - A Character Study
There's a picture of a golf hole that haunts me - invades my dreams in high-definition. Day and night. You see this tiered tee box surrounded by flowers, the lake sprawled out in front of you.
The Wilderness At Fortune Bay - YouTopia
This is the single most underrated golf experience in America. I'm not calling it the greatest course in the world. Not telling you it's perfect. I'm not quite sure how it could be any better.
Cragun's Resort - Double Blessed
The Robert Trent Jones family has designed over 900 golf courses around the world. RTJ, Sr. designed Hazeltine National, the site of this September's Ryder Cup match.
Breezy Point Resort - You're On The Clock
Read this quickly! Then call Breezy Point Resort to secure your dates for your summer golf trip!
Tournament Club Of Iowa - His Royal Finest
When golf writers dine together the topic of conversation inevitably turns to favorite courses - usually before we even order our food.
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