Fairways & Greens - Wisconsin

Fairways and Greens – Wisconsin

Fairways and Greens – Wisconsin contains a large collection of articles where you can read about a variety of wonderful golf experiences in and around the Wisconsin golf courses. Enjoy reading our articles on your favorite subjects!

Destination Kohler – Good To Be King

There are great family resorts, great golf resorts and then there’s Wisconsin’s epitome of both – Destination Kohler. Destination Kohler is The Pinnacle in Lodging Experiences.

Voyager Village – The Golfer’s Landing

I always forget that Voyager Village is in Wisconsin, partially because it seems so close to the Twin Cities and additionally because there are so many other Minnesota courses nearby.

Spooner Golf Club – Heart Of The Capital

How did Hayward, Wisconsin earn the title “Golf Capital of Wisconsin?” With Kohler and Sand Valley and Erin Hills and the Dells…why Hayward? Answer: Spooner Golf Club.

Voyager Village – The Village, People

This is the Village people talk about in the Twin Cities. And by “people” I mean golfers. The club-wielding explorers who rush beyond the metro limits to find the gold in them there hills. The ones who know where the true beauty of the state lies: north and/or throughout the St. Croix River Valley.

Troy Burne – Sweet 16 And Never Better

When Tom Lehman and Steve Stricker teed off for Troy Burne’s inaugural round back in 1999, the golf world was in full throttle. This marked the same year a 23-year-old Tiger Woods dominated the PGA TOUR with eight victories.

St. Croix National Golf And Event Center – Manthis’ Top Ten

The month of May is rife with beginnings and endings. It marks the (almost) end of the school year and the beginning of summertime. It’s the end (hopefully) of colder weather and the true beginning of golf season. It’s also the end of the TV season and the beginning of reruns.

River Falls Golf Club – Play The Fastest, Smoothest Greens Anywhere!

River Falls Golf Club is the oldest golf course in western Wisconsin. Opening in 1929 during the Golden Age of Golf (the first golf boom), this beautiful golf course has stood the test of time for almost 100 years, it’s wonderful natural qualities have kept golfers returning year after year.

Clifton Hollow Golf Club – Great Golf Is Just The Beginning

The whiskey still of Clifton Hollow? Folklore has it that in the early 1900’s a pair of “entrepreneurial” gentlemen developed a recipe for whiskey that was unrivaled in the region. Invisible from the law, they discreetly hid their still on what is now Clifton Hollow Golf Club.

Troy Burne – A Fall Golf Treat

Aeration!! Aerification!! Punching the greens!!
Question: Why do golf course superintendents punch holes into their beautiful greens every fall, making them nearly unplayable for the balance of the season?
Answer: Aeration is a necessary evil.

River Falls Golf Club – Historic Value

It seems that fewer and fewer people are taking family road trips, I don’t think any one of us can deny ever hearing the phrase, “are we there yet?” If you are not a regular traveler to Western Wisconsin, some might think that is the case when crossing the river to play River Falls Golf Club in River Falls.

Hudson Golf Club – One Wild Ride

With all the courses in the area to choose from, it’s not easy to pick some place new. We’ve all got our regulars, places that we return to often. If you’ll take one golf guy’s suggestion, take a short drive into Wisconsin and play Hudson Golf Club.