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Fairways and Greens – Minnesota contains a large collection of articles where you can read about a variety of wonderful golf experiences in and around the Minnesota golf courses. Enjoy reading our articles on your favorite subjects!

Play, Train And Entertain At X-Golf Woodbury

It hits me as I’m unloading my clubs in the -15 degree wind-chill that in 10 minutes I’ll be teeing off at Pebble Beach. How’s that for a mood swing? For the next hour or two there will be many catch-yourself moments like that as X-Golf immerses you in a virtual reality, state-of-the-art golf experience.

Life Time Golf Club – Now Open To The Public With New HD Golf Simulator

A major interior remodel that included the addition of a new HD GOLF photorealistic simulator and upgrades to the existing FullSwing units has made the Life Time Golf Club – located inside the Life Time Athletic club in St. Louis Park – the new go to indoor golf simulator location around the Twin Cities.

Burnsville Indoor Golf – High (Definition) Five

Golf is a blast in Burnsville. “Blast” as in super fun. “Blast” as in the setting for this simulator studio – inside the vibrant Soccer Blast facility. “I had no idea there was indoor golf there,” a guy said to me at last year’s golf show.

The Time Is Now For Playing Willingers

Tee Times caught up with two Fridley golfers on Willingers scenic 12th tee box and inquired about their motivation for traveling 50 miles south to play golf. Seconds after the question was asked, two stately Sandhill Cranes strolled from the woods to within 20 feet of the golfers.

Whispering Pines – Something To Shout About

50 miles isn’t very far. Traveled at the right time of day or week it would take you less than an hour to drive that. That’s the drive from Minneapolis to one of the Twin Cities highest rated golf courses on GolfAdvisor.com… one of the Twin Cities highest rated golf courses on Google – Whispering Pines.

Majestic Oaks Golf Club – Fun For All Seasons

Chances are, since you’re reading this periodical, that you’ve been to Majestic Oaks Golf Club. With three different courses that provide about 75,000 rounds of golf each year, most golfers have made their way up to Ham Lake, MN at least once.

GreyStone Golf Club – Not To Be Overlooked

Take the guy who built one of the best public courses in the Twin Cities (if not the best)… the guy who built one of the best private courses in Minnesota (if not the best) and give that local legend a plot of wild Sauk Centre land to build on, and how can he possibly fail?

Daytona Golf Club – Rich In Character(s)

There’s a Cadillac in the parking lot. And a tractor. There’s a GQ kid bombing one off the first tee dressed head to toe in Nike sharing a cart with a likely farmer in jeans with a denim, Phil Mickelson-like, long sleeve, button up shirt.

Chomonix – Something For Everyone

During the 10 years I’ve been writing for Tee Times, I’ve had the chance to play many different golf courses. There’s no way I can remember every hole I’ve played or my exact score on each of them, but what I do remember is the overall sense of the course.

Brookview Golf & Lawn Bowling – Big Picture

I realize that Brookview is golf and LAWN bowling (my preferred form of bowling), but the combination still makes perfect sense to me. And, the best part, is that Brookview is even more than that – a historic round in a metroplex loaded with them.

Baker National Golf Course – Playground Rules

If you have kids, you’ve probably taken them to a park. If you’re a good parent, you’ve probably researched the best parks in your area. If you live in the Twin Cities one of the best (if not THE best) park/playground for kids is the Hyland Play Area.

Mount Frontenac Golf Course: Slopes, Sights, and Slots!

Mount Frontenac Golf Course is a treat for the eyes – and if you’re smart, the scorecard – and rightfully earns the moniker of “Minnesota’s Most Breathtaking Bluff Country Golf Course.” Located a handful of minutes south of Red Wing, the facility is owned and operated by the Prairie Island Indian Community and is the official golf facility of Treasure Island Resort & Casino.