Life Styles

Life Styles

The Tee Times Press Life Styles page delivers a wide range collection of articles that from health issues to wedding planning. The common theme will always revolve around the world of golf.

Sole Essentials – The Sole Solution

“Every golfer is looking for that competitive edge. For many golfers the solution is not new clubs or lessons. The edge is proper body alignment; and that starts with your feet.” Those are the words of R. Lamar Hudson, BOCPD, a Board Certified Pedorthist and owner of Sole Essentials.

Wisdom For Weddings: Tips For Couples Out There

There are only truly a handful of days in one’s life that can be considered an unforgettable milestone; the birth of a child, an ultimate career achievement, the purchase of a home or dream car, and of course, getting married.

Nine More Must Read Golf Books

I started the year off with a Tee Time column of nine must read golf books. Well, that was the front nine. Here’s the back nine – of nine must read golf books:

Northern Stars K9 Resort And Spa

So you have your reservations and tee times all booked for your weekend golf getaway to one of the fantastic resorts and courses listed in this issue, but what do you plan to do with “Fido”? You have big plans to relax, play a little golf and enjoy some wonderful cuisine, shouldn’t your 4-legged friend have the same experience?


Whether you’re a seasoned old pro or afraid to even lift the lid, we’re sharing a few simple tips that will change your grilling experience for the better! Read on to learn how to ensure your backyard barbeque best:

Eagles In Iowa?

For the past two months I’ve been sharing my office with a family of five from Decorah, Iowa…a family of eagles that is.

Glacial Waters Spa – A Northwoods Oasis

Tucked quietly into the pine trees between Grand View’s Main Lodge and the Garden Golf Course, lies a prairie style oasis of tranquility, pampering and relaxation – Glacial Waters Spa. Your day of luxury has finally arrived, and you have never been more ready.

Golf Is A Great Choice For Dating

Sure tennis is the “love” game, but golf offers endless opportunities to meet and mingle with the opposite sex. There are over 26 million adult golf participants in the US and since golf is a game that men and women can enjoy together, it simply makes good sense for golfers to seek out other golfers for dating.

Running Aces Casino And Racetrack – The Best Bet In Town

Running Aces Casino And Racetrack - The Best Bet In Town By Steve Manthis From 1953 to 1995, the Washington Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters over 13,000 times and won only 6 games. Despite that paltry win percentage, Krusty the Clown...

Running Aces – The Something For Everyone Place To Go

Running Aces - The Something For Everyone Place To Go By Paul Patzloff In the early 1960s, movie theaters went from featuring one to multiple screens so more people and different types of movie fans could gather. That same idea is thriving at...

A Perfect Golfers Snack

A Perfect Golfers Snack By Lisa Holtan "You are what you eat," the old adage goes. That holds true for golfers, too. Having the right foods on or off the course will give you the energy and focus to play great hole-after-hole without the...

Loudmouth Golf Stars & Stripes

Loudmouth Golf Stars & Stripes By Leslee D. Miller The late sixties were a turbulent period in American history, but some great fashion came out of it, including the use of the American flag in apparel. Iconic images of that time were Peter...