Bury Your Troubles – For One Day At Least!

By Paul Patzloff

Corporate team building, vigorous competition, problem solving and good old socializing – it all gets down and dirty at Extreme Sandbox.

With all the building and road construction going on (after all, it is the season) have you ever wanted to just jump the orange cones, leap the safety fence and grab the controls of a excavator, bulldozer or skid steer? This is exactly the child-like passion that the folks at Extreme Sandbox welcome and celebrate. So it’s no surprise that the idea for this unique experiential business came at the urging of youngsters.

As Randy Stenger, founder of Extreme Sandbox and the master of the machinery madness recalls, “My three young boys are always keeping me busy with their rowdy boyish-ness. I love it. So as we were driving past an active construction site, one of them blurts out, ‘Dad, wouldn’t’t it be fun to play on those trucks?’ After all they just see this stuff as really big Tonka trucks.”

Rooted In Our Collective Past
Stenger continues, “It got me thinking about how to bring this idea to reality. I was also realizing the excitement my boys were expressing. There was this wonderful multi-generational appeal to playing in the sandbox with stuff that actually moved, dug and rearranged the sand.” Stenger ditched his corporate gig and launched Extreme Sandbox in the spring of 2012.

A Check-Off For So Many Bucket Lists
The staff at Extreme Sandbox will tell you that learning to operate these heavy-duty machines takes more discipline than you may think. The process starts in the classroom with an introductory session where you learn the basics of the machines. This one-to-one instruction is vital so that everyone understands the operational rules and basic physics to be safe and effective.

Then the magic starts to take hold. Newly trained “operators” put on a headset, which provides two-way, hands-free radio communication. This constant communication is vital. With powerful equipment that can do amazing things, close supervision is required. In fact, most Extreme Sandbox customers enjoy the banter with the staff and get to do more thanks to the helpful direction.

Go ahead and search YouTube for Construction Equipment Accidents and you’ll understand why safety is job one at Extreme Sandbox. It’s also why each of the pieces of equipment has a remote shut-off device so instructors can ‘kill’ the machine if necessary.

FYI, a typical heavy equipment operator often spends at least six weeks learning to operate certain types of equipment. Top pros are in demand all over the country and are often recruited overseas for their skills.

Extreme Sandbox customers are really elated by that first lunge of the equipment. Their faces just bust open with joy and surprise. The real satisfaction for the Extreme Sandbox staff is having so many customers reply, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Getting Down To Business
Unlike other kinds of corporate functions, Extreme Sandbox is truly unique. Which is probably why more and more local corporate event planners are taking notice. Plus this type of “fun” has proven to be very effective as a training and motivational experience.

As much as you may love golf, you have to understand that the ancient game is not for everyone in the office. So it may not be the best way to bring your diverse team together for motivation, break-the-ice socializing, corporate training or problem solving experiences.

It’s funny what happens when a group has to take on larger than life challenges with heavy equipment. It’s why Extreme Sandbox has several dynamic types of events that focus on team skills. This style of training and development has even gotten the attention of local organizational development and strategic planning company The Prouty Project. They now use Extreme Sandbox as one their regular locations for events.

Bring Your Team Together – A variety of team skill building events are available.

Social Team Gatherings – Bring diverse members into an environment of fun and camaraderie. It’s an ideal ice breaking; get to know one another event.

Formal Team Training includes two approaches:
1) Scenario Based Training is one of the more popular events that breaks into groups of 6-8 people and then brings them into one large team building experience – which has been known to push the limits and drive notable results.

2) Station Based Training breaks into groups of 4-5 and uses several stations to complete surprisingly delicate tasks with these heavy-duty machines to create true competition.

DIY Experiences
If you’d rather go solo, Extreme Sandbox offers individual packages for that ultimate me time. You can choose from sessions lasting one to seven hours and can include one to three pieces of equipment including the Skid Steer, Bulldozer or Excavator.

So, if you’re looking for a new adventure, or always wondered how cool it would be to mine for gold on Gold Rush, then this is your opportunity to bring you inner child out, have fun and get away from your day to day troubles.

Get all the great details, see some awesome videos and book your event at www.extremesandbox.com.

A Gift Dad Will Totally Dig!
Sure you can get dad a nice putter, a polo shirt, a tie or golf balls. But if he’s all set for the summer, consider an Extreme Sandbox gift certificate. Most any dad will appreciate it because it will be truly a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable gift.

Father’s Day Specials can be found at www.readerrewards.com for a bucket list gift dad will love.

Bucket Battle Royale
The Dueling Excavators is one of the top attractions at Extreme Sandbox. Here’s where you go head to head against another for the title of best bucket operator. It brings out competitiveness in a unique and challenging format.

Tee Times Special: Excavator Golf
That’s right – you can even tee up with the biggest driver yet. Launch a basketball with a 20-ton excavator in Dueling Excavators. See if you or your buddy has the best ‘drive’…Fore!

New Smaller Stuff = Big Time Fun
If heavy-duty equipment isn’t your thing, or you want to try something new, consider the latest addition at Extreme Sandbox – the Radio Controlled dirt racers or drone experience. Remote control fun at its best!