Glacial Waters Spa – A Northwoods Oasis

Tucked quietly into the pine trees between Grand View’s Main Lodge and the Garden Golf Course, lies a prairie style oasis of tranquility, pampering and relaxation – Glacial Waters Spa. Your day of luxury has finally arrived, and you have never been more ready. The kids are busy doing scheduled activities, your husband is out golfing and the entire afternoon is all yours. As you approach the spa, the welcoming gardens and waters are the first suggestion that it is time to relax. The feeling of rejuvenation begins the minute you walk in the door. The soothing colors, gentle music and fresh aroma create an environment that causes your heart beat to slow, as your muscles uncoil and your brain actually agrees to take a break.

Whether you have come for a massage, nail care, a facial or other salon services, you have come to the right place. From the outside, Glacial Waters appears to be another of the wooden cabin-like structures that have made Grand View so famous since the early 1900’s. A closer look around, and a look inside, reveals the truth. This is a new and modern spa, carefully crafted and concealed in what looks to be a decade’s old building. The interior spaces are relaxed and inviting. Warm colors and natural accents create a sense of home. The roaring stone fireplace in the relaxation area is surrounded by cushy furniture and terrific views of the woodlands. Hot herbal teas, fresh cold water with lemon, and other assorted fruits, nuts, protein bars and accoutrements are a perfect complement.

Glacial Waters is an Aveda product spa, using personally blended products to match client needs. After changing into your cozy terrycloth robe and settling into the relaxation area, the Spa staff provides you with a form to fill out, that ultimately helps identify your needs, your body/stress level and “type”. Based on this, a special blend of ingredients is added to the lotions that are used during services; mine was “Infinity,” and I must admit, it was just the right mix for me.

The name Aveda is derived from ancient Ayurvedic principles, and several of the services are based on these. For instance, the indulgent 90 minute “Signature Glacial Rain” treatment begins with a sea salt exfoliation and full body massage with a Scotch hose, a high-pressured water hose designed to relieve the toughest of tensions.

This is followed by a seven headed shower (Vichy shower), designed to open up the Chakra (energy) centers and cleanse stagnated energy in the body. Next is an application of hydrating lotion, followed by a Shiro Dhara treatment, a slow, constant stream of warm oil called Tranquilessence (a plant based mixture) directed to your third eye (the center of your forehead, between your eyes). Top it off with a scalp massage, shampoo and conditioning of the hair, and don’t bother calling me until the morning.

Other services available include massages and body wraps in seaweed or mud, designed to contour or detoxify, along with facials and nail services. Of course you can bundle services in a package, for instance, the “Grand Escape” package includes an elemental nature massage, wrap and spa pedicure.

Whenever we visit the Brainerd Lakes Area, I always book at least part of a day at Glacial Waters Spa. Whether you are staying at Grand View or just visiting the area, you owe yourself the time to relax, escape and rejuvenate in this wonderful Northwoods spa.