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Tee Times Magazine Travel Club Iowa section brings you interesting articles from many of the areas Minnesota and Wisconsin golfers frequent. Here you will find hot topics and reviews from Iowa.

Tournament Club Of Iowa – The King Reigns On

I miss Arnold Palmer, and how could I not. Meeting him, listening to him, watching him… each opportunity left me wanting more opportunities. I have similar feelings when I play golf courses I love.

Otter Creek Golf Course – Otter This World Fun

2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of my first visit to Otter Creek – not anything for the world to celebrate, by any means, but something I marvel at, just as you might looking back on your own golf travel history.

Amana Colonies Golf Club – Emerging Target

Not all golf courses like to be considered a “hidden gem.” It implies, somehow, that you have to really dig to find the value. In that instance, Amana Colonies is NOT a hidden gem. Its value is blatantly obvious.

Whispering Creek Golf Club – Rock and Roll

There’s something cool about a rustic red barn – it’s an Iowa trademark of sorts. Whispering Creek has such a signature barn as their clubhouse, positioned perfectly to take in the best of western Iowa’s golf course panoramas. It’s been the backdrop for many post-round pictures (and pitchers) with friends – the heralded home of Pooch’s Pub.

Tournament Club Of Iowa – King Country

There are five Iowa public courses every Midwest golfer should play, and the Tournament Club is absolutely one of those five. Ratings themselves are subjective, doesn’t matter which publication we’re referring to, but at one time or another every single relevant golf magazine in the world has proclaimed Arnold Palmer’s suburban swingbox one of Iowa’s very best.

The Preserve at Honey Creek Resort – Southern Dells

Wisconsin Dells is the Water Park Capital of the World. With all of its water parks, golf courses and outdoor recreation opportunities “The Dells” is simultaneously the Activity Capital of Wisconsin. The Preserve at Honey Creek Resort is the Water Park Capital of Iowa.

Spirit Hollow – Pure Golf And Warm Hospitality

75 miles southeast of Iowa City and 75 miles southwest of Davenport, basically on the border of Iowa and Illinois, and framed by the stunning beauty of the Mississippi River Valley, Spirit Hollow is a dance of enchantment for golfers – the chance to play what many contend is Iowa’s best public golf course… and to routinely feel like you have that course all to yourself.

Otter Creek Golf Course – Why I Otter

Why do you Otter? Why specifically do you love Otter Creek? Is it the pizza? (Probably.) Is it the links-style golf? (Of course.) Is it the phenomenal and abundant golf outings they host because of their incredible event rates and superbly conditioned course? (I mean… yeah.)

Brooks Golf Club – Truly Great Lakes Golf

The Iowa Great Lakes are a fisher’s heaven, a boater’s dream come true and many a vacationer’s home away from home. Located only 100 miles from Sioux Falls, 110 miles from Sioux City, and less than 200 miles from both Des Moines AND the Twin Cities.

Briggs Woods Golf Course – Just Right

Goldilocks would have liked this place. Yes, that Goldilocks. The one with the three bears. There aren’t any bears at Briggs Woods (that I know of), but there are comfortable chairs and beds nearby, and plenty of good food.

Bos Landen – Double Dutch

I don’t jump rope, but I’ll take two Pannekoeken any chance I get. The Dutch sure do pancakes right. They do a lot of things right – from meats to markets, from tulip festivals to pubs – especially in Pella, Iowa.

Amana Colonies Golf Club-Better Than Brand New

Start Over. Take one of Iowa’s highest ranked and most scenic golf properties, one of its most popular golf group hangouts and start over. Get rid of the clubhouse and rebuild it to maximize the incredible lake and green views.