Golf Is A Great Choice For Dating

By Tammy Maddrey

Sure tennis is the “love” game, but golf offers endless opportunities to meet and mingle with the opposite sex. There are over 26 million adult golf participants in the US and since golf is a game that men and women can enjoy together, it simply makes good sense for golfers to seek out other golfers for dating. Companies understand the benefits of developing client relationships on the course, now it is time for individuals to reap the same rewards in their own personal lives.

With over one million single people in the Twin Cities, relationship-minded folks need to narrow their prospects to those who share common interests. Golf is a fantastic differentiator. When you return after a long day on the course with your buddies, it’s nice to be greeted with a smile by a mate who “gets it.” Plus most golfers share other characteristics of being active, well-traveled and enjoying the outdoors.

A round of golf is a refreshingly creative outing and will signal to your date that you’d like to spend time together getting to know one another. It sure beats the same dinner date you’ve gone on hundreds of times where you both rack your brains for ideas to keep the conversation flowing. It’s great for a first date or early in a relationship because it is a safe, public activity which lets players judge a person’s character while testing the waters.

Golf Sheds Light on People’s Character

In the game of golf there are many different types of challenges that shed light on someone’s character. How truthful is your partner? Does she lose her temper and get discouraged easily or is he patient and playful? Are etiquette and good manners important? It would be very difficult for someone to hide their true colors for the length of a round of golf. Everyone has flaws and idiosyncrasies. The trick is to identify them early enough in the relationship to determine your compatibility for the long-term.

You can also tell from a person’s behavior on the golf course if your partner is interested in you or not. Does he obsess over the slow pace of the group in front of you, or does he take advantage of those intermittent breaks to flirt and get to know you better? At the turn, does she suggest playing all 18 or having a drink at the bar, or does she high-tail it without hesitation to her car? Most of all, are you able to have fun together? Behavior on the golf course is a good barometer for the direction your relationship is going.

Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid for the Perfect Golf Date

Alright, you now are sold on the merits of golf as a perfect dating activity. How do you go about setting up a great golf date? We have a list of tips for you to plan a fantastic outing and avoid common pitfalls.

1. First, give up any notion of this being the best game of golf you’ve ever played. Shoot safely, aim to keep the ball in the fairways and shift your focus toward trying to get to know your partner. Be attentive, polite and most of all have fun!

2. Pace the conversation because you have a lot of time to spend together. Nerves may be a bit elevated and you both need some time in the beginning to ease into the rhythm of the game. Let the conversation develop naturally over the course of the round and gain momentum.

3. If you are better than your partner, do not give lessons unless asked to do so, and by all means, do not make critical comments. Point out great shots and encourage a playful, non-competitive vibe. Save the competition for later in the relationship when the off-course stakes are more exciting!

4. Similar to the business world, in dating you should dress for success. What does that mean? Men, leave the stinky baseball cap at home and wear smart, fashionable golfing attire. Save the cigars for outings with the guys. Girls, don’t be afraid to dress like a lady. This is not a job interview. Sports can be feminine. You both will be stealing glances at each other. Put your best foot forward with an attractive appearance.

5. Finally, it’s alright to plan an exit strategy if you do not know how the date will go. Start with 9 holes and continue at the turn if sparks are developing. Also, consider taking your date to the driving range as your first golf outing, where you can test your compatibility with a lower time and money commitment.

The main purpose of a first date is to get to know someone without it feeling awkward. It’s important to make a good first impression but you also need to be true to yourself. Not every action will be a mark for or against you and as you let your personality show in cute and subtle ways you may just appear charming and irresistible!