By Greg Schulze






Most for-profit businesses incorporate some version of the “bottom-line” approach; the boss, shareholders, clients, etc. require some degree of immediate return on their investment… yes? OR should it be more about the PROCESS today, letting the return come over some period of time? I think most would agree that the business world is usually a combination of both.

When I interview a new client, my opportunity to learn about their golf background, goals, and other needed information, one of seven questions I ask is, “What ___% of INSTANT GRATIFICATION are you looking for and what ___% of LONG-TERM DEVELOPMENT?” The answer tells me much about their commitment to development and learning and puts my plan into action. There is no “right or wrong” answer, but golf, being a “game of a lifetime” seems to be more “weighted” towards long-term development; but as always, your decision.

Is it possible to gain both short-term gratification (end of frustration?) and long-term learning at the same time? Yes. The only common denominator is IMPACT. At the moment of impact, the clubhead, clubface and supporting body positions are being “programmed” into the ball, and each “recipe” is ASSIGNED by nature with a specific ball flight; high, low, right, left, short, far…

The title of this piece is not just a long-time used acronym for REST-IN-PEACE but could stand for REQUIRED IMPACT POSITIONS. If you learn how to relate the required impact position of the golf club and body to each other, how much clearer becomes the brain-to-body message? As the message gets clearer, the execution becomes more precise. Without vividly clear PRE-SWING impact images, the brain has no way of sending repetitive and predictable messaging to the body and club to execute ANY golf shot, and any amount of range balls and practice are to a great degree a waste of time.                    

This piece was not written to delve into the details of REQUIRED IMPACT POSITIONS, but to perhaps pique your interest in learning your “R.I.P.’s” from your PGA Professional if you have never done so.    

R.I.P. – Don’t allow your game to REST-IN-PEACE, but set a goal to learn REQUIRED-IMPACT-POSITIONS!