Golf Zone: Your Year-round Golf Solution

By Tim Cotroneo






At a time when hundreds of businesses were closing, Brian Colvin decided to go all in on purchasing a Chaska, Minnesota-based golf venture. What Colvin and the rest of the world would soon learn was that the presence of the COVID pandemic would be the best thing to happen to the golf industry since Tiger Woods.

Colvin’s Golf Zone indoor/outdoor golf business opened its doors on March 9, 2021. The business had previously thrived for 18 years before abruptly closing in 2018. Colvin, a commercial construction tradesman, felt that Golf Zone still had a lot to offer.

“Since childhood, I’ve always loved the sport of golf. Plus, I was a patron of Golf Zone, so I was quite familiar with the business and hated to see it close. I called the former owner multiple times for over a year before he decided to return my call to see how serious I was about bringing Golf Zone back to life,” Colvin said.

Driving For Dough In The Winter

Reinvigorating the shuttered Golf Zone was no easy task. Colvin invested in and renovated every square inch of the massive property. The new business’ secret sauce was an outdoor driving range featuring 32 heated bays. The capability of hitting live wedge through driver shots, regardless of the temperature, was something that Minnesota diehard golfers can’t resist.

For those who’ve yet to visit Golf Zone, know that it is a three-pronged business. When exploring Golf Zone for the first time, your tour will reveal a driving range with Toptracer technology maxing out at 370-yards, an 18-hole mini golf course, and a full bar that caters to golf customers and pre-arranged parties.

Customers interested in celebrating with an event held at one of Minnesota’s premier golf facility’s can contact Colvin to discuss their party needs. First time golfers need not fret because Golf Zone will set them up with new Mizuno clubs.

Golf Fitting And Lessons

The Mizuno brand is also prominent at Golf Zone from a fitting standpoint. One of Minnesota’s foremost club repair magicians keeps his highly appointed van parked at Golf Zone for five months out of the year. On site customers are encouraged to take clubs, shafts, grips, loft, and lie adjustments for a test drive.

Golfers looking to fine tune their game during the winter months should know that several Chaska area professionals, like Bluff Creek’s Jeff Otto, ply their trade at Golf Zone. What the pros and amateurs love is that they have easy access to Golf Zone’s Toptracer technology. “A lot of our golfers will go through every club in their bag to gauge its distance. Toptracer was a great investment for me and our customers,” Colvin said.

Reinvestment is the name of the game at Golf Zone. Colvin installed new LED lighting and a surround sound music system into his Northwoods 18-hole mini golf course. 2024 customers also enjoy a new state-of-the-art putting green. This is on top of the huge, short-game area accessible to golfers outside during the summer.

Looking Back – The Stats Don’t Lie

On Tuesday nights, Colvin is the maestro of Golf Zone’s Men’s League. Golfers play one of 30 golf courses from around the world. Golf Zone’s passionate owner was asked what he’s learned since taking over this long-time Chaska golf establishment.

“The pre-COVID and post-COVID golf popularity numbers are amazing. Golf equipment sales are up 246 percent and golf course sales are up 42 percent. Since our opening on March 9, 2021, I couldn’t be more pleased,” Colvin said. Looking back on his three years working in the golf industry, Colvin shared a silver lining to owning Golf Zone. “I’m grateful for the people I’ve met since taking over this this business. From the vendors to our customers, I’ve made a lot of new friends,” Colvin said.

A visitor inquired if Colvin had any thoughts about expanding his Golf Zone empire. Colvin replied that he’s been asked that question before. “A lady contacted our website, and she wrote that she liked Golf Zone, but it was too far from where she lived in the southeast metro. She went on to say that she found an empty shopping center in Inver Grove Heights that would be perfect for a new Golf Zone location. She felt that since she did the legwork of finding a new location, the least I could do would be to purchase the property,” Colvin said with a chuckle.