Your “Approach” For Better Golf

By Chris Foley, PGA Master Professional






This season my Tee Times column is going to focus on shotting better scores by improving your game from 150 yards and in. 

There is a great deal of emphasis in today’s game on distance and the quest to hit the ball further.   While hitting the ball longer off the tee does provide an advantage of hitting shorter approach shots, the biggest correlation to shooting lower scores is hitting more greens in regulation.  For every additional green in regulation a golfer hits, on average the player will shoot two shots better.

Additionally, as a player’s approach play improves their shot dispersion becomes smaller.  With a smaller shot dispersion short game shots tend to be closer to the green and easier to execute.

As you think about the upcoming season, now is the time to develop a plan for improvement.  To develop your plan, take an honest assessment of your game.  One place to start is to think about the distance of your approach shots on par 4’s.  If you are playing from the correct tees, the highest percentage of your approach shots should be from 120-180 yards.   If most of your approach shots are 160+ to the green, you should consider playing from a shorter set of tees.  You will score better and have more fun!

Being on the lookout each month for strategies and tips on improving your scoring by hitting more greens in regulation and hitting better short game shots around the green!