Fix Your Slice Forever – Part 4

By Chris Foley






Slicing the ball would be the biggest ball flight error I see on the lesson tee and over the course of the golf season we will be sharing with you why you slice and how to fix your slice for good.

A slice is undesirable because it curves away from the target too much, generally doesn’t go as far, and the golfer has less control of the ball.

To correct your slice, you need to understand what causes the ball to curve in the direction that it does.  The golf ball curves because of the relationship between the face and the path of the swing.  Where the face is pointing at impact has the biggest influence on where the ball starts.  The path of the swing is the direction of the swing in relationship to the target line.  When the face is open in relationship to the path the ball is going to slice.

By knowing how to influence the path/face relationship you can correct your slice and play better golf. 

This month we are going to focus on drills and exercises to influence the face of the golf club.  The face of the club has by far the biggest influence on the initial direction of the ball.  The best ball strikers have great club face control and awareness.

The two biggest influences on the club face are the position of the golfer’s hands on the golf club at address and the rotation of the club face in the back and forward swing. 

If the hands are in a good position on the golf club and the wrist, forearms, and shoulders are tension free try the following drill and exercises.

  • Make a backswing and stop at the top of the swing. Take the right hand off the club.  With just the left hand on the handle of the club start rotating the back of the left hand and knuckles toward the ground.  Notice how the effect on the clubface.  After doing this several times place the right hand back on the club and feel the same rotation of the left hand.
  • Get the toe of the club to pass the heal on the downswing. The clubface must square prior to impact not after.  If the ball starts hooking too much, do less.
  • Use an impact bag and hit the bag with the shaft forward and with the toe of the club more than the heal.

The best ball strikers have great clubface awareness and control.  Developing the skill of being clubface awareness can take your ball striking ability from good to great!