Choices Have Consequences

By Tom Abts






A few weeks ago, was the first golf event of the LIV Tour.

Phil Mickelson came out of hiding and got the last announced spot in the 48-player field held outside of London.

Dustin Johnson had been their big name until Phil … and he signed for a supposed $125M … a little more than half of Phil’s $200M.

And they keep signing charming guys like Patrick Reed.



I’m trying to slow down and be rational. But I’m overwhelmed with disgust.

This LIV Tour is sponsored by a Saudi regime that is doing this for PR reasons … not a love of golf. These are bad guys – Phil even admitted it in the interview that sent him down into Denny Green’s bunker.

 In 1936, the Nazis hosted the Olympics for the same PR reasons as the Saudis.

Phil knows this is dirty money. So does DJ. So do these other guys.

Is the PGA Tour perfect? No. But that’s not the point. The PGA Tour isn’t dirty money.

One of my speeches that staff and family is tired of … explains this lack of remorse by the guys signing on the LIV Tour.

I believe that the mantra of “You can have it all” has made people crazy, angry, ruthless, and unhappy.

The best part of golf is that we have choices. If I want to ram my downhill putt … I won’t have a tap-in if I miss. If I baby the downhill putt … it might not hold its line … but I’ll probably have a tap-in if I miss.

Obviously, this is analogous to everything we do.

But … a lot of people get power telling people what they want to hear. Politicians avoid talking about the choices that need to be made … instead, they tell people what they want to hear “You can have it all!”

A lot of businesses, contractors, etc … promise everything. This insanity can’t work.

“You can eat whatever you want and be healthy!”

“You can buy whatever you want and not have to worry about paying for it!”

This attitude makes people nuts. If it’s never enough … it’s never enough. If you’re always deserving/entitled to everything without negative consequences – young/old, rich/poor, etc … you end up always frustrated.

As Rory McIlroy said … his life is the same though he keeps getting richer. Rory seems to get it … though Greg Norman called him “brainwashed”.

This lack of consequences attitude applies to gamblers. We all know that gamblers never lose … that’s why casinos are always folding.

Maybe my sarcasm isn’t very funny … but gamblers like Phil wind-up needing somebody to bail them out. But being bailed out comes with a price. There are consequences.

So why is DJ doing this? I don’t think he cares. Concepts like loyalty and commitment don’t register with him. Just ask some divorced Tour players.

The PGA Tour gave these guys unbelievable lives. Sure, they’re good players … but getting rich and famous because of an ability to hit a ball with a stick, should come with a grateful/thankful attitude. Not flipping the PGA TOUR the bird and joining an organization run by criminals.

Of course, these guys have the legal right to choose the LIV Tour. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

My wife and I watch a tv show that has different writers. Our favorite writer always has conflicts between “Spirit of the Law” and “Letter of the Law” … and the characters choose “Spirit of the Law” … always at a price … but they value their integrity more. Our least favorite writer has the same conflict … but he has the SAME characters choose the “Letter of the Law”!

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in liberty. We need a society based on law. However, a healthy society will not value people who choose to do the wrong thing just because they can.

I won’t be watching the LIV Tour or supporting its players.

That’s my choice.