Your Own Personal Trainer Workout

By Lisa Holtan

Have you ever wondered if you could do anything to help you hit the ball farther or harder? This month we are going to talk about a strength workout you can do in the gym during the golf season that will help you accomplish that. This workout is designed for an intermediate to advanced exerciser.

Do both core exercises until you have completed all sets and reps. During the resistance training do 1a and 1b exercises completing all sets and reps before moving on to 2a and 2b.

Core Training
Plank-3 sets, hold for 30 seconds
On your forearms and toes pull in your navel and hold the contraction for 30 seconds
Kneeling wood chopper on cable machine-3 sets, 12 reps
Kneel on your right knee with your left foot on the floor holding the handles with both hands. Handles should be on your right side. Rotate through the torso bringing the handles to the outside of the left hip.

Resistance Training-3 sets, 10 reps
1a. Incline dumbbell press-put the bench at a 45 degree angle, sit on the bench with your back resting against the back rest. This move works your chest and shoulders
1b. Push ups-on your toes and hands bring your chest towards the floor and push back up. If that is too challenging put your hands on a bench.
2a. Lat pull down-with arms wide, grab the bar and sit down. Lean back slightly and bring the bar to your chest squeezing your shoulders behind you.
2b. Single leg, one arm cable row-standing on your right leg bend your left knee. Grab the handle with your left hand. Pull the handle towards your chest keeping your hips straight.
3a. Standing shoulder press-with palms facing each other press the dumbbells up and back down.
3b. Y raise-using a very light weight (5-8lbs) palms face each other and dumbbell heads rest on your thighs. Raise the weights up to shoulder height making a V with your arms.
4a. Single leg squat-standing on your right leg bend your left knee. Squat on your right leg. Repeat all reps on your left leg.
4b. Romanian deadlift-grab a barbell and bring it to your thighs. Standing up straight with your naval pulled it, chest lifted and shoulders pulled back hinge forward from your hips keeping the barbell close to your thighs. Squeeze your glutes and stand up.

Complete this workout 2 days a week. Remember to stretch after the workout. You can find stretches in my past Tee Times Magazine articles. This workout will make your stronger and more powerful not only on the golf course but in your day -to-day activities as well.
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