The Hershey Hurricane – Ben Hogan’s Mentor

By Michael Herzog

Unlike any other sport, golf is a gentleman’s game, based solely upon honor and integrity. Henry “Pic” Picard was not only a gentleman who embodied what golf represents; he was a humble and selfless legend who gave back to the game in many tangible ways. Yes, Mr. Picard was a champion professional golfer in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but he went on to become a most respected teacher and devoted PGA Professional. In fact, he was the leader of instruction and golf operations of his era, and gave selflessly of his time to help others grow to love golf as much as he did. Yet, a minor percentage of golfers across the land, including PGA Professionals, know very little about what the man was to the game of golf. It is important that we begin to recognize Henry Picard in the mainstream of our game!

Minnesota author and Tee Times Press’ very own Tim Ryan, writing under the pen name of “Seamus McGee,” has begun the “Pic revolution.” Published by Lakeville based Galde Press, a veteran publisher of over twenty years, The Hershey Hurricane is a very smooth read with so much valuable insight and information that it is very difficult to put down.

“The Pic book” is packed with gems!

The PGA of America’s first ever Master Professional, Dr. Gary Wiren, agrees. “The Hershey Hurricane reveals the rare and exemplary stature of golf professional, Henry Picard, a great player, with two majors and 26 professional victories. Elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame, he still maintains a low profile when the subject of ‘golf greats’ comes up. This good book dismisses that and portrays Picard as he was; a great player, a much sought after teacher, and a gentleman.”
It is time to bring Henry Picard back to the forefront of our game. The man’s attitude and influence deserves our praise and recognition, as he was one of the great champions of any generation, and we can learn many lessons from him. Purchase your autographed copy at You will be more than glad you did!

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