Taking Your Golf Game From The Range To The Golf Course

By Lance West

Everyone that has played golf and practiced has always made the statement, “Why does my swing work at the range and not when I play golf!” Well the answer is simple, you aren’t practicing correctly. “WHAT!?” You say! That’s right you need to change how you practice.

Your practice has to change. You have to challenge yourself. The range doesn’t have water hazards, out of bounds, etc. thus you have to start training yourself to perform under pressure. So here are a few Transfer Training practices that will help you take your swing from the range to the golf course.

Hit at different targets. When you change targets, you have to change golf clubs. This will help you to refocus on new targets just like on the course.

Work on a pre-shot routine. This pre-shot routine will help you stay more focused on the shot you are about to make.

You play various ‘betting’ games with your buddies on the golf course why not on the range? See who can hit certain targets more than the other.

Create fairways for your driver. Start with wide fairways and then start narrowing it down.

Hit from different lies. Hit from the rough, hit with the ball above and below your feet as well as up hill and down hill lies.
Hit to the same target with different clubs.

Simulate playing your favorite golf hole or a series of 2 or 3 holes. Start with your driver, then iron, then wedge if you missed the green.

Don’t forget the short game! The short game needs attention too. Plan ahead before your next round and try a few of these practice techniques for the short game.

Only practice with one golf ball.

Chip to the same target with different clubs (pitching, sand, lob wedges)

Chip the ball within 3 feet of the hole. Try and make 7 out of 10 chips finish within the 3-foot circle.
Practice your lag putting to the 3-foot circle. Try and make 7 out of 10 lag putts finish within the 3-foot circle.

Practice making 3-foot putts. Try and make 7 out of 10 3-foot putts. This will definitely help you feel more confident over these types of putts out on the course.

When you start getting better and better at performing under pressure on the range then that shot over a pond to a green or that 3-foot putt to beat your buddy won’t be that hard! Remember to practice the shots and situations that you see when you play and you will start being able to take your golf game from the range to the golf course.

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