Dynamic Stretching For A More Comfortable Round

By Lisa Holtan

Most golfers hit the course without so much of a thought about stretching out before they hit their fit tee shot. Sure they may drop a couple balls on the practice green and get a feel for how they are rolling but how about how your body is ‘rolling’? Including some dynamic stretching before you start to play can reduce your risk of injury and it helps in warming your body up.

Dynamic stretching is designed to increase pliability of your muscles and joints and prepare the body for the physical stress your body takes while playing. The dynamic stretches outlined below will prepare your body for the golf swing by warming up your low back, abs, hips, and thighs. Do these stretches maybe on the first tee or practice range prior to starting your game. Do 10-12 repetitions of each stretch and do them 1 time through.

The first one to start with is rotations. Put a golf club behind your head, resting it on your shoulders. Hold onto each end of the club with your hands. With your legs hip width apart, slowly rotate from side to side pivoting on your toe and picking up your heel. Continue rotating to each side for 12 repetitions. This stretch helps prepare your back and torso for the swinging movement that comes with your golf swing.
The second stretch is a walking lunge with a twist. Hold a golf club in both hands, arms are straight and at shoulder height. Step forward with your right leg into a lunge and gently twist towards the right leg. Stand up and bring your left leg to meet your right leg. Step forward with your left leg and gently twist towards the left leg. Continue lunging and rotating until you have done 12 repetitions on each side.

By doing these dynamic stretches prior to your round you will reduce your risk of injury and help your body get ready for your golf swing. You also won’t be as stiff or sore after you finish on the 18th or maybe even the 19th hole. Good luck!

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