Can Hiring A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game?

By Lisa Holtan

Most golfers decide at one point or another they need a little bit of help with their golf game. If that is you would you turn to a personal trainer? Most golfers would not. But, a personal trainer that is specifically certified to work with golfers can be a big benefit to you. Here are 3 ways a personal trainer can help you become a better golfer.

1. A personal trainer can figure out your body weaknesses. He or she will do certain golf specific assessments to find out where your muscles are weak and where they are tight. Then a personal trainer can design a program specific to you that will help you strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight muscles. Doing this will help you alleviate any pain and also help prevent injuries.
2. A personal trainer can help you hit the ball farther. They can design a workout that will help you improve your core strength so you can rotate your body better and hit the ball farther. Having a strong core will help you get more power on the ball and help you get rid of any lower back pain.
3. A personal trainer will help you get stronger overall. While stretching overtight muscles and having a strong core will help you become a better golfer, you will see vast improvements in your golf game and in your everyday activities by becoming stronger overall. A personal trainer can design a program specifically for you that will not only help your golf game but you will become stronger, lose weight and gain lean muscle. You will feel better doing your everyday activities too.

Personal Trainers can help take your golf game from ho-hum to wow in a matter of months. So, when you decide the time is right to hire a personal trainer, look for a trainer with a nationally recognized certification as well as a trainer that has a certification in golf fitness. You will be amazed at how much better your golf game will be and how much better you will feel.

Contact Lisa at for your golf fitness assessment. Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer, NASM and a Certified Golf Fitness Specialist, NASM as well as holds various other fitness certifications from national organizations.

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