Miss Mary’s Morning Elixer

By Kim Benjamin

Is there any better liquid refreshment when your friends are gathered around the big screen television waiting for kick-off? Or how about during that holiday brunch with the family relaxing watching the Rose Bowl or Thanksgiving Day parade? That’s right, the ultimate blend of spices, vegetables, vodka, a big ‘ol hunk of meat, everyone’s own ‘secret ingredients’, and the perfect mix… the Bloody Mary.

For those with discriminating taste and a smooth yet subtle palette, it’s time you let temptation take over. Miss Mary’s Moring Elixir is an all-new Bloody Mary mix with a unique flavor that will please the pants off all types of Bloody Mary drinkers. This original recipe is made from high-quality ingredients and mixed with pure strokes of genius. Not only is this a premium elixir, it is handcrafted and finished with a signature touch only Miss Mary can tell you about – a touch that flirts with perfection.

What does the general manager of two golf courses do in his spare time? Create a Bloody Mary mix of course. As if running two golf courses isn’t enough!

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir was born behind the bar at Clifton Highlands Golf Course. They made the mix in small batches and it didn’t take long for people to ask to purchase it by the bottle. Ryan Timm (Owner and Creator of Miss Mary’s and General Manager of Clifton Highlands and Gopher Hills golf courses) spent about 8 months tweaking his creation and now the product and brand is hitting the streets. Thus Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir was born.

Miss Mary’s Mix, Inc. is a local company out of Prescott, WI and the product is made in small batches by hand in River Falls. Miss Mary’s is truly a hand crafted Bloody Mary mix. In four short months, the product is in approximately 100 liquor stores in the area and featured at some of your favorite Bloody Mary bars such as Moose Country and the Wild Onion in St. Paul.

The product is sold only locally, however Timm seeks to take the product on a national level in the coming years. Miss Mary’s is self distributed, but will soon be featured with local distributors who will carry the product and help sell and deliver it throughout the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Look for the mix at a store in your area!

Once you wake up with Miss Mary, you’ll never want to wake up alone.