Josh Carroll, PGA

When did you start playing golf and who was the person that influenced you the most?
I started playing 19 years ago at the age of 5. Watching players on the tour and especially Tiger Woods is what influenced me and got me interested in a career in golf.

Best Round and where?
Here’s a surprise….I shot 69 here at the Golf Courses of Lawsonia on our Links Course.

What would be your dream foursome?
Definitely would be Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, my father and myself.

What is your favorite golf tip and why?
I believe you need to keep yourself in an athletic position at address. I compare it to a base runner stealing second base and the way they are on their toes.

Your most indispensable piece of equipment?
I have this old green rubber dinosaur-ish toy that has been in my golf bag from my very first golf swing. It has gone everywhere my bag has.

What is the largest misconception the public has about the golf industry or the PGA professional?
Besides the “all we do is play golf’…I think the majority of people don’t completely understand what goes on behind the scenes to keep a golf course in pristine conditions.

Craziest thing you have done to try to improve your game and did it work?
I’ve ‘quit’ golf many times to give it a break but it never works!

What are some ways you, as a PGA professional help grow the game of golf?
Here at Lawsonia we allow juniors to play for free Monday through Thursday to try to attract the younger golfers to the game. We also have a fantastic junior program that continues to grow each year.

What interests or hobbies do you have away from the course?
I love going to Lambeau Field during the NFL season to cheer on our Packers. Lambeau offers one of the most unique atmospheres I’ve ever ben around. It’s always a blast going there with friends and family.