Making The Most Of Winter

By Chris Foley







October/November means the end of the golf season for most of us in Minnesota. But just because the season is ending, it doesn’t mean they you have to stop working on your golf game.

In our coaching programs, we see golfers make some of their biggest improvements in their games over the winter. Without having to worry about playing in a tournament or posting a score, players can focus on improving their golf swing or their fitness level.

Here are some ways to get the most out of this winter:

Commit to a series of lessons. Find a PGA Pro who will assess your current game and develop a plan for the winter. A series of lessons will allow you to make changes with your pro and work on these changes in between lessons.

Go through a physical assessment. The winter is a great time to work on your strength, balance and flexibility. An assessment with a TPI ( trained practitioner will let you know where your deficiencies are. The practitioner will develop a workout program that will benefit your game.

Make 100 practice swings a day. There are multiple benefits to this, but putting a club in your hands everyday and making practice swings will keep your swing in shape and make a big impact on any swing changes you are making.

Hit balls in a dome, simulator, or net. If you have never played in a similar or haven’t had an opportunity in a couple of years, you will be amazed at how realistic the new simulators are. Play some of the courses on the PGA Tour or a “bucket list” course.

Practice your putting. Working on your putting stroke and distance control can pay major dividends come springtime. There are some great putting mats available that have the speed and feel of a real putting green.

Utilizing the winter to work on your golf game and make 2020 your best golf season yet!