Golf Travel Will Grow

By R.J. Smiley





The Psychic smiles as his thumb flips the remote to off. Bryson DeChambeau has won the U.S. Open with a combination of brains and brawn.

In May 2016, the Psychic looked into the depth of his crystal ball and discovered that Bryson DeChambeau would in fact become a “Golf Game Changer.” In 2016 the crystal ball clearly predicted that the physics major that played with jumbo grips and 6-iron length shafts, in all his irons, would change golf. The question remains: Will DeChambeau ignite the golf world like Palmer and Woods, or be just another Mo Norman, who proved that a non-conventional swing will produce a higher percentage of accuracy.

In late March 2020, as the COVID19 virus raced across the U.S. and the world like a run-a-way freight train, the Psychic discovered a positive by-product in the medical/economic chaos. In the far corner of the magic sphere, the Psychic learned that the sudden work-from-home era would produce a tremendous increase in rounds of golf. With the time required for the daily commute plus gas, parking and lunches gone, golfers had more time and money. With the lock-down in place, golf courses provided one of the few fresh air outdoor recreational activities available. Like an iceberg in the desert, tee times became hard to find in the summer of 2020!

The Psychic did enjoy the summer of 2020 on the golf course. His normal Wednesday evening and Saturday morning rounds at his local muni became only half of his weekly golf activity. Rounds were arranged at other fine public access golf courses within driving distance of his home. The extra hours on the range and more rounds even caused his handicap to drop by over two strokes.

As he reviewed his iPhone calendar, the Psychic noticed that there were two blank spots. Yes, now he remembered, his long three-day weekend golf trip up north was cancelled because the virus created doubts about where to eat and sleeping arrangements with friends in the same room. For the same reasons, the trip to Whistling Straits to experience the Ryder Cup course prior the Matches was also cancelled.

As the leaves are falling, the Psychic places his brand new, guaranteed-to-stay-dry, rain suit in the back corner of his closet. The rain suit had been a birthday present from his wife. She knew he would need the rain suit for his once-in-a-lifetime 10-day trip to Scotland. It had been difficult to cancel the golf trip with 12 friends who loved golf as much as he does. All those hours of planning and a folder full of emails proved to be for naught.

“Will these golf trips ever happen?” The Psychic wonders. “When will golf travel return to normal?”

With this question at the front of his mind, the Psychic moves into the serenity of his study to consult the know-all crystal ball. The turban transforms the Psychic from a normal citizen to a see-all mystic.

The Psychic flinches as he witnesses billions of needles being rammed into human’s arms. First the faces of health care workers appear with their arms being swabbed with alcohol for the pre-injection sterilization. Next are the military and police. Then the elderly who are already weak from other life threatening health problems. The general public will be next. As governments around the world cope with the logistics of mass inoculation, the tension in the air seems to relax.

The Psychic watches inside the sphere as the snow melts in the northern U.S. and Europe, golfers recover from the self-imposed hibernation with a sense of urgency.

“I must get the hell out of here! I want to travel! I want to play golf! I want to gamble on the golf course; even if I lose! My mind needs a break!” The Psychic hears golfers scream.

Then the Psychic sees headlines in European newspapers and golf publications. GOLF RELATED TRAVEL RESERVATIONS ARE UP DRASTICALLY! The first few paragraphs reveal that golf trips to new and remodeled golf courses and resorts in Spain and Portugal are going through the roof. These same headlines are showing up in U.S. papers and periodicals. With the COVID19 virus being controlled, golf travel to all resort locations is up.

He has seen enough! The Psychic removes his turban and covers the crystal ball. Tomorrow he will begin to re-construct the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Scotland.