Heidi Breen – Food And Beverage Manger Of The Year

By The Cart Girls At Deer Run Golf Club





They say that behind every great cart girl of the month is a great food and beverage manager of the year. At least, that’s what we say about Heidi Breen here at Deer Run Golf Club.

Many of the beverage cart girls featured in this magazine have been employees of Deer Run Golf Club; however, what many readers don’t have the chance to see is the person who supports the cart girls behind the scenes. Year after year, Heidi continues to elevate the food and beverage experience at Deer Run Golf Club. Whether it’s a pre-season food tasting, training us in updated processes and technology to streamline the experience both inside the kitchen and outside on the beverage cart, or ensuring the cart girls are fed and fueled for event days, Heidi truly sees the bigger picture. Without a doubt, all of us cart girls can say that we would not be who we are today without the teaching and encouragement of our manager, Heidi Breen.

Since Heidi Breen joined the management team eight years ago, Deer Run Golf Club has been ranked #1 in hospitality and #1 event location year after year. Is this a coincidence? Possibly, or it may correlate with the radiant sunshine and contagious laughter that Heidi brings with her everywhere she goes.

Having a bad day or a bad golf round? We guarantee that if you have the pleasure of running into Heidi in the clubhouse, you will leave with a smile on your face (and probably a complimentary beer). From grilling in the cold April rain to planning three events a week to personally knowing almost every golfer that comes into the clubhouse, Heidi does it all… with a giant smile.

Creating a positive environment among the staff and golfers is one of the most invaluable gifts that Heidi has. By being a strong woman leader who always rolls with the unpredictability of events or the weather and keeps a huge smile on her face, she has made the entire experience at Deer Run a great one for not only her staff, but also for the entire Deer Run golf community.

As previous director of alumni relations at Augsburg college, Heidi set foot into unfamiliar territory when she was asked to become the food and beverage manager at Deer Run Golf Club. However, she has conquered and surpassed every challenge that accompanied this learning curve and transitioned with ease to the position of food and beverage manager. She has set the standard high for her staff’s expectation in the management at our future post-graduation careers by giving us chances to learn from our mistakes and trusting us to handle many responsibilities.

Heidi goes above and beyond as not only a phenomenal manager, but also simply an individual who has touched the lives of all of her staff through her work ethic, kindness, and servant-hearted service.

From all of your cart girls here at Deer Run, thank you Heidi for all that you do.