Kevin Unterreiner, Superman of Minnesota Golf

By R.J. Smiley







“I enjoy working with both sides of the golf businesses. Helping courses with marketing and consulting. And helping golfers play more golf, tee it up in fun events and discover new courses.”

As a golf writer I have had the privilege of knowing, interviewing and writing about many individuals who have left an indelible image in Minnesota Golf History. People like Warren Rebholz, Tom Lehman, Joel Goldstrand and Reed Mackenzie, along with others. As the interview with Kevin Unterreiner drew to a close, it had become obvious that Kevin’s company,, the golf conglomerate, has developed the largest resume of any company in Minnesota golf history. Each day thousands of golfers enjoy golf even more because of programs developed by Kevin. In addition, Kevin serves as a marketing adviser for over one hundred golf course owner operators where he continually helps them improve their business practices.

This writer coined the name, “SuperKevin” because Kevin Unterreiner, the Chiropractor and Visionary Golf Entrepreneur, mirrors Clark Kent and Super Man.

“My goal with was to build a fun community of passionate and avid golfers and help grow the game. Over the past 25 years, it has grown to over 50,000 email subscribers, 15,000+ social media followers and more than 3,000 annual golf event participants. Everything we do – the events, the handicap club, the PCC multi-course program, the marketing programs and golf reality shows – are all intended to show how fun can golf can be and help grow the game locally.”

“I didn’t start golfing until I moved to Minnesota at age 23 and have been a hopeless golf addict ever since. I absolutely love everything about the game. The personal challenge. The friendships it creates. The memories and the beautiful scenery.”

SuperKevin, who grew up in St Louis, MO, came to Minnesota after attending Chiropractic college where he met his wife, Jill. Today, 29 years later, Dr.’s Kevin and Jill operate a Chiropractic clinic in Eden Prairie. (Yes, SuperKevin still practices his hands-on healing craft, part time.)

With ears like a rabbit, SuperKevin continues to discover a variety of un-met wants and needs shared by the average golfer. Each time he discovers a new angle, he has created a new business model specific for that purpose. His fun community of passionate and avid golfers has grown because he provides what golfers want. has developed more arms (business opportunities) than an octopus.

As the metamorphoses continues, SuperKevin added the wildly successful Public Country Club. Golfers pay a monthly membership of $65 per month to play unlimited golf at 165-member golf courses in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa.

The transition from a simple online directory website has quietly developed into a growing business legacy:  

Helped develop the original online golf tee time reservation systems and was part of developing the first cloud based USGA handicap system.

From 2004-2009, ran golf tournaments for Golf Galaxy in 42 cities with 500+ events per year.

Manages multiple annual charity events.

Currently manages Inside Edge Golf simulator in Eden Prairie, the busiest simulator in the state.

The Twin Cities Golf Club is the largest local USGA handicap “club without real estate” in the country with 1,500 members.

The Public Country Club multi-course membership program now has 165 participating courses and thousands of members. PCC has proven to help drive courses new, quality customers and additional revenue.

Created and produced several golf reality shows including Hack to Jack (which won the TaylorMade worldwide “Hack Golf” contest in 2014), Birdies, Burgers & Brews and this year launching his newest one called “Out of Bounds” which will feature local golf personality interviews, golf trips to little known golf destinations, and some crazy fun events with skills challenges like Big Break. 

Spent the last 5 years really focusing on best business practices consulting with courses on how to increase their marketing efforts, revenues and profitability. “I try to help 4-5 new courses a year really get everything dialed in and the results that we are seeing are amazing. Usually 6 figure increase amazing. Now that I work with over 150 courses around the state, I can learn from each what works and combine that knowledge to share with others to help raise the tide for all of Minnesota golf. Together, I feel like we are truly growing the game locally and it’s great to see many courses having record years now.”

What does future hold for 

“The past 25 years have flown by and I am really looking forward to the next 25+. I feel like we have figured out great ways to help golfers play more golf and have more fun while also helping golf businesses thrive… so really just keep growing and having fun. And it seems like the more fun we have, the bigger everything grows so it’s really a dream come true to be able to call what we do work. So that I can help more of us Minnesotans play more golf during the winter, I do plan on hosting more golf destination trips during our off-season, so watch for more details on those coming late summer.”

SuperKevin’s golf game, like his business, has improved and for some fleeting moments has gotten down to scratch but admits with a laugh that “My game is best suited for Scrambles.” Recently Kevin attempted to qualify for the Minnesota State Amateur Championship. The attempt was not successful, but knowing SuperKevin, he will find a way.