You Can Be A Winner With SmartPin

By R.J. Smiley






So, you ask what SmartPin is all about? How does it work? Can I really win cash? Well, let me tell you all about how it works.

What is SmartPin?

SmartPin, by Ace Golf Technologies, is an incredible breakthrough technology that gives the average golfer the chance to win money and golf course certificates (multiple ways with a LOCAL Game and a National Game that has a Nationwide Progressive Jackpot), document their bragging rights, receive a souvenir video, and much more.

Featuring cameras in the flagstick, SmartPin tracks your ball in flight all the way to the hole – documenting a Hole-In-One and measuring your ball is if it comes to rest within 36” of the hole. SmartPin gives golfers the ability to win prizes on your favorite par 3 holes at participating courses. With LOCAL and NATIONAL Hole-In-One Games, and a LOCAL and NATIONAL Gimme Game (hit your shot within 36” of the cup), SmartPin winners can receive certificates from the host course and cash prizes. Check out the Progressive Jackpot for the NATIONAL Hole-In-One Game beginning at $10,000!

Is SmartPin for real?

Yes, in fact the 3M Open is using a SmartPin on hole #13 during their ProAm events this year. SmartPin couldn’t ask for a better testimonial than the PGA TOUR giving their stamp of approval and using SmartPin during a PGA TOUR event! How’s that for credibility?

How much does it cost to play SmartPin?

Entry Fee to the SmartPin LOCAL Game is FREE (paid by golf course management for golfers who pay a greens fee at their golf course). SmartPin LOCAL Game gives golfers two ways to win: Make a Hole-In-One or hit it into Gimme range (36” from hole).

How much can a golfer win in the LOCAL Game? 

Golfers who score a Hole-In-One in the LOCAL Game win a $1,000 certificate from the host course. Golfers who score a Gimme in the LOCAL Game win a $50 certificate from the host course.

How do I participate in the SmartPin NATIONAL Game? 

If golfers choose to participate in the SmartPin NATIONAL Game, they pay an Entry Fee of $5 through the SmartPin app on their cell phone. Competition is Nationwide with Progressive Jackpots payouts starting at $10,000 for the Hole-In-One Game and starting at $250 for the Gimme Game.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A Progressive Jackpot begins with a minimum Jackpot and grows, a specified amount each day, until there is a winner. The Jackpot is reset and begins to grow again after each winner. If there are multiple winners on a given day the Jackpot is split equally. 

How much can a golfer win in the NATIONAL Game?

The Progressive Jackpot for a NATIONAL Hole-In-One Game begins at $10,000. The Progressive Jackpot for the National Gimme Game starts at $250. The accumulated Jackpot payout for each NATIONAL Game is listed on the App prior to the payment for the NATIONAL Game.

Golfers must select which SmartPin Game (LOCAL or NATIONAL) they choose to play prior to activating SmartPin. Golfers may not play in both the LOCAL and NATIONAL SmartPin Games. Golf Professionals, active or retired, are banned from competing in LOCAL or NATIONAL SmartPin games.

How does SmartPin verify the winners?

When activated by the golfer’s cell phone, SmartPin records a video of each shot until the ball comes to rest in the hole for a Hole-In-One of within the 36” of the hole for a Gimme. Within two minutes each golfer who activated a shot to the SmartPin receives a text and/or email containing his copy of the Souvenir Video.

When can I play?

SmartPin is currently launching in Minnesota. Download the SmartPin App for participating courses. Just book your tee time and take your shot at winning today.

Why would a golfer want a video from the flagstick?

We live in the watch me generation. Golfers may share the video of their once-in-a-lifetime shot with friends and social media. Imagine how cool it would be to have a video of your Hole-In-One or a shot that stopped within inches of the hole.

On the horizon for Ace Golf Technologies is the development of SmartPin with streaming capabilities. Streaming will allow golf courses to stream shots live onto the flat screens in the grill and locker rooms. Streaming will allow SmartPin to televise live from the golf course directly to national television hookups.

Ace Golf Technologies sees the day when a network of linked golf courses, driving ranges and yet to be created non-traditional golf venues compete for undreamed of prizes for amateur golfers. As technology advances and algorithms are refined, who knows where the sun will set on the areas of competition available for golfers utilizing SmartPin. Imagine the possibilities as the artificial intelligence that drives the cameras and computers contained in SmartPin.

You don’t have to wait any longer. SmartPin is now in Minnesota, scan the QR Code, book your tee time at a participating course, try your luck, and go for the cup.