Working Smarter Not Harder

By Greg Schulze






Have you ever watched the golf professionals on TV and thought, “They make it look so easy, yet powerful”?  What makes it “easy?”  What is it that we find so appealing?  Could it be that “easy” swings are simply EFFICIENT swings, activating the minimal amounts of required motions, without sacrificing any accuracy or distance?  To use an old adage, do they work “SMARTER NOT HARDER?”  Do they MAINTAIN MUCH AND ONLY CHANGE WHAT IS NEEDED?      

During those periods of poor golf performance, perhaps when most “desperate”, you may become susceptible to believing that you must be missing some skill which can only be filled through more practice, MORE CHANGES, more lessons, more golf magazines, watching more YouTube videos, etc.  An assumption that your personal development must need something ADDED to move to your next level…Be careful!  Could “ADDITION by SUBTRACTION” be the more logical path?


  • Upper body side bend
  • Upper body tilt
  • Lead foot to ground connection
  • SWING CENTER located at upper sternum


  • Trail arm allowed FULL freedom to swing the clubhead down into the ground/ball (like a roller coaster which is on its way down the track)
  • Lead hip pivots/reverses behind you aggressively and fully


  • Please notice that the entire downswing-into-impact list is shorter than the backswing. This is due to the fact that the downswing-into-impact takes MUCH less time than the backswing, and is the most athletic, instinctive and positively aggressive part of the full-swing. 
  • Appreciate again the irony that you might have to become consciously aware of things which need to be MAINTAINED than what you need to “do” or change.
  • Other “things” do change, but they are EFFECTS (for example, the near unhinging of the wrists through the impact area which will occur automatically if you allow the lead hip to pivot behind you fully).


Appreciate the possibility that accelerated development may be best pursued using ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION.   Acknowledge that most of the top players make it look easy not because they have filled in voids or missing skills and have more than you but subtracted unnecessary motions.  When you have clear distinction between the MAINTAIN versus CHANGE lists, you will be ultra-productive every practice session… You’ll begin working SMARTER not HARDER!