Overhanded Or Underhanded…Swing Image

By Greg Schulze





To transfer technical requirements for your full swing (good for the practice areas) to the actual golf course (when technical details hamper your athleticism and instincts), each player should strive towards simple triggers and/or images to instruct the body on what it needs it to do. These triggers can be jingles, acronyms or images. Consider playing with this image:

Someone once wrote, “The golf swing is nothing more than an underhanded throwing motion with a golf club in your hand.” Picture yourself doing that right now. Since the ball sits on the ground, and the club is designed the way it is, the image of an UNDERHANDED motion should be strong and nurtured. Conversely, can you think of a golf cliché which is caused when the downswing become too much of an OVERHANDED motion? “Coming over the top?” If your PGA Professional and/or your own video replay of your swing has produced the “Your downswing comes over the top” declaration, perhaps all you need is the use of the image of swinging the club HANDLE UNDERHANDED in your downswing.