The Links At NorthFork – Scotland, Minnesota

By R.J. Smiley





Playing golf at The Links At Northfork is a true links golf experience – just like you were in Scotland! Joel Goldstrand, designer of the Links At Northfork, did a masterful job creating a golf course that plays fast and firm the exact conditions found on seaside links courses.

Golfers who have traveled to Scotland to play The Old Course at St. Andrews already understand. They understand that The Links At Northfork is the only true links golf course in Minnesota. Golfers who have played St. Andrews recognize the many similarities when playing The Links At Northfork.

Book your tee time at Northfork, then let your imagination transport you to the coast of Scotland. Before you leave home spend some time and imagine how you would play golf on the wind swept dunes in Scotland. Your caddie would tell you, “Laddie, keep the ball on the ground.”

As the Northfork clubhouse comes into view notice the huge clock on the tower and the stone blocks that make up the landscaping. These props aid in the transportation to the land on the other side of the Atlantic.

While warming up on the range at Northfork work on the knockdown shots and little running approach shots you will use on the golf course. Lob-shots are usually not effective in the breeze and fast conditions at Northfork.

As you walk across the Northfork bridge to the first tee your eyes sweep the treeless landscape. Suddenly your mind tells you: You are not playing a typical parkland treelined Minnesota golf course. Standing on the tee, you feel the wind on your face. At St. Andrews the wind is ever present. At Northfork the wind is ever present. “Keep the ball on the ground laddie,” the caddie in your mind tells you.

Golf courses on links land are built on a narrow strip of waste land along the sea. These golf courses almost always play in an out-and-back routing. The Links At Northfork plays in an out-and-back routing very similar to St. Andrews. At Northfork the prevailing winds blow from the south. The layout of the two golf courses are very similar; golfers play a series of holes in one direction then play a series of holes in the other direction. At Northfork, when the wind is in the south, holes 1 through 5 play into the wind. Then the golf course switches direction. Holes 6 through 14 play directly downwind before the golf course switches direction again. On the occasional days when the wind blows from the north the pattern is reversed.

A day on the course at The Links At Northfork is like a day along the Scottish coast. Standing on the 13th tee the lone tree that guards the left side of the fairway seems out of place. Then you realize, it is the first tree that you have seen since you started your round. Playing golf at The Links At Northfork is a true links golf experience.

The Links At Northfork is much more than a links golf course. The clubhouse at Northfork was designed to take full advantage of the panoramic view of the wonderful golf course. The dining room, with seating up to 250 guests, features huge windows and large full length deck. With the golf course and colorful sunsets as a background, the variety of photo opportunities for weddings is unmatched. Give that bride in your family something very special to remember that special day.

The clubhouse has proven to be a repeat venue for annual birthday and special anniversary parties. With an experienced staff and a kitchen capable of catering foods to fit any taste, make your special event a hit at The Links At Northfork. Hosting groups of any size makes Northfork perfect for your next business meeting. Don’t forget that The Links At Northfork was created to host golf tournaments!!

Golf is going through a new boom. With the extra time created by the lingering virus, Northfork practice facilities have proven to be just what the doctor ordered. For the seasoned veteran golfer who has struggled to find time to work on his game, the virus has created that extra time. The facilities at The Links At Northfork are the place to be. No matter which part of your game is in need of repair, Northfork provides the venue. Putting, chipping or bunker shots may all be practiced on course like conditions. Golfers never feel crowded or rushed while sharpening their game in these scoring areas.

Their three hole practice loop is a perfect place to introduce new golfers, especially kids, to the game of a lifetime. We know kid’s attention span is short. The three hole loop is perfect. Don’t wait another day; take that child or grandchild to The Links At Northfork. You will be glad you did!