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Noonan Golf Co. aims to make the sport more ‘Caddyshack’ and less ‘Augusta’ to match golf’s changing demographics.  Their affordable, limited-run, retro-chic accessories are available online and benefit youth golf organizations serving underrepresented communities.

Noonan Golf Co. makes golf more accessible with high-quality, affordable golf accessories for all golfers – the good, the bad, and everyone in between – because even if you aren’t good, you might as well “look goodly” while trying. With a flair for nostalgia, Noonan Golf Co. aims to bring more people to the game of golf.

A 2019 USGA survey shows expense prevents non-golfers from taking up the sport, a stereotype the golf industry needs to combat at every turn. Noonan Golf Co. prioritizes maintaining affordability and quality without compromise, using identical materials, eliminating the “clubhouse’s cut”, and selling at a fraction of the cost.

According to Golf Digest the last two years have seen the largest increase in new golfers in the history of the sport. 6.2 million Millennials and Gen Zers are getting out on the course for the first time, with almost 40% of that being from new female golfers. With a sport that has been nearly 77% white men over the age of 50, the game has begun to change.

It’s something Noonan’s co-founders know first-hand, sitting on both ends of the golf spectrum. One grew up with the game as a young caddy at an exclusive country club, where he saw firsthand that there was a significant diversity and accessibility problem. The other is a self-proclaimed “COVID golfer” finding which course was acceptable for a novice, full tattoo sleeve golfer to play on. Together, they believe that any person with any skill level can step out on the course and have fun. That is why they created Noonan Golf Co., aptly named after Caddyshack’s Danny Noonan, the greatest caddy ever.

Inspired by Danny Noonan’s story of breaking down boundaries on the golf course, Noonan Golf Co. aims to follow suit by bringing more people to golf and making them feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s why they contribute 5% of all profits to local youth golf organizations like At The Turn that are introducing more kids to golf at an earlier age, and ensuring the next generation’s clubhouse is a more inviting place.

Today’s golf is about enjoying the moment, getting fresh air, and having a good time. And Noonan Golf Co. supports anyone and everyone that wants to be a part of that. For more information and to see the collection of golf club covers, golf towels, and hats, visit noonanolfco.com.

About Noonan Golf Co.

Noonan Golf Co is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota offering high quality, yet affordable, golf accessories with a retro design flair. Founded by two childhood friends, Marcus Dormanen and Miles Marmo, their mission is simple: bring more people to the game of golf. As the game continues to shift, Noonan Golf Co aims to keep its products affordable and accessible for everyone, the good, the bad, and all in between. To learn more about what they do visit noonangolfco.com or reach out directly to goodly@noonangolfco.com.