The Masters – Filled With Drama And Respect

By R.J. Smiley







As a child, the Psychic loved to ride the roller coaster.  Anticipation of a dramatic combination of fear/exhilaration, on the trip to the amusement park made his stomach hurt, in that certain way.  The same brief anticipation of the drama, that lay ahead, was there as the roller coaster car rose to the summit prior to the weightless drop into the unknown.  

The Psychic actually feels a similar dramatic anticipation as Masters week approaches.  Not the fear/exhilaration anticipation of a roller coaster ride, but the edge of your seat dramatic anticipation of knowing the nuances of the venue and the skills of the players will dictate the unique story for the 2022 Masters.  Over the four memorable days, that will cause an increase in his pulse rate, the Psychic anticipates the unscripted drama that is produced during each Masters tournament.

Every Masters Tournament is like a roller coaster ride that has been slightly altered.  The route is the same but filled with new and dramatic situations and conclusions.  Fans know the drama is coming they just do not know when or where it will occur.  The golfers are mostly familiar players who have been to the Masters in prior years.  Each golfer has a, would’a, could’a, story from previous Masters.  Each hole is the same, changed only by wind conditions, humidity, time of day and God only knows what else.  The hole placements are familiar to fans and golfers alike, but the “mind over matter” nerves create the drama of the Masters.

For these reasons the Psychic did not consult the, see-the-future, crystal ball to know the winner ahead of time .  If he knew the who, how and by how many, the drama would be gone.  Rather than spend hours looking deep into the future for the answers to today’s questions, the Psychic places his Masters’ cap on his head and anticipates the drama that will undoubtedly unfold.


For the players, the Masters is all about respect.  Respect for the grand game of golf.  No Pro-Am events.  No sponsor exemptions.  Every single player in the field has “earned” his invitation to compete with the very best for a Green Jacket and golf immortality.  

Golf immorality!  Earned in the most pressure-packed venue ever created in front of patrons who know!

At the Masters players treat fellow players with respect.  The fact that you are there – earns respect!

For the patrons, the Masters represents what is pure about golf. Respect!  Respect for the players.  Respect for the grounds!  Respect for other patrons!  Watching the Masters at Augusta National is like no other sports venue.  Except for maybe – Wimbledon. 

The Masters is not the Ryder Cup!  There are no drunken, nationally partisan, fans who cheer bad shots and hiss when an opponent makes a putt.  

The 2022 edition of the Masters contained an additional dramatic political element never present in previous Masters.  This year the Masters was about more than who gets his golf ball in the hole 72 times using the fewest strokes.

Drama in sports is one reason people watch, the Psychic understands.  Drama of politics and drama of sports run on a parallel track- except in politics the outcome is seldom in doubt.   

The fact that one of the World’s all-time favorite golfers and Masters Champion, did not participate in the 2022 Masters casted an unspoken shadow over golf fans favorite tournament.  Phil did not use performance enhancing drugs.  Phil is not a pedophile.  Phil is not a cheater on the golf course.  Phil’s crime – he verbally crossed an invisible line.

The media cannot ignore the snub to Phil.  On the other hand the media cannot let Phil, who was absent, be the story.  Even fellow professionals who agree with Phil were muzzled with self-imposed silence.  They did not want to create false drama!  They have too much respect for the tournament.  The Masters – Drama and Respect!

The Psychic gasps as Scheffler misses.  He choked on the final drops of his vodka laced Arnold Palmer again as Scheffler missed again.  Who would believe that a Masters’ winner could 4-putt and still win by three.  

On the final putts on the final hole of the 2022 “Masters Drama” & “Masters Respect” reappeared.  

Drama – Could Scotty Scheffler, world #1 and the hottest player in golf, finally get his golf ball into the hole to chisel his face in the Mount Rushmore of golf immortality? 

Respect – The loyal patrons rose as one and cheered the champion like he had holed a 30 footer to steal the victory.

The Psychic loves the Masters!