Choosing The Correct Tee

By Chris Foley, PGA Master Professional



Over the course of the golf season, each month in this column we will be sharing ideas to help improve your golf game without changing your golf swing. We will talk about things like efficient practice methods, equipment, course management and new technology. By implementing our advice each month, you will see improvement in your game and lower scores.

Golf is always a lot more fun when we play well and shoot a good score. One of the reasons long hitters have an advantage in the game is that they are hitting shorter clubs into greens. When hitting shorter clubs, it is more likely that you will hit the ball closer to the hole. Hitting the ball closer to the hole generally means you shoot lower scores.

One of the easiest ways to lower the scores you shoot and to have more fun is to play from tees that best suit your game. The PGA and USGA recommend playing the golf course at a distanced based on your average driving distance.

Average Drive Recommended Tees
300 yards 7,150-7,400 yards
275 yards 6,700-6,900 yards
250 yards 6,200-6,400 yards
225 yards 5,800-6,000 yards
200 yards 5,200-5,400 yards
175 yards 4,400-4,600 yards
150 yards 3,500-3,700 yards
125 yards 2,800-3,000 yards
100 yards 2,100-2,300 yards

On a typical par four on the PGA Tour, players will have between 120-180 yards for their approach shot. This has the player hitting between 7 iron and sand wedge. If you are playing from the correct tees, you would ideally also have between 7 iron and sand wedge also.

If you aren’t playing your golf at the yardage range suggested, do yourself a favor and move to the yardage that matches your driving distance. You will shoot lower scores and have more fun playing the game!