Life Time Golf Club – Now Open To The Public With New HD Golf Simulator

By Kevin Unterreiner

A major interior remodel that included the addition of a new HD GOLF photorealistic simulator and upgrades to the existing FullSwing units has made the Life Time Golf Club – located inside the Life Time Athletic club in St. Louis Park – the new go to indoor golf simulator location around the Twin Cities.

Now open to the public, golfers who are not members of Life Time can tee it up and experience one of the best indoor golf centers in the metro with a convenient location for metro area residents.

New management by this year, more affordable pricing and the convenience of online tee time booking has already resulted in new records for rounds and revenues. Life Time is committed to providing a great golf experience as an added member benefit as well as a great way to introduce non-Life Time members to the club.

Local golf instructors are offered a 20% discount and are welcome to use the facility to instruct their students year round and finding that teaching indoors is convenient and comfortable as it’s always dry and 70 degrees. According to Greg Schulze, Master PGA Professional, “With the instant feedback that we can get from the simulators, it speeds up the learning process and enables golfers to improve faster. It is also a much less intimidating way for new golfers to take up the game.”

The addition of the HD GOLF simulator has taken the Life Time Golf Club to an entirely new level. Over a million actual photos per course are used so golfers truly see and feel what it’s like to be walking on the grounds of the property. Combine that with the most accurate readings of club face, ball speed, and spin available in a simulator and you’ve got the perfect combo of visual entertainment and real life accuracy. If you’ve never experienced playing on a HD GOLF simulator, treat yourself to a round. The only disadvantage? Many never want to play on other brands of simulators again.

In line with the Life Time mission to promote healthy lives, the Life Time Golf Club helps golfers stay limber throughout the winter to stay in “golf shape” and to prevent injury in the spring that can result from months of inactivity. Their Life Café also offers gourmet quality food and drink options that are also healthy – with a policy of no preservatives or artificial flavors. Aiming fluid in the form of beer and wine is available as well now for those looking to complete their basic food groups of grapes or hops and barley. Personal trainers are also available inside the club to increase strength and flexibility as well as a Chiropractor to straighten you out if swinging 100 mph throws something out of alignment.

If you’re looking to compete against other local golfers, Life Time Golf Club offers winter leagues and fun events. Tee it up in the HD GOLF Simulator Challenges where teams can win up to $1,000 with payouts as VISA gift cards so you can protect your amateur status and cover more sim time (or take your golf widow out to dinner). Life Time will host the finals of the 1K Sim Challenge in March after golfers all around Minnesota can tee it up at local HD GOLF facilities throughout February for the chance to qualify for the finals and a shot at the $1,000 prize pool.

A major advantage of having a golf simulator facility inside this health club is access to child care for Life Time members. With up to 2.5 hours a day of included supervised child care, squeeze in a workout and 18 holes while the little ones enjoy a safe and active time at the club.

Over 100 different courses from around the world are available between the Full Swing and HD GOLF units. Online tee times are available and specials are offered on their website at as well as via their Facebook page.

Groups of up to 30 fit comfortably in the space and golfers of all skill levels have fun with simulator golf. A 40 foot putting green also enables golfers to practice their putting or warm up before a round on the simulator.

If you’re looking for a place that offers an incredible and affordable golf experience in a convenient location where you’re always warm and there’s never a wait, make Life Time Golf Club your next tee time.