LIV Merges With PGA, Desert Kingdom Gains International Resort Status

By R.J. Smiley






The Psychic has listened for months to members of his regular golf group cuss and discuss the LIV Tour.  He has witnessed members of the men’s club at the local muni almost come to blows as money vs ethical principal are argued.  He has seen the PGA Tour “somehow” find money to increase payouts while forming a two-tiered system where the best golfers are paid more but required to participate. 

As he sits motionless in his study with the worn turban resting securely on his greying locks, the Psychic seeks wisdom.  Not wisdom from the crystal ball.  But the wisdom to ask the proper question?  The question is WHY?

Why would the Saudis invest billions to pick a fight with the PGA?

For no apparent reason he reaches for the ancient hourglass purchased decades ago.  As his hand turns the time piece 180° the sand starts to flow.  SAND he shouts aloud!  It is all about the sand.  The Saudis have lived in that sand pile for 5,000 years.  They are deep thinkers who adapt very slowly. 

When the world found a need for the seemingly endless supply of black gold that rests beneath their sandbox, the Saudis’ rationed the distribution….. forcing the price to increase.

The Psychic smiles as he peers deeply into the crystal ball (made from sand).  He observes scenes from earlier centuries, where developing countries fight to expand their holdings and develop new societies.  He watches as fashions change from top hats to leisure suits from bustles and push-up bras to blue jeans and tank-tops.

While deep in the corner of the know-all sphere, the Saudis relax and sip tea.  They have never sent explorers to concur new lands.  The Saudis have never changed their clothing style.  They wear a type of turban, kaffiyeh, a broad cloth folder and held in place by a camel hair cord known as an iqal, and a floor length robe called Thawb.   The Saudis have not changed their religious beliefs.  From ancient trade routes using camels to rationing crude oil, the wise old same-thinking elders have somehow attracted “other people’s money” to expand their locked-in-place society.

The crystal ball exposes what the Saudis have planned and implemented for years.  From the beginning of the oil boom, the wise old elders knew that one day the appetite for black gold would wane.  Using the endless stream of money from selling oil, the trillion-dollar asset, that for centuries rested useless and undisturbed below their sandbox, the Saudis planned the gradual metamorphosis away from the short term (100 years) money maker.  Magnificent cities with modern infrastructure have been created.  Seaside resort communities, where the new rich among the ever-expanding global population would seek and pay for the latest trends in entertainment and lodging.  Fairytale man-made islands in the Persian Gulf and the world’s finest golf courses were added to the mix.

The Psychic witnessed as overpaid golf architects, who remain oblivious to human atrocities become a sort of prostitute, create the finest golf courses ever created. 

The reasoning becomes clearer to the Psychic.  The LIV Tour was never intended to replace the PGA TOUR.  The LIV Tour was never intended to be a stand-alone tour.  The LIV tour was created to steal the world’s best golfers from the PGA Tour; to cripple attendance (income). 

The Saudis know that the Majors Golf Championships will allow past champions and lifetime qualifiers to participate in these Championships (all operated and owned by organizations not controlled by the PGA TOUR).

Similar to the Saudis rationing of oil to keep OPEC prices at a level they wanted.  As attendance at PGA TOUR events continues to dwindle, the LIV Tour will make a deal.  The LIV Tour will allow their bought and paid for assets, golfers, to participate….. 

But for a price.  The price being INCLUSION.

The Saudis want to be have their golf product INCLUDED on the PGA Tour Schedule.  The Saudis will pay whatever the price to have their resort communities recognized as the best in the world.  To achieve that goal they will spend what ever “short-term money” to force a merger.  One WORLD Tour where a number of events will be staged annually in the newly (last 30 years) created resort community.  The value of future dollars from world travelers and tourists, who rent and purchase no-cost-is-too-high fairytale islands, will more than makes up for the billion or so paid to hold the PGA Tour’s feet to the fire.  The wise old Saudi leaders setting in robes sipping tea know it is well worth it.

As the Psychic covers the crystal ball he realizes that it is just all about the money.