Fix Your Slice Forever – Part 1

By Chris Foley






My mentor and friend, Hank Haney (golf coach to well over 100 tour players including Tiger Woods during his career) always says that “the road to good golf has no right turns”.  By right turns Hank is saying good golf has no slices!  Nearly all golfers begin the game as slicers. The evolution of a golfer who becomes a good player is that they start off slicing, then over hooking the ball and then hitting the ball with a more neutral ball flight. 

Slicing the ball would be the biggest ball flight error I see on the lesson tee and over the course of the golf season we will be sharing with you why you slice and how to fix your slice for good.

A slice is undesirable because it curves away from the target too much, generally doesn’t go as far, and the golfer has less control of the ball.

To correct your slice, you need to understand what causes the ball to curve in the direction that it does.  The golf ball curves because of the relationship between the face and the path of the swing.  Where the face is pointing at impact has the biggest influence on where the ball starts.  The path of the swing is the direction of the swing in relationship to the target line.  When the face is open in relationship to the path the ball is going to slice.

By knowing how to influence the path/face relationship you can correct your slice and play better golf. 

In upcoming articles, we will help you learn how to how to control the club face, influence the path in the right direction and give you exercise and drills to give you the correct feels to make your swing more efficient.