Windsong Farm – Pitch Perfect

By E. Nolan

Laughter echoes across the rolling fairways, families and friends scattered across the indoor and outdoor patios of the Windsong Farm clubhouse… savoring a perfect evening in the country, embers glowing and logs crackling in the fire pits, toasting happiness before a glowing cloud and sunset audience. A par-4 fairway away, lights come on in the brand new two-story guest lodge, the Murphy House, adjacent the stunning 18th hole waterfall, decked out with floor to ceiling windows and comfortable Adirondack chairs. (Available day-to-day for members and their guests.) Today, and daily, golfers of all skill levels are welcome on the course, and prospective members eagerly are awarded tours and glimpses into their potential futures. Juniors practice on the range, men and women new to the game receive individual and/or group instruction, and the “come one, come all” club mantra is having its desired effect as more and more people arrive and find something (or many things) just perfect for them.

Intentionally as far removed from the visible surface of Windsong Farm as possible, the owner is nonetheless astutely financing 100% of the renovations and operations required to succeed. Planning the future of the club, purchasing property around the perimeter to prevent residential encroachment, and expanding the current options to become even more family friendly, he is ultimately most intent on preserving the natural sanctity of the oasis he so very much loves. “But this isn’t my club.” He says. “It belongs to the members.” And their pride of ownership is equally evident.

Free to come and go as they please, to practice, to dine, and bring family and guests… Windsong Farm, in a little over a year has revolutionized itself, and become a luxurious home to more than ever before. The “mulligan” has been extremely well received in the community, and provided a much needed boost to the local economy. General Manager, Jim Kidd (who formerly helped lead the famed Sandhills Golf Club in Mullen, Nebraska to national prominence) is excited about the future, and thrilled to be working for a man so committed and true to his word. “He’s very ambitious and has given Windsong Farm a financial stability it has never had before.”

When asked about the “primary draw” responsible for all the new members joining this year, Jim pauses and smiles. “Wow… Well, Windsong is unique among private clubs in that it is so close to a large metro population yet seemingly so far away once you’re on site. There’s a peace and vibe out here that wipes away your stress and fatigue, and it doesn’t take long for people to appreciate that feeling and want to become a permanent part of it. I don’t know how to put it better than that.”

I don’t think you can… or even need to try. Think about that for a minute. What other private clubs in the metro, or even the state, don’t have houses built on the course? What other private clubs in the area offer distraction free, caddie serviced (optional), superb and personably staffed, cart or walking friendly, open-country courses?

Golf Professional, Matt Kleinbrook, has been associated with Windsong Farm for 6 years. “This isn’t the same club it was a year ago, and I’ll probably be able to say the same thing every year for a long long while.” (Pausing and smiling.) “That’s pretty cool.” He insisted I “be honest” about what I experienced on the course. Absolutely. In a nutshell… The front nine offers enormous forgiving fairways on most holes, other than on my favorite, the tight and sensational water-guarded third. The character of the front is defined almost as much by the external silo, barn and farm features (iconic tributes to the lands former tenants) as it is by the masterful Lehman/Fought design beneath your feet. The character of the back, on the other hand, is 100% in the course, as mounds abound and perfectly isolate one hole from another. With exceptional golf shots and photo ops throughout, most notably from the panoramic summit of the 14th fairway (or deck of the luxurious Murphy House)… I could go on and on. The Superintendent, Scottie Hines, and his diligent staff have worked wonders in the last year… And if the 3rd hole isn’t the best on property, that title would have to be conceded to #18, a perfect uphill, dogleg right, return to the elegant-rustic clubhouse, adjacent a waterfall and pristinely clean pond. It’s not an easy round… but it certainly is fun. No longer a question of whether or not this place will make it. The only question now is when will you come out for a visit.

Note: The public is welcome to attend the Gopher Invitational this September at Windsong Farm. With no entry fee, and some of the best collegiate players in the country on site, there may be no better time to make the short trip out.

Windsong Farm #4

Windsong Farm #3

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