The Golf Swing Is A “Ly”

By Greg Schulze

This title is another attempt to create an image to help create an understanding of a correct golf swing using a “play on words”. At address, please become aware of the image of an uppercase “Y” formed by both arms and the club shaft… got it? Ok, in the early stages of the backswing, by combining arm swing and wrist hinge, an uppercase “L” should be created by your lead arm and the club shaft at the halfway back point. If you were attempting to create a short pitch shot, this would be the end of your backswing. If you are attempting a full swing, add stretch to your lead shoulder and upper back to add length to the backswing.
Impact has often been called “the moment of truth” in golf publications since it is true that during the moment of contact between club and ball, the ball is being programmed to fly (or not fly), roll etc.
In all golf shots except putting, the image/understanding of impact should be that of a
LOWERCASE “y”, with the club handle slightly forward of the clubhead…can you “see” it? If not, ask your PGA pro, consult a video of your swing at impact and grade your letter. At a minimum, do yourself the favor of using a full-length mirror and in slow motions, watch yourself creating the correct letters and the feel it takes to create them.
At this point in the discussion, we must add the value of the body pivot to the success (or failure) in achieving the proper letters in your swing. In some people, when the correct letters are achieved in their proper location within the swing, the body pivot reacts perfectly, something that doesn’t need much extra attention. In the majority of players though, the body pivot needs to be developed and consciously felt.
So if we put the entire sequence together, the set-up would form a “Y”, the backswing is “L” with a reactive lead shoulder stretch and hip pivot. The downswing should be observed as beginning with a hip pivot, with a reactive “L” halfway down, a “y” at impact. The final stage is a “pose”, a holding position of both club and body.
We all grew up learning our letters, now you can apply them to your golf swing!

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