That’s Golf

By John Green

You just hit the most amazing approach shot of your life; a proverbial frozen rope right at the pin. It just misses hitting the top of the flagstick and it appears to land about 15 feet away.

By the time you reach the green, you discover that you’ve got yourself in another “That’s Golf” situation. Those 15 feet are straight downhill and extremely fast. It would take a miracle to knock it in or get close to the hole. You suddenly have visions of the ball continuing to roll and roll and roll off the green.

But wait, there is hope! It is possible to get it close to the hole (or make it).

Simply play the ball off the toe of your putter. Hitting the ball off the toe produces a softer contact with the ball and will not jump off the face like a center-hit putt would. The ball will feel very “dead” coming off the face and will roll slower than normal. The only other thing you need to do is to grip it a little firmer so the putter head will not twist at impact.

Practice this stroke and you will become more confident and less fearful of those sharp downhill putts. For more help with your game see your PGA or LPGA Professional.

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