Putting Green Drills

By Harry Hurley

If you are having problems with your putting, here are a couple drills that will help smooth out your putts.

Put a coin on the head of your putter (if it won’t stay on your individual type of putter, borrow one from a friend that will hold the coin). Practice moving the putter back and forth in a pendulum fashion. If the coin falls off, there is a problem with your movement. The smoother the pendulum stroke, the better the movement you put on the ball when you stroke your putt.

For your short putts, practice putting the putter behind the ball and then push it to the hole with no backswing. This will give you a better follow through to the hole on the short putts.

For the LAG putts (putts that you would not normally make half the time) try putting a tee in the green half way to the hole. Take 3 balls and putt the first ball just pass the tee. Then putt the second ball past the first ball but short of the hole. Next putt the third ball past the second ball, but short of the target. This drill will help you get the “feel” for just how hard you need to hit the longer putts. Good luck.

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