Preparing To Hit The Course

By Lisa Holtan

The golf season is here. That means it’s time to start talking about what warm-ups you can do before you head out on the course. Preparing your body for your golf game will help prevent injuries and any soreness during or after your round. Here are 3 warm-up exercises you can do on the 1st tee before starting your game that will help you stretch out your muscles and warm them up.

Arm Circles-arm circles help warm up the shoulder area plus it gets the blood flowing. These are basic arm circles. Stand tall and circle arms back 5 times then circle arms forward 5 times.

Walking Lunges-walking lunges will warm up your legs and glutes helping you to drive the ball farther. Standing up tall, take a step forward with your right foot, bend both knees, straighten your legs and bring the left foot up and in front of your right foot. Continue lunging on left and right sides. Continue with your walking lunges for 1 minute.

Twists-twisting through the torso will help warm up the core including the low back. This will help you with your swing. Put the golf club behind your head. Hold the golf club with your hands. Stand in a wide-leg stance. Pull your belly button in and twist gently from side to side twisting through your torso. Make sure you are pivoting on your toes. Complete 5 twists on each side.

Warm-ups help your body get ready for the movements and exercise you are going to be doing. These warm-ups will help your muscles get ready to play golf and help prevent injuries. Include these warm-ups before every golf game and you will see a difference in how you play.

Next month we will talk about static stretches you can do after your golf game to keep you limber and ready for the next game.

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