Dr. Dr…. It Hurts When I Do This… Then Don’t Do That!?!

By Jim McNaney

How many times have you found yourself not feeling so well but don’t go to the doctor until you just can’t take it anymore? By that point, a simple cold could turn into something more serious. It’s seems like common sense but if something is not right, we should go get a diagnosis. Once we know what is truly wrong, we can then go about the process of recovery.

That logic would seem to apply to everything. If something is going wrong in your business, get someone to take a look and diagnose what is wrong, and then make a plan to make the change. The one area that does not seem to happen on a regular basis is the golf swing.
Only 18% of all golfers have EVER taken even a single golf lesson yet the average player still does not break 100. Think about that…82% of all golfers are not getting an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with their swing. Why?

Is it because, like when we are sick, we really don’t want to know what’s wrong? Is it because we think if we ignore it, it will just go away? Or is it because we don’t really believe the person making the diagnosis can really help?

Whatever the reason, when people finally do take that first step to finding out what is wrong, they usually find that the road to recovery is simpler and less painful than imagined.

The Minnesota golf season is right around the corner (whether it looks like it or not). If last year did not go the way you wanted, don’t ignore it and hope it gets better. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Go find someone like a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach or PGA Professional and find out what it REALLY wrong.

With all the video systems, launch monitors and 3D motion measurements available throughout the Twin Cities; it is extremely convenient to find out exactly what is happening in your swing. You can see, feel and even hear in some cases, where the critical flaw is that is keeping you from reaching your potential. Golf instruction has come out of the dark ages (think bloodletting) and moved into the modern world of science. Technology allows golfers of all levels to now get the equivalent of an MRI for their swing.

I realize there has been a good deal of debate on this topic in the golf world of late. Whether or not Tiger should be using a bio mechanist or not is really not relevant to the average golfer. The average golfer does not know their swing well enough to begin with…and Tiger, like him or not, is arguably the greatest player to have ever played the game.

The technology available will not make you play better golf by itself; however, it will allow you and your coach to know exactly what’s happening and how to put you on the road to recovery.

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