Off Season Conditioning Work Helps Your Golf Game Total Body Workout – Part 2

By Lisa Holtan

Last month we went over a total body workout that focused on balance and core work. As we learned, increasing your balance will help with your golf swing. Strengthening your core will also help you to be able to swing the club harder and reduce your risk of low back injuries.

This month we are going to build upon last months’ workout. We will focus on building overall, total body strength. You’re probably wondering, will this help my golf game? The answer is yes it will help. Having more muscle means you have less fat, so you will lose some weight, some inches and having more strength will help you swing the club and get more speed on the ball. Plus, you won’t be as winded when you play 18 holes or plan to walk for most or all of your round.

Do 3 sets, 12 repetitions of all exercises.

Single Leg Squat – holding a dumbbell in each hand, bend your right knee so your foot is off the floor. Sink into a squat. Complete all repetitions on your left leg then repeat on your right leg.

Push-Ups – start with arms wide and fingers facing forward. Lower your chest down towards the floor then push back up to starting position. If a push-up on the floor is too much for you then perform the push up on a bench or on your knees.

Straight Leg Deadlift – holding dumbbells or a barbell on your thighs, roll your shoulders back and keep your chest lifted. Put a slight bend in your knees. Pull your belly button in and hinge forward from your waist. Keep the dumbbells/barbell close to your legs. Squeeze your glutes and come back up to the starting position.

Row – holding dumbbells in both hands, bend over from the hips to a 45 degree angle. Palms face each other then pull the weights towards your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades. Return to starting position. Repeat until all 12 repetitions have been completed.

Cable Rotations – standing with your left side towards the cable machine, grab the handle with both hands. Rotate towards the right, pivoting on your left foot. Return to start position. Repeat all repetitions on the left side then repeat on the right side. Use your core to move the weight.

Remember to add in a warm-up at the beginning and stretches at the end to round out this workout. Before you know it you will be hitting the ball farther and feeling better.

If you have any questions about this workout or need a more advanced workout you can contact Lisa at

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