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August 21, 2017

Few golf road trips are more practical, reasonable, budget-friendly and/or rewarding for the Minnesota or Wisconsin golfer than a loop around Lake Michigan.
Grand Falls Casino - Falls Park
The biggest metro areas in the Midwest have plenty of golf options, but all of us want to know what the very best ones are. What spots outside of the Twin Cities are the hottest?
Branson, Missouri is the "Las Vegas of the Midwest." With all its theaters, shows and outdoor attractions it is that popular of a tourism destination.
PREMISE: We all have a list of things we want to do before we "kick the bucket." We, golfers, set our sights on experiencing the best golf courses and destinations: Pebble Beach, Bandon, Scotland and Ireland, etc.
"Globally there is no other golf trail or designated collection of public courses that can match the quality, diversity, affordability, accessibility, and ease of travel of Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail." - James Achenbach (GolfWeek)
Blue Top Ridge At Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Dealing Drama Inside And Out
As the Course Ratings Director for a national golf network, I believe that Iowa has 12 golf courses every Tee Times reader should play, and Blue Top Ridge (38 miles south of Cedar Rapids) is in the upper half of that dozen.
Tournament Club of Iowa - More Than Words
There's no question Arnold Palmer was a better man than he was a golfer, and a better golfer than he was an architect, but playing his courses gives you plenty of glimpses into his general and overall greatness.
The Preserve At Honey Creek Resort - Southern (Iowa) Charm
There are FIVE critical components to a truly great golf resort: 1. A first-class course, 2. Diverse, quality, lodging options, 3. Great food, 4. Multiple entertainment options and/or amenities, and, 5. A first-class golf course.
Otter Creek - 2016 IGA Course Of The Year
There are golf courses that get in our heads. They "tease" us, in revealing only a single attractive hole (or two) as we drive by, and we get intrigued - hooked.
Brooks Golf Club - One Sweet Round
There's a bright yellow hangar building southwest of the Twin Cities (just off Highway 169, in Jordan) that hosts Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. It opens Memorial Day Weekend and is packed with customers every single day through Halloween.
Briggs Woods Golf Course - Merry Go Round
I first heard about Briggs Woods Golf Course five years ago, at the Minnesota Golf Show. I met the General Manager, Russ Appel, Jr., and asked him a few questions about the course.
Amana Colonies Golf Club - Truth Be Told
It is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that this is one of the five best golf properties in Iowa (arguably even Top 3). It is also no exaggeration to say that Amana Colonies Golf Club has never been in better hands.
GR8 American Buddy Trips - Grab Your Buddies And Go
While I'm certain there are infinite other superb itineraries to be experienced in this richest of golf countries, these would be the 8 "GR8-est" American Golf Trips I have taken (personally).
GR8 American (NEW) Golf Projects
Say what you will about the state of golf economics, and all the course closings anticipated by the end of 2016 (over 200). As I see it, 2017 is already projecting to be a better-than-GR8 year for the golf traveler (particularly in the Midwest).
Le Ryder Cup 2018
Preparations are well underway for Le Ryder Cup 2018 to be held at Le Golf National golf course in the Paris suburb of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.
Los Lagos Golf Club - Let's Go
I'm going to be honest about something... something I confess with as much personal disappointment as journalistic integrity. I've never been to Los Lagos Golf Club. You'll get a much better sense of why that bothers me when you finish reading this article.
Sand Valley - America's Next Great Golf Destination
It was 2013 when the duo of Josh Lesnik and Craig Haltom toured the site of what is destined to become the world's next great golf destination: Sand Valley.
Breezy Point Resort - A Legendary Combination
Arnold Palmer turned 87 this month. That's a lifetime for a lot of people. Heck of a lifetime for him. Golf's King, and my favorite golfer of all time, has won 76 events in his Hall of Fame career.
GR8 AMERICAN STAY & PLAYS - Eight of the United States' Best Golf Getaways
In all fairness to those who love Las Vegas, can easily afford Pebble Beach, and/or have been to Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina, these are my nominations for America's greatest Stay & Plays, with the diversity in value and preposterous peaks of pleasure they provide in a visit.
Golf And The Olympic Games At A Glance
The following is a collection of various briefs that are too small to go into any one particular article, but make a great medley of "fun facts" in preparation for the game we love making its return to the most wide-reaching stage in sport...
Olympic Golf: The Competition Is Finally Here
After a 112-year absence from the Olympics, golf is back! We have two competitions loaded with passionate competitors who weren't scared off by the usual pre-Olympic security or health concerns, or a mosquito, or a travel schedule, or a manager/agent that talked said player into it being a bad idea...
Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort - The Grand Canvas
In 2016, Iowa is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of their newest casino resort and the 1-year anniversary of their newest golf resort. The interesting thing is, they share the same property - both resorts are one and the same.
Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Course - A Course For The Ages
You've likely seen the aerial views. You've probably watched Gil Hanse detail the layout on the Golf Channel. The issues with preparations - for both the course and the Games - have been well documented in the press for years.
GR8 American Underrated Courses - The 8 Most UNDERRATED Golf Courses in America
I only write of what I know. I'm 1083% certain there are other highly underrated and/or grossly overlooked golf courses out there (The Territory and Deacon's Lodge come to mind in Minnesota), but I believe these 8 American courses are so criminally underrated that Wisconsin is forcing me to waive the "one candidate per state" clause for this issue.
GR8 AMERICAN IRREGULARS - Public Access NON-Championship Courses
There are rankings galore for the best championship courses in the world. Championship (18 hole, par 70-72) courses get ALL the respect. It's time for some love for the "little guys" - the non-championship PUBLIC rounds well worth your travel, time and money.
Bully Pulpit - Retro Chic
There's a slight contrast between Medora, North Dakota and whatever town you live in. The bigger and less "Old West" your city, the greater the contrast. That's not to suggest Medora isn't loaded with modern attractions and amenities - cause it sure is.
NOTE: Qualifying resorts combine a specific hotel with no more than two 18-hole courses - both of which must be guest accessible. Limit one resort per state.
Big Fish Golf Club: Pure Golf, Classic Design
Big Fish Golf Club in Hayward, Wisconsin continues to collect praise from golf circles, and it should.
Minnesota National Golf Course - Still The Best Kept Secret In Minnesota
Have you still not played Minnesota National Golf Course? As the golf season rapidly approaches, this summer is the time that you discover what famed Minnesota golf architect, Joel Goldstrand calls one of his best.
Golden Eagle - A Natural Beauty
Every year about this time I have the privilege of writing about many of my favorite golf courses in Minnesota. We, Minnesota golfers, are blessed to have many wonderful venues where we can live our passion - chasing that little white ball.
Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge - Treating Guests Like Family Since 1898!
If your family owned a golf course, you would not offer this rate - $89 for unlimited golf with cart, range balls, lodging, dinner and breakfast!
Madden's On Gull Lake - Dawn of a New Day
Truth be told, there's no sight as sublime as a sunset on the ocean. But Minnesota's most hypnogogic moment comes at the flip side of the solar cycle, as the brilliant fireball slowly peels back the foggy blankets and rolls lazily out of our 10,000 lakes.
Jackpot Junction And Dacotah Ridge - Expect the Unexpected
There's a good chance you've never heard of Morton. No...not Dr. Seuss's elephant that hears the "Who." (That's Horton.) Morton is a hub of little houses on the prairie - the pulse of the Minnesota River Valley.
GIANTS RIDGE - A Character Study
There's a picture of a golf hole that haunts me - invades my dreams in high-definition. Day and night. You see this tiered tee box surrounded by flowers, the lake sprawled out in front of you.
The Wilderness At Fortune Bay - YouTopia
This is the single most underrated golf experience in America. I'm not calling it the greatest course in the world. Not telling you it's perfect. I'm not quite sure how it could be any better.
Cragun's Resort - Double Blessed
The Robert Trent Jones family has designed over 900 golf courses around the world. RTJ, Sr. designed Hazeltine National, the site of this September's Ryder Cup match.
Breezy Point Resort - You're On The Clock
Read this quickly! Then call Breezy Point Resort to secure your dates for your summer golf trip!
Tournament Club Of Iowa - His Royal Finest
When golf writers dine together the topic of conversation inevitably turns to favorite courses - usually before we even order our food.
Otter Creek Golf Course - The Otter Side Of The Fence
The recipe for golf success is typically no different than any retail or real estate development - location, location, location.
Honey Creek Resort - Sweet Southern (Iowa) Hospitality
As far as I'm concerned, Iowa has only one legitimate golf resort. Eight great courses scattered around the state, sure, four technically with affiliated lodging, but only one all-in-one (by-the-book-definition) Stay & Play destination.
Brooks Golf Club - Best Of Brooks' World
This is my 150th article for Tee Times Magazine - 510th piece overall in eight full years as a professional journalist.
Briggs Woods Golf Course - The Briggs Five
North Central Iowa is well known for its gorgeous lakes and environmentally friendly recreation areas. While hunting, fishing, water sports and camping are likely the four most popular activities in that region... the fifth is undoubtedly golf.
Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort - The Big Top
Iowa is neither topographically bland nor even remotely flat. It's not Kansas. Yes, there are corn and bean fields everywhere, hog and cattle farms too, but the land itself is defined far more efficiently.
Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail "A to Z"
If ever a subject were perfectly suited for an "A to Z" feature, it is the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama. Twenty-Six Letters. Twenty-Six Courses. Coincidence? No way.
A: Birmingham, Alabama is home to the Honours Golf Corporate headquarters, an elite branch of Troon Golf with a portfolio of golf properties designed by local and global legends like Arnold Palmer.
Alabama's Gulf Shores has a San Diego climate with Iowa prices. How's that for an opening statement? I've advocated strongly for the region the past five years, and snowbirds continue to flock there. What's more... the locals seldom leave.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAWAI'I
5* Courses. 4 Activities. 3 Resorts. 2 Restaurants. 1 Island Chain.

Enter Clubglider from Sun Mountain
Have you ever lugged your golf clubs and suitcase to the airport from long-term parking on your way out of town for that annual golf trip?
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... MISSOURI
5 Courses 4 Activities 3 Resorts 2 Restaurants 1 Great Show Me (Golf) State
5...4...3...2...1...DC to NYC
5 Courses. 4 Activities. 3 Restaurants. 2 Hotels. 1 Corridor from DC to NYC. Only 225 miles separate New York City from Washington D.C. (closer than the Twin Cities to either Des Moines or Sioux Falls) and Philadelphia is between them.
Diamondhead Resort - A Multi-Faceted Gated Community Located
In Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas, has been a resort town for generations as people have long come to enjoy the natural mineral hot springs for their medicinal qualities. Resorts and bathhouses were built creating a natural attraction for visitors to come back to year after year.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... MICHIGAN
ONE GIANT GOLF-CRAZY STATE: Summarizing the Michigan Golf Scene into 1,200 words is like whittling the Bible down to one chapter or attempting to swim across the Atlantic with one arm tied behind your back.
Bully Pulpit - Dakota Drama
By definition, a Bully Pulpit is a sufficiently conspicuous position that provides an opportunity to speak out and be listened to. I would contend that the North Dakota Badlands make for a pretty conspicuous position, and the golf course built in, on and around those massive chiseled landforms definitely speaks out in waves of wow - through many a player's mid and post-round superlatives.
5 Courses 4 Activities 3 Restaurants 2 Resorts 1 Incredible Coastline
If you've never been to the Pacific Northwest I could tell you that you're not missing anything. But my nose is already big enough.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... LAS VEGAS
5 Courses. 4 Activities. 3 Restaurants. 2 Hotels. 100 Miles from Las Vegas
Putts And Pints - From Local Craft Beer To Great Golf, Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Offers Exceptional Options
After a challenging round on America's Original Golf Trail, prepare to wet your whistle in style at one of the eight luxury hotels at your neighbor to the West in Alabama. The Resort Collection on Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail offers exceptional dining utilizing a farm to table mentality for freshness and taste.
TROON ALABAMA - Honours To Be Here
A month ago we broke a huge announcement at Tee Times. Troon - one of the nation's elite golf management companies was adding Alabama's Honours Golf Management Company to its family tree. And so it went down. Honours Golf is now a division of Troon.
Golf Shores, Alabama - More Than Just Gulf
You see what I did there (with the title)? Yes, that was intentional. The words are almost interchangeable in Gulf Shores, Alabama. First of all, it's on the Gulf of Mexico - closest thing to an ocean for us Midwesterners.
Tournament Club of Iowa - King Corn
What do Kapalua, Turtle Bay, Deacon's Lodge, Bay Hill and the Tournament Club of Iowa have in common? No, they're not all in Hawaii... but yes... they're all golf courses. More specifically, they're all public access Arnold Palmer golf courses, and each has one of Arnold's "Favorite 18" holes that he's designed.
The Preserve at Honey Creek Resort - Power Ballin'
Thanks to my golf architecture studies at the University of Wisconsin - an invaluable apprenticeship with local designing legend Garrett Gill - I tend to look at courses a little different than the average writer... different than the average golfer.
Otter Creek - Otter Limits
Iowa is south of Minnesota. So far south, in fact, that they often get an extra month of golf more than we do. But hang on a minute... before you go packing up and moving just anywhere down there, give me a page to point you in the right direction.
Brooks Golf Club - Wizard Of Odds
Twenty-four of the thirty-eight years of my life I've been to Lake Okoboji (IA) during the summer. This July will be my 25th. My parents host an annual "Family & Friends" reunion at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp (on the west side) for whoever can make it.
5 Courses 4 Activities 3 Restaurants In The 259 Miles Between Pinehurst & Hilton Head
I had to shake the formula up a little (and cheat a little). When the man upstairs tells me to break down two of the richest golf states in the country, and he expects me to cut three thousand public access courses down to five "must plays" I began to panic. We're talking about Pinehurst, Kiawah, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head... come on man.
Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - 100 Miles In Jones' Shoes
There is nothing else like it in America. No more unique of an original vision. No more successful of a business model. If the opinion of millions of golfers mattered as much as those few picked to pen the world's history books, Dr. David Bronner would be regarded in the same genius light as Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and Alexander Graham Bell.
Honours Golf - Come On Down
In the Golf Gulf Shores feature (also in this issue) I mentioned the memorable Southern Hospitality I experienced on each of my visits to the Alabama Gulf Coast. That perennial, day in day out consistency in excellent service is no coincidence. Honours Golf operates five of the eight Golf Gulf Shores courses.
Golf Gulf Shores - Engulf Yourself
Literally only two weeks ago I reluctantly drug my feet through the soft, white, Gulf Shore sand, ambling miserably towards my car - the first steps towards a long drive back to Minnesota. Mid-November it was almost 80 and sunny... people were swimming - outdoors - and the golf courses were packed.
Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge - Where You're One Of The Family
In the 1890's, a German immigrant named Joe Ruttger homesteaded in the central Minnesota wilderness on a beautiful lake filled with bays and islands, the lake was appropriately called Bay Lake. People would travel, by horseback or wagon, to Joe Ruttger's farm. The fishing was so good and it was so beautiful on this clear water gem, that people actually rented Joe's rowboat so they could harvest some of Mothers Nature's finned bounty.

Brooks Golf Club - Pitch & Chips
The Iowa Great Lakes are a top tier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and certainly the northwestern corner of the state's greatest draw. Boating, fishing, camping, Arnold's Park and golf are just a few of the most popular hooks - arranged any which way to your own preference.
Voyager Village - Bon Voyager
Anywhere north of the Twin Cities is beautiful. Even in the winter sometimes. (I apologize for using the "W" word before the scars have healed.) Head northeast towards Hayward, WI and it's arguably even beauty-fuller. Even if it means crossing into Wisconsin. (Minnesota joke. Ha ha. Uff da.)
Big Fish Golf Club - Experience The Evolution
All of the golf courses in the Hayward, Wisconsin area present their own unique features to provide a challenge for visiting golfers. However, in terms of layout, topography, angles, and general difficulty, one replicates the PGA TOUR better than any other: Big Fish Golf Club.
The Villas at Giants Ridge - Fresh Start
I don't have what it takes to live in northern Minnesota. I don't care how beautiful it is year round, even with all the infinite lakes and rugged ridges and forests of the Iron Range. I love how it looks, sure - it's cool. But that coolness inversely scares me away during the winter. The crazy thing is, you take away the freezing temps and I almost couldn't imagine wanting to live anywhere else in the world more. If we had an ocean I might never leave. Period. That's all we're missing.
Come Full Circle At Teal Wing Golf Club At Ross' Teal Lake Lodge
When looking at a map of the property at Ross' Teal Lake Lodge, you'll notice two distinct features, one of which is unusual. It's no surprise that nearly two dozen of the resort's cabins reside on the shores of Teal Lake, but what is unusual is the resemblance of a "spiral" pattern of routing defining the layout of several golf holes at Teal Wing Golf Club.
You Say Dubai, And I Say Hello
The city of Dubai may not have even existed when The Beatles wrote that song, but I am thinking about it as I sit in my hotel in Dubai.
Golf in Banff Canada - Happy 125th Birthday to Banff Springs Hotel
For several years now I have tried to get to Banff and something got in the way every time - until now. It was worth the wait!!! Banff may be one of the most breathtaking spots in North America, nestled into the Western Rocky Mountains of Canada.
Camelback Golf Club - Much More Than A Walk In The Park
There are two golf courses at Camelback Golf Club and the older of the two is the Padre course, designed in 1999 by Arthur Hills. Unlike its companion course, Ambiente, Padre is basically a parkland course with minimal desertscape, framed by towering trees and the lovely mansions of Paradise Valley.
Golf In Thailand - Thais That Bind
Travelling to Scotland, the home of golf, is certainly a wonderful experience, but if you love this game, and you like visiting new cultures, then a golf trip to Thailand is an experience you should put on your bucket list.
Club Glove - Invest In High Quality Luggage This Off-Season
Minnesota is unquestionably a great state for golf. We're lucky enough to have a plethora of beautiful, well-maintained and affordable public and private options that suit players of all skill levels. Whether you're headed "up north" to tackle a resort course, playing a muni in the Twin Cities or trying to find that perfectly quirky small-town track, the land of 10,000 lakes has you covered.

The Preserve At Honey Creek Resort - Southern Comfort
I'm a big fan of Kevin Norby's. When my editor told me the Chaska based golf course architect (think Greystone, the Refuge and Grand National) would be writing a column for us this year I was hopeful I'd get to meet him. I took several golf course architecture classes from another great local architect, Garrett Gill, but Norby does some equally cool things with the courses he gets, and I'd have loved to get a lesson or two from him.
Honours Golf Alabama - Honour Roll (Part Two of Three - Tee Times Golf Expose)
What began in 1998 as a vision of grandeur has since become an incredible reality for founders Bob Barrett and Rob Shults. They saw the game of golf as a vehicle to enrich communities and strengthen families, and believed if they could pair those opportunities with access to the best possible playing conditions on some of the best courses, they'd have a conceptual "whole in one."
Otter Creek - Otter Roll
After years of slowing down (and infuriating many a finger waving driver) on I-35 near Ankeny, Iowa, to check out the attractive course to the West, I'd finally had it. I watched player after player tee off, day after day, on that gorgeous par 3 (#13) by the interstate, flail and miserably fail to hit that huge wide-open green. COME ON PEOPLE! It's not that hard. It can't be! The scenic course, of course, was Otter Creek. I just always naively thought it was private. It isn't.
The Preserve at Honey Creek Resort Game Preserve
Let's get one thing straight. There never should have been a golf course here. We hear of state parks all the time, but state golf courses? Never. Scratch that. Alabama has an entire trail of courses built by the state. But that's Alabama. We don't do things like that up here. Au contraire mon frÃ-re! (Translation: Yeah huh!) We do now!
Bos Landen - The Hawkeye Has Landed
In case you didn't know, for a consecutive four-year period (from 1997-2001) Bos Landen was the greatest golf course in the state of Iowa. THE greatest. (According to Golf Digest.) That recognition wasn't just given to it. It was earned. The same way the Harvester has earned it now. An amazing property, with glossy picture worthy conditions, an energetic staff, and a playing field everyone wanted to take 80 to 100 swings on. Bos Landen deserved the praise.
Briggs Woods Golf Course - Webster City Briggs It On!
As active General Managers go, Russ Appel is among the hardest to keep up with, and he's always very much in demand. Webster City is a small town, and Russ seems to know everyone, and if he doesn't, well he's trying his best to. Twenty-four years at one course, in this case Briggs Woods, will do that to you. "I never thought I'd be here more than 5 years, but once I bought in I couldn't leave. And every year has gotten better.
A New Lone Star: TPC San Antonio Stands Tall Among the Best in Texas
Since the opening of TPC Sawgrass in the early 1980's, there have been over two dozen TPC courses built throughout the United States. One of the newest additions to the family, TPC San Antonio, has rapidly established a reputation standing among the best (and most challenging) of the group. While equipped with thirty six of the most impressive holes in the Lone Star State, TPC San Antonio is much more than a pair of golf courses. It is one of the preeminent resorts in the entire network of Tournament Players Clubs.
Grand View Lodge - A Grand Canvas, Better All The Time
Grand View Lodge has been a Brainerd Lakes, and statewide, vacation staple since 1919. It was one of Minnesota's best, classiest, (and only) most family friendly resorts then, and remains in the most elite of hosting companies today, nearly a full century later. While plenty has changed at this 750-acre resort, with acres upon acres of forest, thousands of feet of beachfront, and lodging/hospitality expansions to accommodate all the changing family and technological needs... the most significant things have, all along, remained the same.
ALABAMA - A Three Part Tee Times Expose
"SIGN Me Up"
If you live in Minnesota, and aren't texting on your phone as you drive around the state, you've no doubt seen the "Golf Alabama" billboards lining the primary highways. There are 8 such billboards within 50 miles of Rochester, Minnesota. If you're anything like me... (Ruggedly handsome, impressively strong, super athletic and even more humble) you've probably wondered what the big deal is with Alabama.

Tournament Club of Iowa - Return Of The King
The Tournament Club is one of the 5 best courses in Iowa. No question. They know it. I know it. And you would know it if you played it. It hasn't always been though. As little as five years ago it was a train wreck.
Game Changers "Perfect Golf Trip - 10 Step Plan"
It doesn't matter if you're planning a golf trip with a partner, with a few friends, or with a large group of hooligans... there is a right and a wrong way to plan (and execute) a great golf trip. The best part is you don't have to be a genius. All you need is the basic operational skills for a scissors and a copy of this magazine to cut this page out
Bully Pulpit Golf Course - The Crescendo Effect
When I moved to North Dakota from the Twin Cites this past year, I was excited for the opportunity to play a course that I have heard so much about, but never took the time to plan the trip. I am often asked by friends, "Why would I invest my time, money, and resources into the eight hour drive to Medora to play Bully Pulpit?" and I can answer that with one word: simple. You will find that Bully Pulpit Golf Course and the city of Medora provide what Bully Pulpits' PGA Head Golf Professional, Casey Moen, refers to as "The Crescendo Effect."
Follow the Leaders - How to Follow the Action as it Unfolds From Tee Off to Trophy
It turns out Tiger Woods is extremely difficult to keep up with, regardless of it being on a leaderboard or on foot... The top player in the world played like it Sunday, on a day when THE PLAYERS required a steady hand, not necessarily a hot one. If you noticed, Tiger did just enough to get out in front, and simply held on from there. This was not a case of the field crumbling around him as the round went on, despite the 17th hole claiming Sergio Garcia and Jeff Maggert as victims.
The Driving Range - How The Pros Warm Up And What You Can Learn From It
Have you ever had a round of golf when your attitude on the range turned out to be a near perfect reflection of the results of your round? I'd image that, for most of us who do not make a living by competing in the game, you wouldn't have an entire round that fits that description, but perhaps a long stretch or a front nine that did.
The Island Green - One of the most unique "Stadiums" in the World!
Quick question: If I told you before you read the rest of this article that the 17th hole at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass was the most hit green in the world, even with all that water surrounding it, would you believe me? The fact is, it's true, because golfers all over the world keep taking swings until they find land... which can cause significant tie-ups in any marshal's mind when concerned with pace of play, even in the professional ranks!
Following the Stars - How to follow and See Tiger, Phil and Rory as much as possible.
Sometimes, you just get lucky...

Today was almost as great a golf fan's dream as you can get: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson with just one threesome between them on one of the best golf courses in the world. Short of them being paired together (especially if you throw in Rory McIlroy for good measure), it doesn't get much better than this.

Military Appreciation Night - A Tribute to Our Troops and a Concert by Dierks Bentley
Sure, the PGA TOUR puts on a great show when it comes to golf. The best in the world come and play on the PGA TOUR, and this event in particular, largely because of the vision of Deane Beman and the execution of that vision by Tim Finchem and the many PGA TOUR employees throughout the globe.
The Practice Rounds - Your Day to Get Close to the World's Best Golfers
While Tuesday of PLAYERS week is certainly not the only day to closely follow your favorite players in a practice round setting, it is the best day to write about it! With a Hall of Fame induction as Monday's staple and a country music star saluting our military on Wednesday nights, Tuesday at The PLAYERS is often the forgotten day of the week - but it's also one of the best...
Travel and Logistics of The PLAYERS fan - the "Where's" and "How's" of Northeast Florida
Welcome to one of the coolest weeks on the entire golf calendar! The PLAYERS Championship is the crown jewel event of the PGA TOUR schedule, and everything associated with the event reflects that.
A New Lone Star: TPC San Antonio Stands Tall Among The Best In Texas
Since the opening of TPC Sawgrass in the early 1980's, there have been over two dozen TPC courses built throughout the United States. One of the newest additions to the family, TPC San Antonio, has rapidly established a reputation standing among the best (and most challenging) of the group.
Golf the Alabama Gulf Coast: Mix two parts sugar-white sand with one part crystal blue water, stir in nine lovely golf courses, and you have one sweet vacation.
When I first heard I was going to the Gulf Coast of Alabama, my friends said, "You are headed for the Redneck Riviera." But perception and reality turned out to be quite different. This is a beautiful place to visit with great golf, fine food and beautiful beaches. Hurricane Katrina missed this part of the Gulf, and the effects of last year's oil spill are minimal. It's a beautiful vacation spot that draws southerners escaping the heat of summer and snowbirds escaping the cold of winter.
The Castle Course At Northern Bay Resort, An Easy Drive To Legendary Golf
Northern Bay Golf Resort opened in 2006. Northern Bay Golf Resort closed in 2008. Northern Bay Golf Resort re-opened in 2010...and contrary to anything you may have heard from any of the rumor mills, competitors or otherwise, Northern Bay Resort and it's phenomenal golf course, The Castle Course, is not only 100% open, but business is booming!
Trappers Turn
When you're on a first name basis with two of the greatest golfers in the game, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, what else do you really need to be recognized for? Well, it certainly can't hurt to have teamed up with legendary golf designer Roger Packard to create one of the greatest golf experiences in the state of Wisconsin. That's what Andy North gives you at Trappers Turn in the Wisconsin Dells.
Wild Rock Golf Club
It's a fact: Golf courses take a while to grow in. Visit any new course, in their maiden year, and the managers/golf professionals will tell you. "Imagine what this place will look like in 5 years." We heard it when we walked (okay, who are we kidding...when we rode) the Hurdzan-Fry championship design in 2008, legitimately dubbed "Wild Rock" and we marveled at what that truth might mean for this place. Five years? This place was already incredible in year one.
It's A Grand Day At Grand View Lodge
Conde Nast Traveler proclaimed it a Top 121 Worldwide Golf Resort, and ranked it #4 in Northern U.S. Golf Resorts, alongside highly esteemed Top 5 partners such as the American Club in Kohler, WI. GolfWeek Magazine then singled out two of Grand View's championship courses, the Arnold Palmer designed Deacon's Lodge and the scenic Preserve, ranking them 3rd and 10th respectively on Minnesota's Top 10 Public Golf List.
The Wilderness at Fortune Bay - Golf Week's #1 Course in Minnesota and So Much More!
Let me start out by saying this: We earned it. After the excruciatingly long (and snowy) winter last year, it's only fair that we caught a break and had a winter with mild temperatures and little snow. Like most Minnesota golfers, I'm excited to get out there and play. It's always a great feeling playing those first few rounds after a four or five month hiatus. With the early arrival of this year's golf season, hopefully you can get in more rounds than you did last year. One thing we're blessed with here in Minnesota is that we have plenty of great courses to play despite the fact that winters here can sometimes last far too long.
Golf in Mississippi or Is Mississippi Burning Up "To understand the world you must first understand a place like Mississippi"-William Faulkner
When I say burning up, I mean temperature. The state of Mississippi has changed dramatically from what was depicted in the film Mississippi Burning, but it's still stifling in summer. It's the middle of July and it's just plain hot and humid - though not too steamy to play a few of Mississippi's wonderful golf courses.
A Wales Of A Golf Trip
When I used to think of golf in the British Isles, I thought of Scotland or Ireland. Golf in Wales was not on my bucket list. But, after a recent golf trip to the south of Wales, I think you may want to put it on yours. Wales was good enough for the 2010 Ryder Cup, and it was plenty good enough for me.
Golf In St. George Utah
St. George, Utah is about two hours from Las Vegas and less than an hour from Zion National Park. St. George holds it's own with these two overwhelming attractions by occupying a special niche - great golf at reasonable prices, and there's no extra charge for the great weather. St. George has it's own micro weather system and is usually a warm, dry, wonderful place to play golf.
Minnesotans Find Golfing Treasure in Black Diamond Ranch
As winter gradually but surely approaches the Upper Midwest, many Minnesotans follow the promise of year around golf to warmer climates. Whether their journey is seasonal or permanent, an increasing number are avoiding golf traditional hotspots like Orlando and Miami. Instead, they're flocking to destinations devoid of traffic, overcrowding and other big city problems. The premium placed on quality of life has left Citrus County, Florida's Black Diamond Ranch awash in Viking Purple and Gopher Gold. A large number of the community's founding members were from Minnesota and, to this day, The North Star State remains one of the community's top feeder markets.
St. Moritz, Switzerland
Nestled in the Engadine Valley in the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps lays the village of St. Moritz. At 6,000 feet above sea level it overlooks the beautiful, aqua blue, Lake St. Moritz. It is Europe's version of Aspen, Colorado, and home to international vacationers, sports enthusiasts, and spa seekers. St. Moritz certainly has its share of the rich and famous.
The Prairie Club
Located in the heartland of America is arguably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and undisturbed golf courses in the world. It encompasses the very essence of prairie golf, and has recently earned the titles of "Overnight Destination of the Year" by Golf Digest Magazine for 2010, "One of the Top 25 Golf Resorts in the U.S." Golf Week for 2010, and "Best New Courses You Can Play 2010" by Golf Magazine.
Talking Rock Ranch
The traditional architecture of the great ranches of Central Arizona lives at Talking Rock. Talking Rock is an ideal respite from the stifling heat of Phoenix's summer. Located 12 miles north of Prescott, Arizona and approximately two hours north of Phoenix), this pristine piece of property sits at approximately 5,000 feet of elevation and most of the property provides the visitor endless 75 mile vistas over the rolling hills that engulf you in this neck of the woods. As you approach the gate it is clear you are in ranch country.
How You Can Help the Gulf Coast
The Gulf Shores Golf Association has a message for those wondering how to help the Gulf Coast: come down and play some golf.

With the threat of oil looming along the Gulf Coast, many would-be vacationers are canceling their reservations and opting to stay home or visit elsewhere, fearing their beach vacations will be ruined if they visit the area.

Clubhouse Meets The Fun House: Golf Fest At Madden's
While many, if not most, golf getaways have historically been an effort to box as many rounds as possible into as compact a time-frame as possible -- the progressing ideology of the "golfing lifestyle" respite has found its way to Minnesota. To wit: have a look at Madden's first year of "Golf Fest" on May 21-23.

Although there's surely nothing O.B. about trying to fit in 72 holes in a weekend, the marriage of golf and play is a truly intriguing effort to stroke the medulla oblongata of myriad stimuli that cross the golfer's fancy.

"We're trying to create a golf lifestyle weekend, with everything that surrounds the game of golf," says Madden's Head PGA Professional Chris Foley, who has been with the venerable resort since 1997. "We're hoping it's going to be a big weekend; there's nothing in the Midwest like this that I know of. I've seen similar events around the country, but they're generally centered around big 'Demo Days' with a lot of equipment and a number of golf clinics. So, we're trying to do something that does offer those things -- but we've built a number of other events around that as well."

The PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida - An Award-Winning Golf Experience
Ranked among the Top 30 Public Golf Courses in the United States by Golf World, the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida, serves as your Ultimate Golf Destination to Play, Stay, Live and Learn the game. Make plans, this off-season, to take the trip to Florida's East coast and visit, play or just stroll through the "home" of USA golf.
Edinburgh, Scotland - Play Where The Game Was Born
Every golfer should play in Scotland, the birthplace of the game. Many dream of playing the St. Andrews Old Course. Scotland is second only to the US in the number of courses on any top 100 list. Edinburgh and the Lothians is one of Scotland's best golfing regions. The mix of historical (Musselburgh Links is the oldest continuously playing course in the world) and modern courses (such as the specially designed courses at Craigielaw) makes the area particularly popular with golfers of all handicaps.
Bethpage State Park - Farmingdale, New York
Bethpage State Park is best known for its five world-class golf courses, including the world-renowned Black Course which was the site of the U.S. Open Championship in 2002 and will again host the U.S. Open in 2009. Visitors also flock to the park to use the park's picnic facilities, playing fields, tennis courts, bridle paths, hiking and biking trails and cross-county skiing trails.
Amelia Island Plantation - Miles from Stress....Footsteps to the Sea
Amelia Island Plantation overlooks the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the east and abundant green salt marshes on the west. The resort is just a short 45-minute drive from downtown Jacksonville, and 29 miles northeast of the Jacksonville International Airport.
Bahama Bay Resort & Spa And The Orange County National Golf Club - Orlando is more than just Mickey Mouse and Shamu!
Looking for a vacation villa near incredible golf, Disney World, Sea World or other Orlando attractions? Look no further than the Bahama Bay Resort & Spa. It is Orlando's newest, most exclusive all-villa resort, a stunning getaway set in 70 acres of lush, tropical gardens, white sands and shimmering waters just minutes away from the lure of spectacular golf courses and the world's most famous theme parks.
San Francisco, California - Cable Cars, Fisherman's Wharf, Wine Country & More
San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf has many unique, interesting and fun attractions that can only be found in the legendary City by the Bay. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.
A Quick Spring Golf Escape: Ames, IA
Ames, Iowa is the perfect destination for an early spring escape. An easy three-hour drive from the Twin Cities, Ames has fantastic golf courses which make this destination perfect for a golf weekend getaway. Here's a quick snapshot of what we would consider the perfect weekend getaway for you and your favorite foursome.
Webster City, IA
Briggs Woods Golf Course, located along the Boone River just south of Webster City, Iowa, truly is worth the "drive"! This 18-hole course is a favorite of golfers from all over the Midwest and is one of the most challenging and scenic courses in Iowa. Trees and water hazards are the signature mark...

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