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The 19th Hole
November 22, 2017

Arnie's At The Royal Golf Club - Arnie's Restaurant Legacy In Lake Elmo
You can see, feel, and even taste the legacy of Arnold Palmer at the new Arnie's restaurant at the Royal Golf Club. Hints of Arnold are everywhere you turn at this spacious 26,000 square foot bistro offering sweeping views of the Lake Elmo countryside.
A Clear Vision At Crystal Lake Golf Club
In a year when many courses are in tip-top shape it only stands to reason that a course like Crystal Lake Golf Club is the cream of the crop.
The Tavern At Wild Marsh Golf Club - Dining Room With A View
You don't have to tell a Twin Cities fisherman about Buffalo Lake. They know about it. They know how good the bass, perch and walleye fishing is across its 1,550 acres.
One Of The World's Most Pairable Wines
Garnacha, Grenache, Cannonau by any other grape name relates to the word 'delicious'! Grenache, the name this grape is given across the majority of the world's grape growing regions.
Spritz It Up!
Schorle, fröccs, pricer, spritzer. From Austrian, German, Hungarian to English, the word 'spritzer' across the globe means pretty much one thing: a refreshing, bubbly concoction that is sure to bring happiness.
Hot Dogs And Wine? Oh My!
Bring on the mustard, the pickles, the ketchup and all the fixins' because I've got all the answers you need for pairing to hot dogs and sausages on the grill this month!
Eastern European Wines On The Rise
If you've spent any time in the recent year watching the current wine trends, you've probably noticed the overwhelming popularity of the Eastern European categories, spread thick across most trending restaurant wine lists in the U.S.
You Like Wine And You Can Not Lie
The feeling of summer is finally upon us! As we gear up for sunny summer weekends chocked full of relaxation, friends, outdoor picnics and family gatherings-it's important to have all the right beverages on hand for pairing to all your summer favorites.
Running Aces Casino And Racetrack - The Best Bet In Town
From 1953 to 1995, the Washington Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters over 13,000 times and won only 6 games.
Pairing Wine And Meat - An Art Form
It should come as no surprise that the instinctive wine choice for a mouthwatering pan seared or perfectly grill marked steak hot off the grill is red, but have you ever truly analyzed the exact choice of red grape when pairing to a cut of beef?
Wine Trends And Predictions - What's To Come!
From distribution, to restaurateurs, educators and more - the wine community is already rewriting their lists and planning their curriculum for what looks to be another exciting year in wine.
Running Aces - The Something For Everyone Place To Go
In the early 1960s, movie theaters went from featuring one to multiple screens so more people and different types of movie fans could gather. That same idea is thriving at Running Aces where so many are finding this to be a hidden jewel of a destination!
Red, White & Sparkling!
Looking to add a sizzle to your summer gatherings? Then get ready to pop the bubbly! From the regions of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the U.S. and beyond, the world never tires of the dazzling styles of sparkling wines made worldwide.
A Sommelier's Tips for Wine Buying
We live in an era that allows us to purchase almost any wine we want, from wherever we want and from almost any grape varietal in the world.
The Greatest Mother Of All, Mother Earth
As another Mother's Day approaches and we take another full year's turn around the sun, I am reminded of all things that keep us grounded as individuals.
Practice 'Tasting' Makes Perfect
Coming off of one of the mildest winters to date, Midwesterners are anxious to hit the greens! With the opening of many of our favorite clubs and courses, we stretch to find ourselves readying for another season.
Shanghai Bistro In Hudson - Best Of Both Worlds
You love sushi, Chinese food, and anything spicy. Your friend prefers traditional Asian dishes with no surprises. How can you satisfy everyone?
Revitalize Your Palate
Springtime. A season that in many forms, evokes the senses, revitalizes the spirit and ushers forth a feeling of rejuvenation.
Wine Country Travel & Etiquette
One of the most frequently asked questions I get from wine enthusiasts almost daily is 'So...we're planning a trip to "wine country", where should I go?'
Dad's Day Bevis
As we head into the month of June, and our weather finally turns true to its season, we know we can prepare to gear up for a few things - more time for grilling outside and more libations for pairing!
Since Craft Beer Has Disrupted The Industry, What's Next?
Craft Spirits Are Following The Same Trajectory As Craft Beer. America has fully embraced craft beer.
Sizzling Sips: Tips For Keeping Your Wine Cool!
The sound of fireworks, humidity so thick you can cut it and the smell of barbeque means one thing in Minnesota - summer! And with the Fourth of July right at our door means we're about to take on some of the hottest temps of the summer.
Give Your Backyard Event A Punch
With Mother's Day fast approaching and the smell of spring in the air, I thought it only appropriate this month to share a few new libation goodies to use for your Sunday brunch table or your afternoon picnic al fresco. So, let's talk Sangria!
Chip & Sip...A Perfect 'Pairing'
"Whatever life brings, enter the perfect wine." - Sommelier Leslee D. Miller

Hi there!
I'm Leslee Miller, a new monthly contributor for Tee Times Magazine. I'm a certified sommelier and owner of a wine-consulting firm called, Amusée located in the Twin Cities.

Girvan Grille - The Proof Is In The Pudding
For me, there's nothing worse than getting hungry on the golf course during the round. Even if the course you're playing has a halfway house or snack shack after the 9th hole, you might be stuck scarfing down something that's either: A) not that good for you or B) just not that good.
Miss Mary's Morning Elixer
Is there any better liquid refreshment when your friends are gathered around the big screen television waiting for kick-off? Or how about during that holiday brunch with the family relaxing watching the Rose Bowl or Thanksgiving Day parade? That's right, the ultimate blend of spices, vegetables, vodka, a big 'ol hunk of meat, everyone's own 'secret ingredients', and the perfect mix... the Bloody Mary.


Danny's Bar & Grill - Exceeding Expectations
Danny's Story
StoneRidge Golf Club was opened in 2000 by Dave Kloeber and Mike McGrath. It has become a premier course in the Twin Cities but never had a venue worthy of showcasing executive Chef Ron Bohnert's award winning cuisine. After our extensive remodel, a member volunteered the name Danny's in honor of Mike and Jeanne's youngest son. For twenty-three years Danny McGrath was an amazing boy that left an impression on everyone he came into contact with. Born with special needs but a warm soul, Danny epitomizes everything that we strive to deliver as a restaurant by using vigor and passion to continually exceed expectations.

Need to Warm Up a Bit? Try a Brandy or Cognac!
Well here we are again in the fall of the year. This is definitely my favorite season - there are so many things going on all over. The leaves are changing up near the shore, apple harvest season is here, playoff baseball is back, (as of this writing the Twins were in the division lead), the Vikes are looking good this year... so far, hunting season has started and a whole bunch of other stuff as well but you get the idea?
Schell's Brewing Company - Timeless Beer Made Here In New Ulm, Minnesota Since 1860
The upper Midwest has been a haven to beer fans for almost a hundred and fifty years. Our abundant supply of grains, as well as our incredible natural water supplies like Artesian wells, clean rivers, clear lakes and streams has made the Midwest a natural choice for those who brew all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.
Here Comes The Sun!
Hello again from the 19th hole. It's been a long, cold winter and sometimes it seemed like the warm weather would never come. As I am writing this it's a blustery spring day with a lot of strong breezes, a lot of spring rain and this morning even a smattering of quick to melt snow.

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