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November 23, 2017

Wine Trends And Predictions - What's To Come!
From distribution, to restaurateurs, educators and more - the wine community is already rewriting their lists and planning their curriculum for what looks to be another exciting year in wine.
Going Green
Everywhere you turn these days, producers from every label are touting 'organic'. From cereal to mac n cheese, wine, and into the world of liquor. But have we really ever stopped to think about what all of this labeling really means?
Perfectly Pairing Your 'Reds'
It should come as no surprise that the instinctive wine choice for a mouthwatering pan seared or perfectly grill marked steak hot off the grill is red, but have you ever truly analyzed the exact choice of red grape when pairing to your favorite cuts of meat?
Golfers And Wine - A Perfect Blend
The U.S. Ryder Cup team is captained by golf professional, Davis Love III. A gentleman that not only shares great passion for the game of golf, but of another subject that happens to be quite near and dear to my own profession and passions, wine.
Loudmouth Golf Stars & Stripes
The late sixties were a turbulent period in American history, but some great fashion came out of it, including the use of the American flag in apparel.
A Perfect Golfers Snack
"You are what you eat," the old adage goes. That holds true for golfers, too.
O'Brien's Public House - A Unique Irish Experience
I don't know if you've all heard yet or not, but there's a big golf tournament coming to Minnesota at the end of September.
Charlie's On Prior Restaurant 5 Reasons To Enjoy Prior Lakes' Next Big Thing
Have you ever noticed that dining with a fabulous view makes your food and drink taste better? That idea must have been Roger Burks' inspiration when he and his group built Charlie's on Prior Restaurant in 2015.

Perfect Pairings For The 'Dog Days Of Summer'
Sure beer is pretty easy to match up with most things that come off the grill. But wine, on the other hand, always seems a bit more complicated for some folks to match up with those summer cookouts.
Running Aces - The Something For Everyone Place To Go
In the early 1960s, movie theaters went from featuring one to multiple screens so more people and different types of movie fans could gather. That same idea is thriving at Running Aces where so many are finding this to be a hidden jewel of a destination!
Red, White & Sparkling!
Looking to add a sizzle to your summer gatherings? Then get ready to pop the bubbly! From the regions of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the U.S. and beyond, the world never tires of the dazzling styles of sparkling wines made worldwide.
A Sommelier's Tips for Wine Buying
We live in an era that allows us to purchase almost any wine we want, from wherever we want and from almost any grape varietal in the world.
The Greatest Mother Of All, Mother Earth
As another Mother's Day approaches and we take another full year's turn around the sun, I am reminded of all things that keep us grounded as individuals.
Practice 'Tasting' Makes Perfect
Coming off of one of the mildest winters to date, Midwesterners are anxious to hit the greens! With the opening of many of our favorite clubs and courses, we stretch to find ourselves readying for another season.
Sole Essentials - The Sole Solution
"Every golfer is looking for that competitive edge. For many golfers the solution is not new clubs or lessons. The edge is proper body alignment; and that starts with your feet."
Shanghai Bistro In Hudson - Best Of Both Worlds
You love sushi, Chinese food, and anything spicy. Your friend prefers traditional Asian dishes with no surprises. How can you satisfy everyone?
Revitalize Your Palate
Springtime. A season that in many forms, evokes the senses, revitalizes the spirit and ushers forth a feeling of rejuvenation.
Wisdom For Weddings: Tips for Couples Out There
There are only truly a handful of days in one's life that can be considered an unforgettable milestone; the birth of a child, an ultimate career achievement, the purchase of a home or dream car, and of course, getting married.
Nine More Must Read Golf Books
I started the year off with a Tee Time column of nine must read golf books. Well, that was the front nine. Here's the back nine - of nine must read golf books:
Wine Country Travel & Etiquette
One of the most frequently asked questions I get from wine enthusiasts almost daily is 'So...we're planning a trip to "wine country", where should I go?'
Dad's Day Bevis
As we head into the month of June, and our weather finally turns true to its season, we know we can prepare to gear up for a few things - more time for grilling outside and more libations for pairing!
Since Craft Beer Has Disrupted The Industry, What's Next?
Craft Spirits Are Following The Same Trajectory As Craft Beer. America has fully embraced craft beer.
The #DadGolf Playbook: Lessons Learned From An Amateur Golfer And Professional Dad
DadGolf is an approach - a philosophy if you will - that I've been developing for years. DadGolf can be many things to different golfers, but it all comes back to chasing a dimpled ball rather than noticing you're going bald.
Demystifying the World of Minnesota Wine
When most people think of enjoying a glass of wine, they generally tend to lean towards grapes that come from a species of grapevine called, Vitis Vinifera. You know, the grapes in your glass like: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet.
Bury Your Troubles - For One Day At Least!
Corporate team building, vigorous competition, problem solving and good old socializing - it all gets down and dirty at Extreme Sandbox.
"Liquid Assets" - A Perfect Cellar For Your Palate
If you've found yourself with a number of wine bottles 'stashed' in a corner of your basement in some sort of make shift fashion you've created for your growing obsession of grape juice, you spend parts of your day surfing online wine stores or auctions for rare wine gems, or you're starting to sneak in 'small' wine shipments past your spouse to add to your pile...chances are, you're a wino.
Girvan Grille - The Proof Is In The Pudding
For me, there's nothing worse than getting hungry on the golf course during the round. Even if the course you're playing has a halfway house or snack shack after the 9th hole, you might be stuck scarfing down something that's either: A) not that good for you or B) just not that good.
Girvan Grille - Let The Word Of Mouth Begin
When the opportunity to write a story about Girvan Grille at Edinburgh USA popped up, I jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug. Constantly traveling in the golf community as I do, one quickly learns that "word of mouth" is, by far, the best marketing tool.
Northern Stars K9 Resort And Spa
Northern Stars Cottages
Northern Stars Cottages
So you have your reservations and tee times all booked for your weekend golf getaway to one of the fantastic resorts and courses listed in this issue, but what do you plan to do with "Fido"? You have big plans to relax, play a little golf and enjoy some wonderful cuisine, shouldn't your 4-legged friend have the same experience? Well now they can at the brand new doggy resort and spa that Joy Lewanski and her team have created just southeast of Woodbury at Northern Stars K9 Resort and Spa.
Prom Catering
Even two weeks later, Prom Catering's Bill Given was still trying to catch his breath after his company broke the all-time concessions record for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club this past June. Given shared a glimpse of how a catering company not only survives, but thrives when food and beverage sales for golf's grandest event doubled what was originally anticipated.
Whether you're a seasoned old pro or afraid to even lift the lid, we're sharing a few simple tips that will change your grilling experience for the better! Read on to learn how to ensure your backyard barbeque best:
Eagles In Iowa?
For the past two months I've been sharing my office with a family of five from Decorah, Iowa...a family of eagles that is.

A friend sent me a link to this web site that has since gone viral on UStream www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles and more than 70,000,000 viewers have logged in to watch 3 little eggs hatch, grow and prepare for adult 'eaglehood'. I cannot stop watching this family and they are with me on my computer everyday.

Glacial Waters Spa - A Northwoods Oasis
Tucked quietly into the pine trees between Grand View's Main Lodge and the Garden Golf Course, lies a prairie style oasis of tranquility, pampering and relaxation - Glacial Waters Spa. Your day of luxury has finally arrived, and you have never been more ready.
Golf Is A Great Choice For Dating
Sure tennis is the "love" game, but golf offers endless opportunities to meet and mingle with the opposite sex. There are over 26 million adult golf participants in the US and since golf is a game that men and women can enjoy together, it simply makes good sense for golfers to seek out other golfers for dating.

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