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November 22, 2017

Hole #7 - The Golfers
Without golfers what do you have? Not much. Golfers are the reason the event is successful. The more golfers the more exciting an event, the more you make and the more that sponsors are happy.
Hole #6 Selling Sponsorships
"Selling is simply a transferring of emotions." - Zig Ziglar
Step #5 -The Promotion and Marketing
Getting the word out, that is the objective. What is the most effective way to get exposure for your event and organization and most importantly get golfers and sponsors?
Step #4 Selecting A Golf Course
Choosing the appropriate golf course is arguably the most important decision tournament planners must make. Planning and preparation can not move forward until the venue is selected.
Step #3 - The Income - Increasing The Bottom Line
90% of golf tournaments have one thing on their mind, "Increasing the bottom line of their event." In this article we will discuss how to maximize your income.
Evaluate For Success
So last year was maybe your first golf event you have ever done or your 10th. Either way you need to take the time to sit down and evaluate the 'what worked', 'what didn't work' and 'what could we have done' of your last tournament to make future events even more profitable.
Questions from Golf Tournament Association of America members and answered by Phil Immordino, President of the GTAA.
18 Steps To Produce A Successful Charity Golf Tournament
Anyone can put on a charity golf tournament. Not everyone can produce a first class event that raises a lot of money and one that golfers return year after year.
Questions by GTAA members and answered by Phil Immordino, President of the GTAA.
18 Holes (Steps) to a Successful Golf Tournament
How does your golf tournament do? Is it growing each year or loosing steam? If you have produced a tournament more than once it is easy to forget the basics. The average tournament in this country raises $5000.
Bringing Your "A" Game - Hosting The Best Golf Tournament Possible
We have had the opportunity to work with and talk to thousands of tournaments throughout the U.S. over the past 25 years. We have found that the average tournament only nets $5,000, but is that the only determining factor in judging a golf event?
Holiday Parties - Choose The Clubhouse, NOT Your House
For several years now, there has been a new push among the leaders of the golf industry to cater more to groups than ever before.
Auctions and Raffles "The Number 2 Big Money Makers"
If you are wondering how some groups are raising $100,000 to $300,000 with their golf tournaments, it is because of their auctions and raffles. It is very hard to make that kind of money with a golf tournament alone.
Women Veterans to be Honored at Annual Salute to Servicewomen Golf Classic

Maximizing Income At Your Golf Tournament-Making The Most With The Right Format
Formats can help or hurt your participation and income. Choosing the right tournament format can make or break your event. There are some formats that help your participation and some formats that hurt your participation and there are some formats that generate more money than others.
Making The Most With Games and Contests. Winners Come Back
Games and contests are a great tool to engage golfers. There are several purposes for games and contests.
Making The Most Out Of Your Golf Tournament To Maximize Your Income
The number one question that we get from every Tournament Planner is "How can we make more money?" Out of the 500,000 Golf Tournaments in the U.S. 90% of them are fundraisers.
Give Back And Score Low At Your Next Charity Golf Tournament
The 3M Championship is Minnesota's largest professional sports-related charity tournament, but courses around the state also host a lot of charity golf events for players of all levels. The scramble-style tournaments are usually organized by a local golfing enthusiast and intended to raise funds or awareness for a cause. Charity golf tournaments are a great place to gather your friends, play the game you love and give back!
Joel Hunt Takes His War To The Golf Course
Just one year ago, Denver, Colorado resident Joel Hunt questioned his desire to live. A Purple Heart recipient and veteran of multiple military rotations in the Middle East, an Improvised Explosive Device found Hunt returning to the States in a wheelchair in 2006, paralyzed from the knee down on his left side and having suffered a brain injury. Six years later, the ongoing effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), coupled with dire family news, found Hunt uncertain of his ambition to see the next day.
Women Teeing It Up For Our Women Veterans
Women in the military have a history that extends over 4,000 years into the past, throughout a vast number of cultures and nations. Women have played many roles in the military, from ancient warrior women, to the women serving in current conflicts. Women have served in the military from the American Revolution to the present, and today roughly 15 percent of all veterans are women.
A Country's Club
The chopper descended, as the collective spirits of those present on the grounds Mendakota Country Club arose.  On September the 11th, eights years to the day of one of our proud country’s most sobering, saddening, and painful moments -- hundreds upon hundreds gathered at the Mendota Heights’ course to honor the relentless spirit of our nation, and the courage of those defending the United States.
Your Golf Habit Can Support Military Families
When teeing off at our favorite golf course, if we don't have a son or daughter in the military, we probably don't think much about our nation's veterans and their families that are quietly maintaining a heavy burden while their loved ones are fighting for our freedom. Today more than 140,000 American troops are currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan and since these conflicts began, over 35,000 have come home with injuries sustained while "in theater".
18 Steps To Produce A Successful Charity Golf Tournament
Anyone can put on a charity golf tournament. Not everyone can produce a first class event that raises a lot of money and one that golfers return year after year. There are over 1,000,000 golf events in this country each year. The average golf tournament in the US raises $5,000.

Drive For Show, Smile And Dial For Dough!
20 years ago...I cannot believe it's been that long. 20 years ago I was a member of the original Minnesota Timberwolves sales and marketing team. I and 8 other sales reps were called the "smile and dial" team. Our job was to smile and dial individuals, companies and close season ticket orders.
Drive For Show, Plan For More Dough!
I saw a Masters Tournament TV commercial on TV last weekend so the time is near! Yes, golf season and golf events are only a few short months away. Years ago I was fortunate to help local TV celebrity Joe Schmit plan, implement and evaluate his hugely successful celebrity golf event to raise money for Twin Cities Big Brothers & Sisters. During that process I picked up and used an acronym for event success called "P.I.E."

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