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October 19, 2017

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Balance Rod
Good Balance Equals Good Shots

In all areas of the game of golf, BALANCE is a necessity. Everything from a simple putt to your longest drive requires the player to have good balance from the beginning of the stroke thru the finish position. An excellent product to help you in all areas of the game with your balance is the Balance Rod from EyeLine Golf.

We don’t always know where our weight is truly distributed because our body constantly compensates to make us think we are in balance. Maintaining your balance is made a little more difficult by the Balance Rod, and your body will work very quickly to adjust. Within only a few swings you will know your weakness and refine your balance. Standing on the Balance Rod will show you where your weight is located and will tune your body for great balance.

Good balance is essential to consistent shots – putts, chips, and full swings. While our bodies adjust surprisingly well to find balance, they will also find the easiest way to accomplish this balance. In golf, that could mean lifting up your head instead of turning your body - which isn't good! The Balance Rod causes an initial imbalance that will force your body to use your legs for stabilization rather than your spine. Within a few swings, you will have grounded athletic posture and balance.

How does it work?? The EyeLine Balance Rod intentionally makes it a little more difficult to stay in balance. Our body and mind will work together to adjust. Within a few swings, without thinking, you will be able to identify your weakness and refine your balance.

The Balance Rod also offers other uses such as helping your backswing pivot, arms and body connection, ball position, alignment, and reducing flipping motion in your short game, and developing a consistent putting stroke.

Birdie Ball
Since winning the “Best New Product” Award at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2005, the BirdieBall, StrikePad and now BirdieTarget have become the backbone of golf instruction away from the golf course. The StrikePad is a cambered (slightly bent) polymer pad that allows for deflection so that on any surface a simulated divot can be taken.  BirdieBall works best on regular turf, where a golfer can make an actual divot the same way we all try to do with a regular golf ball. If the player makes a poor swing without a descending blow to the BirdieBall it will result in a top, with the BirdieBall rolling just like a golf ball. Together, the sensation and excitement of hitting a golf ball can be replicated anywhere.

How Does It Work? The BirdieBall is a cylindrically shaped golf ball that when struck spins around a horizontal axis, exactly like a golf ball. The BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball that feels and flies like a real golf ball. It spins exactly like a golf ball and that’s why it flies like one but for a shorter distance. The reverse spin around the BirdieBall’s center of gravity created with the loft of the club (the larger the loft, the higher the spin rate) is similar to a golf ball. The non-dimpled surface as well as the straight sides resists flight. The radius on the leading edge and the aerodynamic hole through the center encourages flight and lift. The oscillation between the two as it rotates from air brake to airfoil makes the turbine sound. The lifting aspects help it hang in the air; the braking aspects reduce the distance it travels. The combination of the two makes it a short flight, long hang-time device.

Feedback is the most important component to any golf instruction; a good training aid must reinforce the attribute of ball flight or skill that the instructor is trying to communicate.  The BirdieBall system does just this.  The “ball” draws, fades, hooks and slices just like a golf ball will do, but it does this in a very abbreviated distance, about 40 yards. 

Further, the BirdieBall together with the StrikePad actually get the ball into the air easier and faster than a golf ball.  As a result, the frustration of hitting one worm burner after another is substituted with flight.  Granted the flight is not perfect but watching a BirdieBall fly sharply right to left, six feet off of the ground is better than watching a golf ball roll twenty yards straight out into the driving range. Confidence is everything in golf and because the BirdieBall works a little better with even the worst golf swing, a starting point can be established that allows for further development and refinement.

The BirdieBall offers many different opportunities to work on your golf game whether it be junior clinics, high school teams practicing at school or in a gym, in the back yard or park, tailgating before a big game, anywhere you can image and have just enough room to allow yourself to play.

“The BirdieBall has a remarkably satisfying ball flight”, says John Breaker, Founder and President. “It flies far enough to show ball flight but short enough that you can hit them and retrieve then with minimal effort.” The best golfers can shape the BirdieBall in every direction, shaping shots and making the BirdieBalls turbine roar.  The sound of hitting a BirdieBall pure is a sound that once heard becomes the sound that the expert golfer is searching for.  Elusive to the beginner this sound says, I have arrived.   Let’s tee it up.  Match play anyone?

Dream Swing
The Dream Swing is a training device that will help cure your over the top or loop in your golf swing. The Dream Swing can be used either indoors during the winter months or outside in your backyard when the weather is nicer. The Dream Swing is easy to set up and can be adjusted for all types of players, making it easy to create a consistent swing path leading to better ball striking and lower scores.

The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System is a golf swing training aid that works similar to the way a compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in the perfect circle. It guides and forces the golf club to travel on the same swing path the tour players swing on. It virtually forces every golfer to practice a better swing with guaranteeing improvement year round.

The yellow telescoping stand adjusts up or down to set you in the correct golf swing plane for your body type. The solid rod between the top of the Dream Swing and your club insures that you will swing the club exactly on the correct plane every time.

The Dream Swing helps golfers focus on what their body needs to do to swing on-plane. In the Dream Swing you don’t have to think about swinging the club. It swings the club for you.

The Dream Swing is scientifically and ergonomically designed for maximum body performance and protection. It's so well engineered that it teaches the proper swing mechanics for every shot needed to play a perfect round. It teaches you how to hit a draw and fade and adjust for every club from the driver to the putter. It keeps the body vertically aligned, eliminating swaying, dipping, sliding and reverse axis or pivoting, rendering joints and lower back pain free and relaxed. It isolates golf muscles and through continued use strengthens and conditions the entire body.

If you are looking for a way to improve your swing plane whether it be for a backswing or downswing error the Dream Swing will help you improve all aspects of your golf swing helping you achieve much more consistent ball striking and lower scores.

A great way to sharpen your short game and lower your scores!

The GolfRing literally creates a ring around the hole to give you a larger, more realistic target. The GolfRing is made of a revolutionary material that is very durable and is so flexible that it follows the terrain of the green and in no way impedes the ball in its path towards the hole. When placed on the green it creates a target that enhances visualization towards the pin by defining the area around the hole.

The GolfRing weighs less than 8 ounces, is extremely portable and is 6 feet in diameter when in use. When not in use, it easily folds down to an 18” small ring and conveniently fits inside the large pocket of your golf bag or it can hang on the outside of your golf bag.

• Makes practicing your short game fun.
• Has very little effect on the speed or direction of the ball.
• Endorsed by Dr. Bob Winters and used by professionals nationally.
• Builds confidence and helps build a stronger short game.

Impact Master Training System
The Impact Master sets you in perfect position to hit crisp and spinning chips and pitches.  

The Impact Master is a tour quality 56 degree sand wedge and a shaft extender. The wedge can be used with the extension rod during practice or by itself as a great addition to your set of clubs. The extension rod is made of lightweight graphite and designed to keep your club’s weight as balanced as possible. The connection unit allows for quick, easy, and stable attachment of the extension rod.

Using the Impact Master helps you with critical fundamentals:
Sets your hands and arms in the proper position for a descending strike.
The descending hit lets the club get the ball in the air. The descending strike puts spin on the ball.
Consistent loft at impact creates consistent distance control.

If you are only looking to add the Impact Master to your own wedges, this special Kit includes JUST the graphite extension rod and the special Impact Master Grip with the hole in the end of it.  Once the kit arrives, all you have to do is install the grip (or have it done at your local pro shop or club repair shop for under $10).  The connection unit allows for quick, easy, and stable attachment of the extension rod to any standard size wedge.

Perfect Connextion
“If you don’t have the Power Triangle in your golf swing, you will never realize your full potential.” If you’re looking to increase the power, speed and accuracy of your swing (and what golfer isn’t?), you’ve got to make the connection between the small muscles of the hands and arms and the larger muscles of your legs, torso and shoulders. The only way to achieve that? Discover what PGA Master Teacher Carl Rabito has coined the Power Triangle.

In a physical sense, the Power Triangle is the shape created between your shoulders and arms when they’re in perfect alignment (i.e. making the “Perfect Connextion”). In practice, the triangle allows the force of your body and the speed of the club to reach the ball at the same time, giving you the best swing of your life.

While the concept seems straightforward, the actual body positioning can be harder to attain. That’s where Rabito, a Golf magazine Top 100 instructor, comes in. Rabito’s three-in-one swing trainer, Perfect Connextion, automatically puts your body in the Power Triangle position, drastically improving your full swing, chipping and putting.

“One of the most interesting questions—I hear it all the time—is where does power come from,” Rabito says of the inspiration behind the Perfect Connextion. “Power is an interesting word. In most sports we want a combination of power and speed, and the majority of your speed comes from your wrist and elbow.”

According to studies, 76 percent of speed comes from the wrist hinging and unhinging, while another 11 percent is supplied by the movement of the elbows. Add in the range of motion provided by the spine and upper body, and you’ve got all the elements of that comprise the Power Triangle—and are harnessed by the Perfect Connextion.

The Perfect Connextion lets you really learn and feel the connection between your wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders and chest as you rotate your back swing, resulting in improved balance, steadiness and follow-through. The best part? Once you connect with the results of the Power Triangle, muscle memory takes over, meaning your improved swing lasts a lifetime.

Perfect Entry System
We all know that a putt only goes into the cup when it is hit on the correct line at the correct speed. The Perfect Entry System is the only system in the world that teaches and trains players to get better with both phases. The System uses the combination of the Green Reading Level, the Bullseye Cup, and the new Perfect Entry Clock by Mike Shannon. Using the Green Reading Level and the Perfect Entry Clock, you will find the correct entry point of the putt. 

Here is how it works:
1. Place the Green Reading Level with the Perfect Entry Clock directly over the hole.
2. Rotate the clock so the “To Ball” arrows are pointed directly at your golf ball.
3. Find the bubble in the vial of the Green Reading Level.
4. Starting from the center of the vial draw an imaginary line out through the center of the bubble extended to the markings on the edge of the entry clock.   This is the point where the ball will enter the cup - The Perfect Entry Point.  Place a tee in the ground at this point.
5. Remove the Green Reading Level
6. Line up the center line of the Bullseye Cup with the tee you have placed in the green so the center line of the unit and the tee are on a direct line with one another.
7. Remove your tee and practice making putts with the ball entering on the correct line.

The Perfect Entry System is designed to have a putt enter the hole with dying speed. If you would like to hit your putt on a pace that is firmer than “dying it into the hole”, simply rotate your Bullseye Cup towards the ball. On breaking putts, the more you rotate the opening of the Bullseye Cup towards the ball the greater the speed you will need to make the putt.

With continued practice using the Perfect Entry System, from Eyeline Golf, you are sure to lower your putts per round and total score becoming a better player.

Click On The Eyeline Golf Logo To Purchase Your Perfect Entry System

Perfect Release
The Perfect Release is simply “the most effective training tool for the entire golf swing”. It produces both the “actions” and the “feel” of the golf club moving properly throughout the swing. It induces the proper grip, stance, posture and address position to start.

From here it ‘coaches’ the club face to remain square and move up the line on plane just by relaxing the grip and allowing the tension of the cord to work.

By allowing the cord to work, the proper ‘set position’ is created automatically. The cord is an indicator and is used to coach ‘width’ in the backswing. Now from a proper ‘set position’ and the club remaining square and on plane automatically, it is now easy to move through the transition into the downswing. The tension of the cord will induce a proper release of the golf club as you turn through. The immediate action of the cord allows the user to relax the grip, which produces a better turn and release.

It is hard to resist the actions of the Perfect Release. Some training aids are very difficult to make them work correctly. With the Perfect Release it is very difficult to make it work incorrectly.

Improve your chipping and short game immediately. If you ‘flip’ you will feel it immediately. Resist the ‘flip’ and you improve your chip. What you will gain: More distance with less effort The ability to draw the golf ball Better shot making skills Lower scores More fun and maybe a few dollars from your buddies

Practice T
The Practice T will help you practice while building a perfect setup. Alignment is one of the most critical parts of a proper setup leading to excellent golf shots.

The Practice T keeps your feet aimed at the target and allows you to check your ball position. The mirror slides on the top rail and allows you to see if your shoulders are square and if your eyes, head, and hips are properly positioned. It conveniently folds to fit in your bag and is lightweight.

Check Your Shoulder Alignment

• Using the Practice T mirror you are able to see if your shoulders are square to the target line.
• The mirror slides up and down the rail so it has the proper placement for any club from driver to wedge.
• Proper shoulder alignment is the key to straighter and consistent ball flight.

Get your stance square to the target

• Using the Practice T rail you can make sure your feet are aimed at the target.
• Teachers have always told students to lay down a club at the target to check their foot alignment. Now you can do that without having to constantly make sure the club is still straight.
• Simply push a couple of tees in the holes in the rail and it will stay perfectly in place.

Check your ball position

• The position of the ball in your stance is a fundamental part of your setup.
• With the Practice T you can easily check to see where the ball is in your stance.
• The rails can lock in place at a 90 degree angle, as shown, so that the 2 rails are always properly positioned
• The ball position rail slides four ways while maintaining a 90 degree angle so that you can easily adjust between different clubs or move to new grass.

The Putt2 is the must have training aid of 2008. It is the only focus based target designed for your putting. With the Putt2 you will shoot lower scores because of the focus this tool gives you. * Light and easy to store, it fits in every carry bag * Putt to the Putt2 and Putt 2 Win!! * Used by the top collegiate teams across the country * Used by professionals on tour * Customize your Putt2 with your favourite college teams or countries * Great Gift Idea for the golfer in your family * Great golf teaching aid for golf schools and instructors, used by PGA of America Carolinas Section in Play Golf America Days Instruction * Great for juniors to improve focus in practice rounds and prepare for tournament pin positions

Putting Arc
The Putting Arc Works Because…

1. It's based upon natural body movement, which can be quickly learned and repeated. Results can be seen in several days … thousands of repetitions are not required to show a marked improvement.
2. The club head travels in a perfect circle (radius R) and the projection of this circle on the ground is an ellipse in the shape of the Putting Arc.
3. The putter is always ‘on plane’ (the sweet-spot/spinal pivot plane). The intersection of this plane with the ground is a straight line, the ball/target line.
4. The club face is always square to the above plane. It is only square to the ball target line at the center line of the Putting Arc. You are learning an inside-to-square-to-inside putting stroke.
5. In this perfect putting stroke, there is only one moving part. The hands, arms and shoulders rotate as one unit. No manipulation of the hands or arms is required to follow the correct path with a correct clubface. It happens automatically.

Save Time. Practice Smart. 

Introducing RoboCup™ Ball Return Robot, the only ball return device designed to work on any practice green!  With its innovative patent-pending design, you can save both your time and your back. When your practice putts drop in the hole, RoboCup™ shoots them back to you.

- Returns the ball 14 feet or more, depending on green speed
- Fits in practice or standard-depth cups
- Runs on 4 AA batteries, which lasts for over 12,000 putt returns (batteries not included)
- Includes a protective molded carry case
- Includes the RoboCup™ Caddy Cord so even missed putts around the hole get fired back to you.

The Pros know it – RoboCup™ is such an effective tool, they’re already using it on Tour practice greens.

RoboCup™ was awarded “Best New Product” at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show.

Smart Stick
Don’t Practice Harder...Practice Smarter

The Smart Stick is a result of the tireless dedication by one of golf’s premier teachers, Mr. Martin Hall, recently ranked #12 of all teacher by Golf Digest. The device works by teaching the three P’s of the golf swing: Plane, Power and Precision. Our mission is to provide all level of golfers the opportunity to practice and learn the perfect golf swing. The two built-in green lasers are industrial quality with a 4000 hour diode - equivalent to five-hundred eight hour days of laser “on” time. The special design of these powerful lasers enables the Smart Stick device to be used outdoors in the brightest of sunlight with the green beam showing up clearly on the green grass. No other lasers provide this outdoor performance, day or night.

Sonic Golf System-1
Get Your Swing in Tune with the Sonic Golf System-1 Sonic Golf’s electronically enabled, intelligent golf club-insert uses patented audio biofeedback developed by Yale University physicist Dr. Robert Grober to revolutionize the way we learn, practice and play golf. Vijay Singh, the most recent winner of the 2008 FedEx Cup, uses this product to help him maintain the proper rhythm in his swing.

Vijay Singh started using the Sonic Golf System-1 training aid in June and the effect was immediate and dramatic. He went on to win The World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational, The Barclays and the Deutsche Bank Championship en route to the season ending FedExCup bonus check of $10 million.

The key to the System-1 is sound and the brain’s intuitive sense of melody. The System-1 uses electronic technology inserted into the shaft of your own golf club. Your swing motion is then transmitted wirelessly to a belt-worn receiver with headset that converts your swing motion into continuous musical tones. Slow swings are low pitch, quiet tones. Swing faster and the pitch and volume gets higher. With each swing you hear your own rhythm and tempo, backswing, downswing transition, and the timing and speed of your club head release.

The beauty of this system is that you can actually work on your swing without a technical thought in your mind; you simply listen to the tones and try to move the pitch to different points in the swing, in doing so you can actually fix your swing faults without even knowing it.

Vijay Singh after winning the 2009 Deutsche Bank Championship said, “System-1 has helped me tremendously. I always had a good rhythm, but I never had a consistent rhythm. It’s making my swing a lot more consistent, not just with the driver but the whole game. It’s one rhythm for the whole game instead of having a quicker rhythm for irons or slower rhythm for the driver.”

Swinkey – The Golfer’s Toolbox
What is a Swinkey? The Swinkey is fundamentals, efficient practice, consistency, multi-use, and convenience.  It is an all in one multi-functional golf training aid that gives the player or coach a stretching tool, set up system, on plane putting trainer, adjustable weight swing trainer, driver protector, string line and a camera mono pod. There are over 200 Tour professionals that incorporate the Swinkey into their practice routines.

The Swinkey Golf Training Tool comes in 9 stock colors: Black, White, Sunrise Orange, Green, Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, Red, Crimson, Pink, Camouflage, the Patriot (Canadian or USA flag), or can be customized with your facility logo and any background color.

“It’s all the most useful training products, and their functionality; combined into one easy to use tool that fits in your bag!” - Brian Benedictson, Inventor

“The Swinkey has everything you need for a successful practice session. Whether you’re hitting balls, putting, or even stretching, this tool will help you. Sooner or later someone had to come up with an easy to transport, all-in-one device for serious golfers. It looks like the guys at Swinkey have done just that.” - Davis Love III

MSRP $99.99

Receive a 10% discount on your Golfer’s Toolbox when you order at www.swinkey.com and enter promo code “Swinkey_10”.

If moving the ball placement around as described in the article Back to the Basics is a bit confusing we have found a simple training aid to help you understand these basic fundamentals and their importance. The “Teach-N-Towel” and “Teach-N-Towel Jr.” are designed to help you understand how the proper set-up, alignment and ball placement can result in better golf shots on a more consistent basis. The training aid is a simple golf towel that you place on the ground and stand on during practice. The set-up, alignment and ball placement indicators help you set-up properly each and every time. The Teach-N-Towel is a simple, fun and effective way to learn these fundamental skills and you also hang it on your bag and use it as a towel.

Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine
This is the one of the most complete and simple putting training system ever developed. By simply attaching your putter to the unit you will be guided through a perfect pendulum putting stroke that may be adjusted to fit your specifications or preferences. This allows you to understand what the perfect putting stroke feels like. Remember, practice does not make perfect - PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine enables you to practice the perfect pendulum putting stroke every time. On each stroke you will gain proper muscle memory and unlearn bad habits. Also, you can actually hit putts while using the machine. Your confidence will soar when you make 10, 20, or even 50 putts in a row on the putting green. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine dictates perfect path, face angle and pendulum swing during a putting stroke. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is adjustable between square to square and five different arcing strokes depending on your putter and personal preferences. The system also allows the user to create a consistent putting stance, ball position, and rhythm. This is the putting trainer you have seen on PGA Tour telecasts! The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine’s patented design allows for a user to find the putting stroke that is right for them and able practice it consistently. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine works great indoors or on a putting green and the user can actually stroke putts using their own putter. Best of all, the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine does not require the user to apply heel or toe pressure against an inclined or curved surface like other training aids. Such pressure can actually cause improper muscle memory.

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