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November 23, 2017

Off Season Strength Training
Last month we outlined tips that will help you plan your off-season workout program. For the next 3 months, we are going to go into more detail on each of those tips. This month is all about strength training.
Keep Your Short Game In Shape Over The Winter
Think back to your first round this past spring. You probably hit it okay even though you probably didn't play anywhere over the winter.
Timing Is Everything
Every year about this time I sit down to write a column imploring golfers to keep playing though the fall months. Not this time.
Making The Most Of Winter
With the golf season coming to an end for most of us, now is the time to start working on your game for next year.
Lose Your Fear Of Greenside Bunkers With These Six Simple Strategies
Do you have the right wedges in your bag?
For greenside bunker shots, I always recommend having two wedges in your bag:

Fairway Bunkers
Hitting a greenside bunker shot and a fairway bunker shot require very different techniques. In a greenside bunker shot, we don't actually hit the golf ball.
Golf Gets It Right
Despite the fact that I coach and teach golf for a living, I've spent the better part of the last 10 years traveling around the country with my oldest daughter as she peruses her dream of playing college softball.
3 Cardio Tips For Golfers
Cardiovascular exercise helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy. Plus, it will help you from tiring so quickly during your round of golf.
Short Pitch Shots Don't Hesitate, Accelerate!
Do you hit over the green, leave it short, chunk, top, blade, shank, block, or pull your short pitch shots?
Two Check Points For An On Plane Swing
A commonality among a large percentage of great ball strikers is that they have the club on relatively the same angle.
Engaging Juniors With Uneven Lies
My purpose in the golf industry is to help grow the game. For me, there's no better way to do that than through working with kids.
Club Champion - Every Golfer Wants To Play Better!
I have been playing golf for 64 years. I changed clubs every few years buying the latest in technology. My brand loyalty shifted several times, but I've stayed with mostly traditional equipment.
Are You A Scooper/Flipper On Short Pitch Shots?
Have you ever been next to the green and proceeded to skull/top your next shot over the green? You are probably a scooper/flipper.
Knowing Your Wedge Distances
Anytime we have a wedge in our hands, it is a scoring opportunity. The closer our average proximity to the hole, the more pars and birdies we make.
Stop Trying To Be Perfect
According to dictionary.com, the 4th meaning of the word perfect is "entirely without flaws, defects or shortcomings." As an instructor, I know that to achieve that in the golf swing is impossible but something we all should strive for.
Heel Up!
How to navigate those nasty greenside lies in the rough.
3 Drills In 15 Minutes To Putt Better
There are 4 keys to great putting- green reading, proper aim, starting the ball online and speed control. Each key or skill needs to be practiced.
From The Fringe
Chip or Putt?
While some golfers prefer to putt from the fringe, my preference is to chip.

Out Of The Rough
When faced with a shot out of the rough, there are a few factors that we need to consider to properly execute the shot.
The Magic of Television
Advancements in technology in the last 100 years almost seem miraculous. Automobiles, airplanes, bullet trains, the Internet, cell phones (heck phones at all) and yes golf equipment have all either changed dramatically or been invented in the last century.
13 Seconds
13 seconds. Doesn't seem like a lot of time does it? But, that's exactly how long it takes me to hit a golf ball. Do you know how long it takes you? If you don't, read on!
Eating Healthy On The Course
Improving your golf game is not just about fitness it also involves healthy eating. Today's article will give you some tips for how to eat healthy while on the course.
Basics Of Chipping
Chipping used to be referred to as shots that are close to the green, like the fringe. But the longer I'm around this game the longer a chip has become.
Iron Basics
The biggest factor in scoring is the number of greens a player hits in regulation; hitting a par 3 green in 1, par 4 green in two, and a par 5 green in 3.
Slight of Hand
The first major of the year occurred in April at the LPGA ANA/Inspirational and if that major was any indication, this year's major season will have a major impact on golf.
How To Find Your Rhythm
Rhythm is very important to all shots; putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, driving and everything in between can be helped with better rhythm. How do you find it?
Know Your Chip Shot Roll Out And Save Strokes with Solid Chipping
First and foremost, the chip shot does not take physical prowess! The keys to executing consistent chip shots are solid technique, repetition of that technique in both block and random practice, and knowing your "roll out" distances.
Golf Course Warm-ups
Now, it's the time to talk about warm-ups you can do at home or on the golf course to make sure your body is ready for your golf game.
I just read a quote that stated, "85% of golfers don't know how a strong or weak grip affects ball flight." I was saddened, but not surprised by that statement.
Don't Make These Putting Set-up Mistakes
Over the years of giving putting lessons, I've noticed three common errors in set-up that can affect distance and direction. Avoid these errors and you will putt better.
The Full Swing Set Up
How we address the ball has a major influence on what happens at impact and what we do in the golf swing. Our swing is built around our set-up and when we are not in an efficient set-up position, the rest of the swing tends to be a series of compensations.
The Great Debate
In 1858, then U.S. Senatorial Candidates from the State of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas faced off in a series of seven debates that have become known as The Great Debates.
How Is Your Grip?
Repetition: "A training exercise that is repeated, or in music, the repeating of a passage or note". I have an interesting side career as a PGA Teaching Professional; I'm also the drummer for Tim Mahoney, a major local recording artist who has competed on the TV show The Voice.
Get Your Body Ready For Golf Season - At Home
Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means-golf season. Golf is a strenuous activity on your body even if it does not seem like it.
Putter Fitting
Here are four questions that you need to ask (or have been asked if you were fitted) when going through a putter fitting and the reasons behind them:
Driver Fitting
With the advancement and availability of launch monitor technology, and the convenience of adjustable driver heads and shafts, there is no reason a golfer should not be fit when buying a new driver.
Having A Ball
If you ask Jack Nicklaus or Gary Player, the number one thing that is hurting today's game is...the ball.
Getting The Most Out Of Your Winter Practice
There are a few misconceptions about indoor practice and playing golf in a simulator:
1. You can't practice short game because it is on mats.

Can Cardiovascular Exercise Improve Your Golf Game?
The golf season may be over but that does not mean you should stop your fitness routine. This month we are talking about cardiovascular exercise.
3 Tips For Exercise Beginners
If you are thinking about starting up a workout routine as a beginner, there are some common tips I would like to share with you to help you know what to expect in your workout and pointers to guide you to success.
Practice Like Arnold Did
With the passing of Arnold Palmer, I wanted to share a story that my friend Brad Brewer told with me regarding how Mr. Palmer practiced.
It's All Downhill From Here!
For the final 2016 "That's Golf" scenario we've come across a somewhat scary shot that with a little practice can become fairly easy. That would be a downhill, next to the green shot.
It's All About Layers
Who could ever forget the iconic scene in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie's little brother Randy was dressed up in so many layers by his mother, the kid could hardly move.
Practice Stations
If you are lucky enough to attend the Ryder Cup at the end of this month, something that you will likely see if you observe players on the practice range or putting green is that they have a "practice station" set up or using different tools to make their practice more efficient.
How To Go Low On The Course
You just pulled your second shot on the par five and its heading towards a group of trees.
Game Improvement vs Improve Your Game
Recently I had one of the most interesting conversations with a student I've had in many, many years. I'd even say it was one of the most confounding conversations in my career.
Can Hiring A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game?
Most golfers decide at one point or another they need a little bit of help with their golf game. If that is you would you turn to a personal trainer?
Why You Should What What The Pros Do
One of my mentors, Hank Haney, always says if you want to get better at something, look at what the best do, and emulate that.
Fairway Bunkers
To an average golfer, a fairway bunker is an ultimate "That's Golf" scenario because they land in them almost every round.
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Recently, Bubba Watson went on a media circus tour to unveil the latest "advancement in golf." Watson, sponsored by apparel and sun glass company Oakley, hit all the media outlets to talk about the company's new "flying golf cart."
Your Own Personal Trainer Workout
Have you ever wondered if you could do anything to help you hit the ball farther or harder?
Distance Control In Putting
Distance control is the most important aspect of great putting. With great distance control you will make more putts and eliminate three putts.
Gotta Curve That Ball!
You are one down in your match on the 16th tee. It's the middle of the summer and the course hasn't seen much rain in weeks, so the fairways are pretty firm.
A Wedge is a Wedge is a Wedge!
Recently I was having a conversation with a long time PGA Professional and dear friend. We started looking at a collection of old clubs he had in his office. One of them was a Wilson Sarazen Sand Wedge.
Why You Need To Stretch AFTER Your Round
The golf season is in full swing (sorry no pun intended). Last month we talked about dynamic stretches you can do before the game to get your body ready to play a round of golf. This month we will go over static stretches you can do once your game is over.
The "9 Shot" Test
A great self-assessment tool to see where you are at with your ball striking is to see how many of the "9 shots" you can hit.
Deep, Deep Rough
You are on your back nine of the day and playing decent golf. Your driver has been working pretty well for you today and that's a good thing because your two buddies who teed off ahead of you both blasted what seemed like 300 yard drives.
But Wait...There's More!
We've all heard that line. Whether it's a new knife set, the latest cleaning product or even golf training aids, advertisers always claim their product is not only the best...BUT THERE'S MORE!
Preparing To Hit The Course
The golf season is here. That means it's time to start talking about what warm-ups you can do before you head out on the course.
Thoughts On The Golf Swing
I just finished reading Brandel Chamblee's new book "The Anatomy of Greatness" - the subtitle is "Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History."
Distance Control
One of the challenges in the spring of the year is regaining a feel for distance on the greens. Distance control is the most important element of putting.
That's Golf
You just hit the most amazing approach shot of your life; a proverbial frozen rope right at the pin.
Location, as most business people can attest, is everything. Knowing a good place to put your company really does make business better. Same thing holds true for your golf game.
Off Season Conditioning Work Helps Your Golf Game Total Body Workout - Part 2
Last month we went over a total body workout that focused on balance and core work. As we learned, increasing your balance will help with your golf swing.
How The Ball Flies
Since most of us haven't had much time to practice yet at this point in the season, this month we are going to talk more about performance.
Ball Stuck In The Face Of The Bunker?
You've just hit a great drive down the middle of the fairway which leaves you with a middle iron to the green.
Everything in Moderation
"Gentlemen...there is nothing wrong with a glass of beer now and then...as long as it is in ...MODERATION!"
Get Your Body Ready for the Golf Season
Even though it may look like winter outside the golf season is just around the corner. Let's not wait until spring to get your body ready for the golf season.
Give Your Game A Grade
If you have read this column over the past two years, you will remember that we have focused on ways to practice your golf game to optimize performance on the golf course.
That's Golf
Here is the first article of a monthly series I will be writing this year. The original title of was going to be "Trouble Shots".
Hawk Talk...When I Was Your Age
A little over a month ago my beloved editor Kim told me this year I was going to have a real column. I had moved up in the world getting closer to the level of my mentors like Deer Run Head Professional Tom Abts.
100 Swings A Day
With the golf season coming to an end for most of us, we are going to take a different direction this month. The winter in the Midwest gives us the opportunity to make swing changes without the pressure of playing.
Cardio For Golf
When you think of cardiovascular exercise you probably don't think of golf.
Is Your Equipment Holding You Back!
Every day clients ask me "what is the best driver out there?" There is no answer for that question. One model might work great for you and be terrible for the next guy.
What Is The Quickest Way To Lower Your Score?
a. Eraser on your golf pencil.
b. Tear your scorecard in half (throw one half away).
c. Use the foot mashie when needed.
d. Only count the even holes.
e. Learn to putt better.

Get Back On Course After A Golf Injury
Golf injuries are very common. 80% of golf injuries are due to overuse. Injuries in golf typically center on low back, shoulder, wrist and elbow.
Have You Picked The Right Club?
The pros know how far each club goes, down to the YARD! If you are guessing how far each club in your bag goes, you are at a big disadvantage on the golf course.
30 Ball Maximum Drill
The primary focus of this exercise is to become target and results focused rather than practice focused. This exercise simulates real golf pressure and encourages you to develop the kind of concentration needed to succeed on the golf course.
Practice for Performance September
Golf is one of the few games that is not practiced on the actual field of play. Games like football, basketball, tennis, and hockey are all practiced on the court, rink or field where the game is actually played.
Ab Workouts For A Better Golf Game
Fall is here and with fall comes cooler temperatures and less daylight hours. This is the perfect time to start a new workout program that will help you become a better golfer next season.
Get Back On Course After A Golf Injury - Part 2
Last month we talked about how 80% of golf injuries are due to overuse and how to stretch those tight, overused muscles. This month we are going to talk about how, through a few simple exercises, you can strengthen the weak muscles to keep your body in balance and reduce injury.
It's Time For Midterms
June 21st, the Summer Solstice, has come and gone marking the midway point in the golf season. By now you should have been working your plan with both practice and playing.
Definition: Scram-ble
Verb 1: Make one's way quickly or awkwardly up a steep slope or over rough ground by using one's hands as well as one's feet.

CHIP SHOT, Have A Ball Not A Strike!
The most important shots in golf may be the chip shot. Why? Because most players miss the green short, long, left and right, and most often need a chip shot before a putt.
Are You A Weekend Warrior?
I'm sure we all know someone who plays sports or does lots of activities on the weekend and nothing during the week. The #1 mistake weekend warriors make is thinking their sport IS their fitness.
Give Your Plan Time And Enough Repetitions
In last month's article the discussions centered on setting an actionable plan using SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-phased). Let's now understand how your plan needs time and enough correct repetitions.
18 Shot Challenge
This month's exercise is one from Pia Nielson and Lynn Marriott at Vision54. It is a great practice routine when you have limited time and want to hit a variety of clubs in your bag.
Making Hardpan Easy
Out of all of the many situations you can find yourself in around the green, finding yourself on hard dirt and bare grass may be the worst. It limits what types of shots you can play and it makes a mishit highly probable if you're not careful.
The First Rule of Chipping Out...Is To Chip Out!
I spend most of the off-season making long term improvements to my student's full swings. That leaves the opportunity for me to spend most of my time in season helping them save strokes on the course.
Your Preseason Complete Golfer's Workout
Over the past 4 months we have talked about what you can do in the off-season to get your body ready for the golf season. This article will put it all together for you.
Physiotherapy Golf Press - What To Expect With Shoulder Surgery And Recovery
This article will touch on the structure of the shoulder joint, related pathologies, as well as a few common surgical procedures and associated recovery expectations and timelines.
Dr. Dr.... It Hurts When I Do This... Then Don't Do That!?!
How many times have you found yourself not feeling so well but don't go to the doctor until you just can't take it anymore? By that point, a simple cold could turn into something more serious.
Practice For Performance
Golf is one of the few games, that is not practiced on the actual field of play. Games like football, basketball, tennis, and hockey are all practiced on the court, rink or field where the game is actually played. Unfortunately, in golf, the majority of our practice occurs at a driving range.
Are You A Golfing Mummy?
In ancient Egypt, royalty was often mummified in wraps of cloth to preserve the bodies for posterity. But could you imagine the horror if an individual was mummified while still alive?
Dynamic Stretching For A More Comfortable Round
Most golfers hit the course without so much of a thought about stretching out before they hit their fit tee shot. Sure they may drop a couple balls on the practice green and get a feel for how they are rolling but how about how your body is 'rolling'?
Stop Setting Goals!
OK...bet that got your attention. Everywhere you look people are saying you need to set goals in life. While I am really not advocating not setting goals, I am saying that they have to have a plan.
Mastering The Chip Shot
Golf is one of the few games that is not practiced on the actual field of play. Games like football, basketball, tennis, and hockey are all practiced on the court, rink or field where the game is actually played.
Physiotherapy Golf Press - What To Expect. Now Is The Time To Avoid Delays For Next Season
Do you have pain now? Deciding on surgery? Don't lose time next year... follow these important guidelines to prepare for next golf season.
Practice Like A Pro
To steal a line from Allen Iverson "PRACTICE, PRACTICE MAN WE TALKIN' ABOUT PRACTICE". Even though that was said in jest that is an important part of any sport to practice and practice the right way. The biggest thing that I see between a pro's practice session and amateurs is professionals practice with a purpose and amateurs just tend to go out and hit golf balls.
THe Geometry of Golf - Optimizing Your Golf Bag
The geometry of golf is a series of articles that appears in each issue of this summer's Tee Times magazine. The articles deal with the science of the game of golf. In this series we address some of the myths and misconceptions regarding the golf swing and why the golf ball does what it does. We hope through this series of articles people gain a better understanding of the golf swing and have more success when they play, practice or take a lesson. By applying science to the swing, we can eliminate guesswork. This minimizes confusion and speeds improvement.
It's Midseason, Where Is Your Golf Game?
There is still plenty of good golf ahead of us, and fall golf around the state is tough to beat. So as we look back on the first half of the season, how has your game stacked up to your expectations?
The Geometry Of Golf - Optimizing Distance With The Driver
The geometry of golf is a series of articles that appears in each issue of this summer's Tee Times Magazine. The articles deal with the science of the game of golf. In this series we will address some of the myths and misconceptions regarding the golf swing and why the golf ball does what it does.
The Golf Swing Is A "Ly"
This title is another attempt to create an image to help create an understanding of a correct golf swing using a "play on words". At address, please become aware of the image of an uppercase "Y" formed by both arms and the club shaft... got it?
Taking Your Golf Game From The Range To The Golf Course
Everyone that has played golf and practiced has always made the statement, "Why does my swing work at the range and not when I play golf!" Well the answer is simple, you aren't practicing correctly. "WHAT!?" You say! That's right you need to change how you practice.
Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy - International Enrollment Reaches Record Level
Hank Haney International Junior Academy, the only academy in the world to combine training, academics and competition for serious players - announces a spring class representing 22 countries and 22 states.
GolfTEC-Proven Path, Proven Performance
The end of Daylight Savings Time signals the abrupt end to another golf season in Minnesota. The lofty goals most golfers set for themselves as they anticipate the start of another golf season never came to fruition. By October the vast majority of golfers have actually seen their index increased; meaning that their game has slowly gotten worse. Even though somewhere mid-summer they convince themselves, or in some cases their wives that a new adjustable, white headed, driver will make their game magically better. Or, in some extreme cases golfers talked a family member into a golf lesson or maybe a series of three lessons with their local pro, as a Father's Day present.

Improving Your Reading Skills On The Green
Great putting is a synthesis of three key elements: good technique, good mental focus and the ability to read greens (calculating the break). If one of these elements falters, you will not have a spectacular day on the golf course. If you have all three working well, you could win a championship.
Practice Makes Perfect...Right? That Depends On Your Practice
So, you want to improve your game. You've committed to spend more time working on your short game and practicing on the range. You may even have taken a lesson or two by now. You're starting to hit it better when you practice, BUT now you can't seem to make your game travel from the practice range to the golf course! Sound familiar?

Craig Waryan, PGA Master Professional, On How To Prepare to Play Your Best Golf
The end of the year is perfect time to reflect on the past years golf performance. To understand where you came from, where you are presently and where you would like to go in the upcoming season. Every area of the golf game needs work. Aimlessly beating balls may not be the answer. Working on walking through the golf swing slowly and purposely will produce better and long lasting changes that need to be made. I would encourage players to get in contact with their PGA Professionals to help with the swing evaluation.

I have been working in the area of golf technique training for the past thirty plus years, coaching individual players to over thirty state and national championships. The most important thing that I have learned in coaching over the years is to separate technique training from target training. An indoor training program is designed for technique training and mental focus training for the full swing that will withhold the pressures of tournament golf at the highest levels.

Technique training enables the golfer to make a full-swing change and yet does not have the distraction of having to hit at a target. The student's concentration can be strictly focused on the change rather that the result.

Helpful Hints for Playing in Inclement Weather

Preparation is the most important thing. When a glove wears out, find a pouch in your golf bag for at least 4 old gloves. Then when it rains, and your glove gets wet, start bringing out the old gloves. An old glove that is dry is better than a new one that is wet. If you change gloves every 3rd hole, you will shoot better and enjoy the round more. If you want to invest the money, there are gloves out there that are made for wet conditions. They cost a little more than regular gloves, but you only use them in wet conditions, so they should last for many years.

Keeping Your Game In Shape During The Winter Months
One of the most difficult things about being an avid golfer in the Midwest area is putting the clubs in the closet for months and then starting back at it when the snow melts. This winter help keep your swing in check by leaving a few clubs out and doing some productive work on your swing indoors.
The "Eyes" Have It
Most amateurs don't spend enough time on developing good speed control around the greens; the player that can control their distances will greatly reduce their scores. Next time you go to the practice green and work on your chipping, try using these practice techniques to improve distance control and get more balls up and down.
Playing Smarter = Playing Better
Have you been working real hard with your local pro or on your own to improve all your swing and short game techniques but haven't seen the results on your scorecard?
5 Minutes A Day To More Distance & Consistency
I am asked in just about every lesson. "I want to hit it farther and more consistently." My answer is always two very important things. Practice with a purpose. Stretch and work your core strength. The pros hit the ball far and consistently, because their bodies are trained and conditioned. Tiger Woods didn't become the best player in the world sitting on the couch watching TV. His flexibility and core strength are by far the best on tour.
Minnesota Winters: A Great Time To Improve Your Game
The cold and snow on the ground may prevent you from playing golf this time of the year in Minnesota, but it shouldn't stop you from improving and getting ready for the season. With all of the golf domes and facilities with simulators there is a great opportunity to get better.
The Plane Truth
One of the best ways of developing a strong and consistent game is to work on improving the plane of your golf swing, the path in which the club travels. The easiest way to think of the golf swing is to imagine it as a tilted circle, the amount of tilt depending on the club.
Putting Green Drills
If you are having problems with your putting, here are a couple drills that will help smooth out your putts.

Put a coin on the head of your putter (if it won't stay on your individual type of putter, borrow one from a friend that will hold the coin). Practice moving the putter back and forth in a pendulum fashion. If the coin falls off, there is a problem with your movement.

Warm Up Your Putting Now To Lower Your Golf Score This Season
There's nothing like ripping a long and straight drive off the tee, then hitting the green with your approach shot to walk off the green with a bogey or worse yet a double bogey. Did you know the quickest way to drop some strokes is with a great short-game, your putting and chipping. These two shots can be mastered by any golfer. Your putter is the single most important club in your bag and is responsible for almost half of your score.
Getting A Grip On It
The first thing to understand is that the grip may be the single most important factor to everyone's golf swing and producing consistent results. A poor grip does not mean that you will not be able to hit some quality shots; it will just make it more difficult to hit the quality shots with a high level of consistency.

Losing Posture At Impact? Are You Flipping Out?
To find out if you are losing posture at impact get your swing video taped. Have the instructor monitor where your butt starts and then where it is at impact.
Spring Fundamentals
Minnesota in spring - does it get any better? I think what I enjoy the most is the feeling of a fresh start; a new beginning to what we know will be an active summer. For many of us, our golf game is much the same; a new beginning.
Chipping: How To Get It Close
One of the quickest and easiest ways to lower you scores and handicap is to become a better chipper. Becoming proficient from off the green will not only lower your scores, it translates into better iron play. When a player has the confidence that he can get the ball "up and down" from off the green, their iron play becomes better because they aren't afraid to miss the green. Also, the impact position that produces good chip shots is the same impact position that is desired when making a full swing. There are several keys to better chipping.
Master The Mini Swing
If you find yourself troubled with miss hits that leave you short and left of the target you may not have a clear mental image of impact. Many golfers apply their hands too early in their downswing in an attempt to square the face of the club to their target. This often leads to too steep a downswing and an outside-in swing path.
Practice Time Pitching
Worldclass players display remarkable artistry around the greens and spend an exceptional amount of time on their short game. Take time to work on your short game. An ideal practice session would have you hitting an equal amount of short and long game shots.

Plain Vanilla Bunker Shot
Too often we all try to make a bunker shot harder than we need to. We have all seen the magazines, golf channels and other outlets talking about how we have to make a completely different swing and set up for a bunker shot. That may be true for players of a very high skill level trying to have the golf ball react and spin in different ways on the putting green.
Hybrids; Golf's Latest Must Have Clubs
Lee Trevino was once quoted saying even God couldn't hit a 1 iron. In fact the majority of amateur golfers cannot hit any of their long irons consistently. TaylorMade and former PGA player Gary McCord are given credit for starting the hybrid craze back in 2002 with the experimental Rescue clubs.
Find Your Purpose And Then Take It To The Course
Finding a purpose to why you play golf and also how you approach your game shot by shot can change the way you play. First off I believe we all play golf for enjoyment. It is a day we choose to be out with friends or away from the office or other obligations. We want to enjoy the day and of course have a good round while we are at it.
Setting Up To Succeed From The Bunkers
One of the more difficult and feared shots for most players is recovering from the fairway bunker. If you understand the proper changes in your set up, you will be able to be more consistent playing from these bunkers.
Keeping It Simple And On The Ground With Your Utility Club
One of the easiest and safest shots you can add to your game is off green putting with your hybrid. Using your simple putting stroke with this utility club will make it much easier and more consistent around the greens rather than a straight faced club or putter.
Titleist Performance Institute
reason I'm not celebrating is because I'm not talking about the well-known 9-hole score milestone; I'm referring to my age. The awareness of becoming 40 is hard to explain unless you've crossed that threshold. When I was in my 20s and 30s I heard about the physical decline that oftentimes accompanies the reaching of 40, but I didn't really know how truthful the stories were of those who had already gone "over the hill".
Three Point Check-Up for Mastering The "Bump & Run" Chip Shot
By definition, the chip is a low rolling shot used around the green when you have a lot of green between you and the pin. It usually consists of approximately 1/3 air time and 2/3 rolling time on the green. Club choice is usually a 7 or 8 iron, but may vary if you are going uphill or downhill.

How To Get Out Of The Trees
When you are playing golf on our beautiful tree-lined courses here in the upper Midwest, you are likely to encounter situations were you have to hit out of those majestic trees if you hit a wayward drive. The first priority in hitting out of the trees is to select a shot that will get you out of the trouble and into a position that will not cost you another shot.
Golf & Fitness - How Well Can You Compete If You Are Not Fit?
For the past 50 years I have been a Tournament Golfer, and I am proud of the fact that I have won golf tournaments over a span of six decades. The competitor within me gets great satisfaction when I tee it up...... and beat everybody. Whether it is a foursome or a tournament with 200 golfers I want to win but I expect to compete well. I know that I can not be at my competitive best if I am not fit.
Give Yourself The Best Chance For Success Right From The Beginning
Start your season opening practice with good habits when you hit the range or indoor facility. Most golfers carry 14 clubs in their bag, while we can only swing one at a time. Using a couple of clubs on the ground and creating a practice station is a great way to improve your practice and get more quality use of your equipment.
Improve Your Stroke Indoors Before The Snow Melts
Stop banging your head against the wall because of your poor putting. One of the most common reasons for poor putting is too much movement of the upper body and head during the stroke. Excessive movement of the torso and head directly affect speed control and face positions at impact resulting in very inconsistent putting and speed control leading to increased...
Bundle Up For A Better Swing
"You need to tighten up your backswing". If you have heard this from your favorite golf instructor, you're not alone. A common flaw many golf professionals see in our students is a "loose" golf swing in which the arms/club are wildly swung disconnected from the core/"engine" muscles which create body pivot.
Getting Your Golf Season Off To A Great Start
Is 2011 the year that you are going to improve you golf game? Is this the year you will break 100, break 90, or break 80? If this is the summer you are going to get better, it is important the start the season off right.

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