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October 19, 2017

Stop Setting Goals!
OK...bet that got your attention. Everywhere you look people are saying you need to set goals in life. While I am really not advocating not setting goals, I am saying that they have to have a plan.
Mastering The Chip Shot
Golf is one of the few games that is not practiced on the actual field of play. Games like football, basketball, tennis, and hockey are all practiced on the court, rink or field where the game is actually played.
Improving Your Reading Skills On The Green
Great putting is a synthesis of three key elements: good technique, good mental focus and the ability to read greens (calculating the break). If one of these elements falters, you will not have a spectacular day on the golf course. If you have all three working well, you could win a championship.
Practice Makes Perfect...Right? That Depends On Your Practice
So, you want to improve your game. You've committed to spend more time working on your short game and practicing on the range. You may even have taken a lesson or two by now. You're starting to hit it better when you practice, BUT now you can't seem to make your game travel from the practice range to the golf course! Sound familiar?

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