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October 19, 2017

Plain Vanilla Bunker Shot
Too often we all try to make a bunker shot harder than we need to. We have all seen the magazines, golf channels and other outlets talking about how we have to make a completely different swing and set up for a bunker shot. That may be true for players of a very high skill level trying to have the golf ball react and spin in different ways on the putting green.
Master The Mini Swing
If you find yourself troubled with miss hits that leave you short and left of the target you may not have a clear mental image of impact. Many golfers apply their hands too early in their downswing in an attempt to square the face of the club to their target. This often leads to too steep a downswing and an outside-in swing path.
The "Eyes" Have It
Most amateurs don't spend enough time on developing good speed control around the greens; the player that can control their distances will greatly reduce their scores. Next time you go to the practice green and work on your chipping, try using these practice techniques to improve distance control and get more balls up and down.
Practice Time Pitching
Worldclass players display remarkable artistry around the greens and spend an exceptional amount of time on their short game. Take time to work on your short game. An ideal practice session would have you hitting an equal amount of short and long game shots.

Chipping: How To Get It Close
One of the quickest and easiest ways to lower you scores and handicap is to become a better chipper. Becoming proficient from off the green will not only lower your scores, it translates into better iron play. When a player has the confidence that he can get the ball "up and down" from off the green, their iron play becomes better because they aren't afraid to miss the green. Also, the impact position that produces good chip shots is the same impact position that is desired when making a full swing. There are several keys to better chipping.
Keeping It Simple And On The Ground With Your Utility Club
One of the easiest and safest shots you can add to your game is off green putting with your hybrid. Using your simple putting stroke with this utility club will make it much easier and more consistent around the greens rather than a straight faced club or putter.
Three Point Check-Up for Mastering The "Bump & Run" Chip Shot
By definition, the chip is a low rolling shot used around the green when you have a lot of green between you and the pin. It usually consists of approximately 1/3 air time and 2/3 rolling time on the green. Club choice is usually a 7 or 8 iron, but may vary if you are going uphill or downhill.

How To Get Out Of The Trees
When you are playing golf on our beautiful tree-lined courses here in the upper Midwest, you are likely to encounter situations were you have to hit out of those majestic trees if you hit a wayward drive. The first priority in hitting out of the trees is to select a shot that will get you out of the trouble and into a position that will not cost you another shot.

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