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October 19, 2017

Find Your Purpose And Then Take It To The Course
Finding a purpose to why you play golf and also how you approach your game shot by shot can change the way you play. First off I believe we all play golf for enjoyment. It is a day we choose to be out with friends or away from the office or other obligations. We want to enjoy the day and of course have a good round while we are at it.
Playing Smarter = Playing Better
Have you been working real hard with your local pro or on your own to improve all your swing and short game techniques but haven't seen the results on your scorecard?
Craig Waryan, PGA Master Professional, On How To Prepare to Play Your Best Golf
The end of the year is perfect time to reflect on the past years golf performance. To understand where you came from, where you are presently and where you would like to go in the upcoming season. Every area of the golf game needs work. Aimlessly beating balls may not be the answer. Working on walking through the golf swing slowly and purposely will produce better and long lasting changes that need to be made. I would encourage players to get in contact with their PGA Professionals to help with the swing evaluation.

I have been working in the area of golf technique training for the past thirty plus years, coaching individual players to over thirty state and national championships. The most important thing that I have learned in coaching over the years is to separate technique training from target training. An indoor training program is designed for technique training and mental focus training for the full swing that will withhold the pressures of tournament golf at the highest levels.

Technique training enables the golfer to make a full-swing change and yet does not have the distraction of having to hit at a target. The student's concentration can be strictly focused on the change rather that the result.

Utilizing Your Mind To Increase Enjoyment
Most golfers experience some form of disorientation when making the transition from daily activities to the first tee. You know the scenario: Just as you're about to leave the course, some emergency crops up at home or in the office. When you finally reach the first tee, you make a couple practice passes at a dandelion, then top the real ball 80 yards into the rough. After three holes you are now catching your breath and, find yourself, 8 over par.

To combat this condition, an effective strategy for any golfer is to develop is a "decompression routine". This involves making the transition from an every day world to the first tee. Much like a deep sea diver does when coming to the surface to avoid getting "the bends." The golfer's "bends" often take the shape of poorly planned shots, lack of systematic playing strategies on the first few holes and an overly hurried tempo on the first full swings-to name only a few manifestations.

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